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Why Does Posting an Article in Wiki Should Be Taken Seriously

Why Does Posting an Article in Wiki Should Be Taken Seriously

If you ever want to see the whole world coming together and collaborating to help people across the planet then you should take a look at Wikipedia which is by far the largest collection of collaborated information, which is both reliable and comes from verifiable sources. The authenticity of the information on Wikipedia has made this virtual encyclopedia one of the most visited websites in the world.

When it is said that Wikipedia is the largest collection of authentic and reliable information on the internet then this is not an exaggeration at all because of its current size and the way it is growing. First things first, Wikipedia provides information in more than 300 languages with English being one of the major languages, in which information is offered. English Wikipedia pages and articles make up around 11% of the total information on this virtual encyclopedia.

Furthermore, the growth of Wikipedia is also considered to be extremely phenomenal as well. With more than 17000 articles added to the collection every month, the size of Wikipedia is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Now, this is a clear indication that people all over the world want to be present on Wikipedia. From business organizations both big and small and individuals to celebrities and athletes, everyone wishes to have a page dedicated to them on Wikipedia. Now, there are many reasons and benefits for people to want to be present on Wikipedia. Here are some of these reasons and benefits, why the demand for these pages and articles has skyrocketed.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

The creation and posting of Wikipedia pages and articles need to be taken quite seriously by each Wikipedia page creator because there is a lot at stake for both the creator and for the person or business for whom the article or page is being created.

Each Wikipedia page or article brings various benefits for the person or business organization it is being created for. Here are some benefits of Wikipedia page & article creation.

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

If you look at the real reason behind the creation of the platform, this virtual encyclopedia, which we know as Wikipedia, then you will realize that the real purpose behind its creation was to simply create awareness and provide reliable, unbiased and authentic information to people across the planet for free. Another reason for its creation was to provide people a chance to contribute and help each other by spreading true knowledge about any topic at all.

Now, how does a Wikipedia page or article help in increasing brand awareness? This is the question, which may pop up inside the minds of many of you out there and it is perfectly natural to think about it as well. See, Wikipedia is a source of reliable and unbiased information and if any business organization gets a page or article made or written for itself then the public or their target audience will receive unbiased and true information about who they are and what they do along with all the products they have as well. Knowing that the information about your business organization is on a platform, which is visited by millions of people each day means that these pages are creating awareness about your brand in the most neutral and unbiased manner, which is much effective than promotion and advertising. When you receive information through a reliable and authentic platform then it influences the minds of your target audience in a much more impactful manner than anything else.

  • Increase in Search Engine Results Ranking

Have you ever noticed that whenever you make a query on google search, the results it shows, usually the top few results are always including pages or articles from Wikipedia? Well, if you haven’t noticed this yet then you need to simply make a search on google and observe this yourself.

Now, when you talk about making and posting a Wikipedia page for an individual or a business organization or even a website then you need to understand that one of the most amazing benefits of publishing a wiki is that the title of your wiki page will start getting ranked in the top few results on the google search engine.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing tools, which helps in generating leads for businesses and allows them to drive organic web traffic on to their websites. Now, if you easily increase your search engine result rankings through the creation of a wiki page or an article then imagine how beneficial these pages are.

  • Increase in Brand Reputation & Image

The reliability of the information present on Wikipedia is quite high. When people read anything on a Wikipedia page or article then they also have sources and citations present on the article or page, which can help them verify the information they are receiving through that article.

Now, if you create and post a wiki page or article about a person or a business organization then the information present on the wiki page will have quite a positive effect on the target audience as well. See, Wikipedia as a platform is considered a reliable source of information now. And, if you can make it so that the information about your business organization or a person on the page is positive and true then increasing the brand reputation & image becomes quite easier. Another simpler way to understand this is that the reliability and good reputation of the virtual encyclopedia known as Wikipedia, rubs off on your brand name and image, making it better than before.

  • Increases Your Reach

Millions of people visit Wikipedia on a daily basis in search of reliable and verifiable information. Which simply means that if you have presence on Wikipedia then information about you or your business organization is being seen by millions of people every day.

Another way of looking at it is that you can spend thousands of dollars on advertising and promotion of your brand, run full-fledged marketing campaigns and you still won’t be able to get your message across to this high number of people than if you simply create a presence for your brand on Wikipedia.

Other than that, with a page or article on Wikipedia, you are also more likely to have a much more powerful presence online than before. Again, this also has everything to do with a huge amount of people visiting the virtual encyclopedia every day. With millions of people present on the platform and visiting it every day, your brand’s or business organization’s online visibility will also skyrocket as well.


In all seriousness, there are plenty of other advantages or benefits of creating wiki pages or articles. However, the need to take Wikipedia posting seriously is only increasing with each passing day because as the number of Wikipedia articles or pages are increasing, the creation, even though it’s the same, of wikis has become much more difficult than before. The checking and page review process has also become much stricter than before as well and with more and more pages being published, finding a unique title for a Wikipedia page or article has also become much tougher than before as well. Therefore, you need to take posting on Wikipedia very seriously.

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