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What Are The Several Things You Can Do After Creating A Wikipedia Page

What Are The Several Things You Can Do After Creating A Wikipedia Page

Are you wondering what to do with the Wiki page you just got published? Getting on Wikipedia has become important to many due to its vast reaching benefits. Wikipedia has stretched its online reach to a number of regions by offering content in over 300 languages, which includes Arabic and Spanish as well.

Every month it welcomes new contributors increasing its active user count to 143,356. Wikipedia entertains more than 1.7 billion unique visitors and that makes the platform rich enough to attract prospective leads. Planning to reap several benefits out of it, many marketers have included the platform in their content marketing strategies, even though it does not allow promotional content.

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Source: Wikimedia Statistics

The organic reach of Wikipedia creates ample opportunities for people to generate traffic to their sites. So, if you are planning to create a Wikipedia page for yourself but reluctant you might get rejected, follow the guide mentioned below:

Wikipedia Page Creation And Management Guide

By February 2021, the number of new Wikipedia page count reaches 1,022,475 making a total of 28 million active pages.

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So, how to do it? How can you create a Wikipedia page that gets listed among the leading one? To learn the trick follow the step by step guide:

·         Wikipedia Account Creation

To make a Wikipedia page, first you need to own an account and that by signing up to the platform. Navigate to and choose your desired language. Fill in the form with your basic information and set a username with a strong password.

·         Read Out The Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines

Its time you must learn what are the do’s and don’ts Wikipedia ask its contributors to follow. To create a custom Wikipedia page you must make sure that the writing style is unbiased and free from verbosity. The content must not have any argumentative context neither it should be promotional.

Most importantly, learn about vandalism and refrain from it. You should not have any conflict of interest with the subject of your page neither you can talk high about it. Keep a neutral tone and compose the content with facts, figures, and reliable information.

·         Wikipedia Page Content Creation

Among the steps to make a custom Wikipedia page, creating a unique title is the most important one, without which the entire page can get rejected. It’s best to learn about the perspective and understanding of your target audience to come up with interesting titles. When composing the content make sure to use precise sentences with proper structures. Your content should be easy to grasp and engaging.

·         SEO Optimization

When you learn about how to create a Wikipedia page, you can note that only those with phenomenal SEO optimization take up the leading spots in the search engine. You need to index the most searched keywords to enhance accessibility. Furthermore, you must add a proper citation to your information to showcase the authenticity and depth of your research. Plus, it’s necessary to do it as well otherwise the page gets rejected.

·         Wikipedia Page Submission

You can go to your Wikipedia account and there click on the option to “Create a page” from there you will be navigated to the options to upload the file.

It usually takes up to 3 to 6 months to get a page approval. Once it’s published you will receive a live link via email. Afterwards you simply have to maintain the quality of your page and ensure to keep the information updated to sustain your ranking in the search engine and on the Wikipedia directory.

What To Do With The Approved Wiki Page

Now that your Wikipedia page is approved, you have to focus on two things, its management and monitoring. As you know Wikipedia allows users to get on it and edit the pages, which are flawed in terms of irrelevancy and writing issues, you have to make sure that when the visitor makes a request for any changes on your page, you respond to it. You have to monitor your Wiki page to know where the problem is and what sort of changes the readers want.

In case if you do not respond to the request and keep on neglecting your page, it will either soon be deleted or thrown down in the list. Wikipedia aims to keep its content fresh and updated and so it leaves no stone unturned in making it clear to the writers and contributors to stay active once their page is published.

Wiki Page Management

To manage your Wikipedia page all you have to do is to go to your account and check the published article. On that article where will be changes requested by the reader. Go to see those suggestions and then confirm the claims by carrying out a bit of a research. If you find them right, then save those changes and if not then delete the comment. However, you cannot bluff the platform by deleting even the right comments as there are millions of readers and if Wikipedia keeps on receiving the changes request on your single article, it will bring it down ultimately.

Use Your Page To Build Authenticity

Wikipedia is authentic and if there is a page that either talks about an individual person or an entity that particular subjects becomes equally authentic too in the eyes of the search engine. So, that’s how you can use the Wikipedia page for the SEO purposes as well. You can share the link to the page on your website or any social media site where your audience can learn about you or navigate to your Wiki page.

Wrap Up

A Wikipedia page once published can be used for several things.  Apart from simply maintaining it, you can use it to upgrade your position in the search engine as well. It will help build the credibility and ranks organically. Remember, you need to keep your page fully updated to avoid page deletion.

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