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Who Writes Wikipedia Pages and How Are They Verified?

Who Writes Wikipedia Pages and How Are They Verified

Wikipedia, the second most visited platform on Google has created an unbeatable footprint online. The ever-growing encyclopedia provides a hub of free to access information in over 300 different languages.

Since its creation, back in 2001, it has gained massive popularity. It facilitates the knowledge hunters with reliable and authentic information on every subject and industry. Marking its uniqueness, it provides an easily editable platform to writers who want to share their gems of knowledge with the readers. Wikipedia has a widespread online reach. In August 2020, the page views reach 22 billion giving a raise of 7.4% per year.


Source: Wikimedia

Who Writes on Wikipedia

Wikipedia warmly welcome skillful writers who can exhibit engaging writing expertise to bring down their knowledge in right words. The aim of the platform is to facilitate with easy to comprehend and vast information. Therefore, anyone who have the expertise to compose a well-versed content can be on the platform and contribute to its directory.

However, there are certain conditions that are must to follow to be allowed on the platform. Wikipedia has created a long list of strict guidelines that ensures highest quality assurance. If you want to be approved on it you need to adhere to the policies or else your content is either rejected or in worst case the account gets blocked if you breach their policies. From enthusiasts to students, researchers to scholars all are invited to make additions to the bank of knowledge that Wikipedia provides.

How to Contribute to Wikipedia

Apart from sharing your content, which is one way of contributing to the platform, there is something more valuable you can do. Wikipedia intends to share only transparent, verifiable, legit and most authentic information with the readers. As the total published pages are over 6,372,270 in English and similar count is seen in other languages, its complicated to keep the information updated.

This is why the platform appreciates editors and encourage them improvise the published content. From august 2020 to July 2021, around 24 million user edits were made.


Source: Wikimedia

  • User Page

To contribute to the platform through editing you need to create a user page. The user page is created once you have created your Wikipedia account. The page lets you sweep into the published articles and make changes based on your research. However, there are a few things to note.


You must refrain from attempting vandalism which is an act to deliberately defame another author on Wikipedia. You must not share false information or controversial details that can create an impact on another person’s online visibility.

Those who have attempted it have been blocked on Wikipedia. Back in 2009, Wikipedia had blocked more than 314 accounts all engaged in black hat SEO through vandalism. Wikipedia has laid down a descriptive protection policy. To stop the disruption the platform may put your account and your published material on hold until either you take it down or improvise it.

How To Write on Wikipedia

To be on Wikipedia is possible but comes with a lot of struggles. You need to first go through its detailed writing policies and guidelines and ensure to follow each one of them completely.

  • Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines To Write A Page

As you know about vandalism, you get the idea about how strict Wikipedia is about the quality of the published articles and pages. Apart from vandalism here are the must to follow policies:

Principle of Notability

Notability refers to popularity specifically in the online world. To be on Wikipedia you need to pass the notability test which is comprised of specific notability guidelines. As per the guidelines, you need to check if your subject has a notable online reach and a credible presence or not.


Following the Principle of Notability is a must to do thing. It can ensure that the subject will gain more visibility and increase engagements as well. The criteria emphasis that your subject should not only have a visibility on the primary sources that involve self-owned sites and publication websites. You need to have a presence on secondary sources as well like Forbes or The New York Times.

Research and Writing

When researching information, you need to make sure that your sources are verifiable. No need to add false or irrelevant information to your content. When you write your page make sure you do not have any conflict of interest with the subject as in that way you will be able to justify it.

How To Write a Wikipedia Page That Approves?

Now that you are fully aware about the Wikipedia guidelines and policies you need to head to learning about how to get a Wikipedia page approved.

  • Wikipedia Account Creation

As you know the first step to be on any platform is to sign up. So, create a Wikipedia page in the language you choose and enter a secure password. You can turn on the notifications to stay updated about your account’s activities.

  • Content Creation

To write a gripping and well-versed Wikipedia page you need to make sure that the information is comprehensive but the sentence structure is precise. Do not opt for wordiness. Make engaging short sentences. Moreover, avoid writing promotional content for your page as that is strictly prohibited by the platform. You need to keep the tone neutral and unbiased.

  • SEO Optimization

Next is to index keywords in your content to make it optimized. You must search for high traffic terms that can increase the accessibility and reach of your content. Moreover, when it comes to backlinking, Wikipedia does not allow the do-follow link as that is credited by Google. However, there is a section of external link on the page where you can index the URLs to your sites to help navigate the traffic.

  • Formatting and Editing

As you head towards the end of your page writing process, you need to work on a major section, that is formatting and editing. You need to create a journey for your readers and give them a format that entices them. Use sub headings, citation and references to keep them engaged. Harvard style of referencing is most commonly used but you can check the approved citation format from the guidelines to pick yours.

  • Content Submission

Once you through the researching, writing and editing phase and sure about your content head to submit it via your Wikipedia account.

How does Wikipedia verify?

Wikipedia verifies a page on the basis of its policies and instructions. If you follow them correctly your page will get approved in no time or else it will be rejected.

Who writes the information on Wikipedia?

Anyone who wants to volunteer in contributing the information can write on the platform. It’s an open-source platform that ends the writers to its policies only to ensure the highest quality submissions.

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