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What To Write In Tell Us Why You Are Claiming This Knowledge Panel

What To Write In Tell Us Why You Are Claiming This Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel is an informative box that appears to the right side of the search engine as you enter a search query. For instance, if you are searching for a particular company and it has a Panel box, it will appear on the right side having specific information about the company.

It gives more like a quick overview about what the company, person or subject is about. It gives information about places, things, people, and organizations. You can have a quick snapshot of the complete details about the subject. It basically shows the information available on Google.

The search engine extracts information from reputed platforms present on it to create the knowledge panel. No one can deliberately produce or build it. The search engine automatically creates it and once it’s there, you can claim it yours by filling in the required details and going through the verification process.

Who Can Have The Google Knowledge Panel

Only those entities, people or things that are renowned, authentic and has a prominent notability on Google gets the privilege of having a Google Knowledge Panel. One has to build an unshakable presence and be on many leading platforms to hope of getting the panel box one day. You can indirectly contribute to its creation by building up the online recognition of the subject but can not directly create it or ask for it.

Aspects Involved In The Google Knowledge Panel

A Google Knowledge Panel consists of many aspects beginning from the option to “Suggest an edit” to showing the picture of the subject. The picture is extracted from other platforms, it could be your display picture from social media handles.

The name appears on the left side followed by your profession. Down below comes a summary of you, where you are born, the place of birth and your family status. After which comes to the bio details listed down along with career achievements.

The next section shows either the logos or the images of the brands you have served whether the record labels or the customers. At the last comes the buttons that navigate to your available social media channels or to your personal website. At the very least there is a button “Claim this knowledge panel”. Upon clicking it you will be navigated to a separate page with a form of details to fill.

How To Claim The Google Knowledge Panel

What to write in tell us why you are claiming this knowledge panel, is that what you are wondering? Well, everybody wish to have a Knowledge Panel and if one gets he has to go through a detailed process to claim it. The process involves certain steps which are described below:

·         Create a Google Account

First you need to create a Google account. You have to create an email address on Gmail and sign it up. You must use your right credentials and stay active at the time of claiming your panel box. An account is important because you will get the confirmation details and further steps about how to proceed.

·         Open the Browser

Now next step is to open the browser. Note that you must use as the search engine because you are about to claim for a panel box that only appears on Google.

·         Search Yourself

Search yourself on Google. Upon searching the Knowledge Panel Box will appear in front of you. Scroll down and at the end, you will find the tab “Claim Your Knowledge Panel” click on it. A verification box will appear. You will be asked to share why you want to claim it and for which category or industry do you belong. Once you do that you will be asked to share more information and on the verified platform you are currently working. For that, you can go for creating a verified account on YouTube or have a Wikipedia page.

Create An Account On Wikipedia

If you want to be verified on Google Panel Box you must make an appearance and a stable presence on renowned platforms. Getting on Wikipedia is one of the best options to try. To be on the platform you need to create a page for it. You need to follow the guidelines that can help you get verified for the page.

So, first create an account on Wikipedia by entering your basic details and an email id. Once you are through you need to select a unique topic for your page. You can go the Requested Search Box to check the availability of the topic. To create the content it’s important to understand the Wikipedia policies which says that your research should be verifiable, the tone should be friendly and informative. The content must not contain any promotional aspect and the information should be authentic. Above all the subject of the page should be notable.

Once you have created your page you have to format it properly and enter the references to the information in the form of citation choosing the style approved by the platform. At the end after thoroughly checking your content you can go for uploading it. The content may get published within 3 to 6 months after getting properly reviewed by the official editors. Once your page is created there are high chances that you can have a Knowledge Panel verified without any trouble.

Create An Account On YouTube

To create an account on YouTube you need to navigate to the site and there you will find the button “create an account”, when you click it a form will appear. You have to enter your details and click proceed. You will be asked to share your email address and put a strong password to secure your account. After verification your account will be created. Now here what you need to do is to share some of your work through videos or vlogs by creating your personal channel. It will not only build up your online presence but will help in attracting the target audience.

Get Endorsement Of Renowned Platforms

You must be thinking about switching to other renowned channels. Well, it’s important to spread you reach to as many platforms as possible and if you get the endorsement of leading platforms like Forbes and The New York Times, you can easily get your knowledge panel verified. What you need to do is to try to get on these platforms. Forbes do allow paid posting, you should not opt for self-posting rather let the platform give you a coverage. Google only crave for two things, authenticity and popularity. If you manage to stand on its expectations and fulfil its requirements it will do just as you want.

Final Step

Once you become sure about all these aspects, you do not have to stress about getting rejected. Google will get on all the platforms which has your presence to make sure that you are the right person to claim the Panel Box. In this entire process it may take more than a week to get a response. So, this is how you know what to write in tell us why you are claiming this knowledge panel.

Why should I claim a Knowledge Panel?

When you claim the knowledge panel it increases your controls over the panel box. It enables you the right to edit its information. For instance, you have achieved a great deal of success why wouldn’t you want to share it with your audience.

What does it mean to claim this knowledge panel?

When you claim the knowledge panel a blue tick appears on the top that shows that the artist has accepted it and all the information that it states is true.

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