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Top 30 Amazon Storefront Influencer 2023

Top 30 Amazon Storefront Influencer 2023

Selling your goods on Amazon isn’t as simple as it once was. If you want to become a part of it, then you should connect with the top Amazon Storefront Influencer of your Industry.

So, let’s delve into this read, where you will go through the list of 30 Best Amazon Influencers Of 2023!

It is not a secret for anyone of you that Amazon is one of the largest and reputable online retailers globally. More than 1 billion visitors view this website every month and over 60,000 orders filled in the United States (US) each day. Amazon ranks #1 with global revenue of US $131,019 million.


Source: eCommerceDB

Without a doubt, for the majority of contemporary retailers Amazon has emerged as the top destination. That is why there is fierce rivalry on this platform. It has approximately 2.5 million active sellers, a figure that is rapidly increasing. Amazon’s total net sales in the 2nd quarter of 2022 was over 121.2 billion dollars, above the 113 billion dollars in the corresponding quarter of 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, net service sales accounted for the lion’s share of Amazon’s revenue.


Source: Statista

Yes, Amazon is the perfect home to improve your brand’s online presence, it has over 6.3 million sellers belong from every industry. If you are seeking for novel approaches to stand out in the competitive and modest marketplace, then Amazon influencer marketing comes into play. Brands and influencers who choose to use it, becomes the top earner and grosser in their fields. Furthermore, it turns out to be cost-effective and more economical, if compared with Amazon advertising.

Who Are Amazon Influencers?

Amazon influencers are typically independent or unaffiliated Amazon associates who have been given promotional links that can be posted on social media pages or blogs. These links are provided by Amazon and eventually, every time when a user clicks on the published link, Amazon pays them.


Source: Amazon Influencer Programs

These days, the Amazon Influencer program taking lots of hype. Some influencers become participants in this program to get a loyal audience for their social media profiles, blogs, and websites. However, they can develop their own storefronts on Amazon, where they can sponsor the goods and services of their brand and get paid in return. If you wish to earn direct traffic to Amazon, you can hire the best Amazon storefront influencer to create awareness about your brand products.

The Amazon influencer program enables its users to advertise Amazon products and receive payments or commissions if they bring sales to the business. These individuals are frequently independent content producers with considerable social media followings who take advantage of their audience by endorsing goods to them.

If you to become an Amazon Influencer, just check the link below;


Sign up for Amazon Influencers program

However, the majority of the influencers have their own Amazon storefront, so they can give the best recommendations to their customer and encourage them to buy the best products.

List 30 Of Best Amazon Influencers That Helps to Sell Online

Influencers can be found for you by Amazon marketing agencies, but they will cost you plenty. Suppose you don’t have a large marketing budget to spend on your campaign, you can check the list of influencers below to start your Amazon influencer marketing.

Keep in mind that when you should opt for the influencers make sure their demographics, brand values, and industry must align with your targeted niche. Additionally, your Amazon influencers need to be highly active and energetic on social media channels. If they have a solid and reputable presence, so your targeted audience surely follow them and consider their recommendations.

But here you will check the list of best Amazon storefront influencers. Let’s get started!

1.      Ashley Marquez

Targeted Niche: Beauty, Fashion, Education, And Lifestyle


Top Amazon influencer Ashley Marquez is a 30-year-old Texan. She has experience with top brands like Otto Storage and Sphero. She is really passionate about education and teaching. She frequently collaborates with companies whose mission is to improve and progress the teaching-learning process in homes and schools.

2.      Jalissa Queen

Targeted Niche: Fashion & Beauty, Technology, And Photography


Jalissa queen is an expert photographer and an Amazon product reviewer. She loves and enjoys reviewing products of different companies such as technology, fashion, and beauty industries. She uses her photography abilities to take and edit slick pictures to set up her reviews. She has collaborated with notable companies that include TOMS, Photage, and Amazon Fashion.

3.      Nancy Basile

Targeted Niche: Animation, Entertainment, And Printable


Pennsylvania native Nancy Basile is got herself renowned in the printing sector. Warner Bros. website and Cartoon Network use printables for promotion.

She posts intriguing or interesting reviews on different TV shows and movies. Even though she guides and recommends what to watch on her blog. Nancy will therefore be a good choice if your audience includes movie enthusiasts.

4.      Richard Lofthouse

Targeted Niche: Marvel Comics, News & Media, Technology


The creator of Techsocialnetwork, Richard Lofthouse, is a die-hard fan of both comic books and movies. He provides engaging product reviews on everything from robotics to data science. Since it’s difficult to locate dedicated technology influencers, Techsocialnetwork has built up a sizable following on Pinterest and Instagram.

5.      Jamye Hunter

Targeted Niche: Military and Fitness Coaching


A former member of the U.S. Army National Guard, Jamye Hunter now works full-time as an Amazon influencer. This Chicagoan is opinionated about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being fit. Jamye is the ideal choice if you require an influencer with a solid history in self-defense.

6.      Nicole Sposato-Torres

Targeted Niche: Kids and Food


Nicoles Sposato-Torres is the mother of 2 kids and belongs to New York. She is an authorized Amazon product tester. Her social media feeds are flooded with articles about parenthood and baby items. On well-known review websites like Viewpoints.com, her reviews are highlighted.

7.      Tiffany Aytes

Targeted Niche: Toys, Baby Products


Tiffany Aytes is also the most well-known Amazon influencer who regularly evaluates & gives reviews on products and different online deals. Due to the fact that she thoroughly checks deals before posting them, her website is a favorite among those searching for the finest deals. She ought to be your perfect pick if your company’s sales strategy largely relies on discounts.

8.      Brennen Bailey

Targeted Niche: Photography


Brennen Bailey is the youngest micro-influencer belonging to Washington. He is a professional photographer who has had his work featured on his Instagram profile. He works for companies like Discount Glasses and Wildwood Eyewear. She would be useful to advertise your brand if you are willing to do visual content marketing.

9.      Kev Blackburn

Targeted Niche: Marketing


Kev Blackburn left his engineering position to work as an Amazon ambassador full-time. He instructs aspiring influencers on how to make money using the Amazon FBA program. He even operates a YouTube channel to give interesting viewpoints on the Fulfillment program by Amazon. Kev is the ideal candidate if your company requires a product reviewer who is also an expert in marketing.

10.  Andy Feliciotti

Targeted Niche: Home Products & Technology


Since 2012, Andy Feliciotti becomes an authorized Amazon influencer and has promoted Amazon goods on his website. He even writes eBooks and gives instructions on how to become an amazing Amazon influencer. If you are looking for an experienced influencer, Andy can perform the best job for you, and even he gives value for your money.

11.  Laura Fuentes

Targeted Niche: Kitchen Supplies, Health Foods, Baby & Kids


Laura is also an incredibly successful and amazing Amazon influencer who runs a brick-and-mortar business and a website where she exclusively advertises Amazon goods. To help her followers, the health food enthusiast posts healthy meal plans and recipes. The products she uses in her cooking process link them with Amazon products.

12.  Felicia Day

Targeted Niche: Books and Baby Products


Felicia Day, a former actress, is a member of the hall of fame for the Amazon Influencer Program. Although the actress’ Amazon site primarily advertises baby products, she also enjoys science fiction. Therefore, if you want to create brand awareness about your brand, choosing her for a wide range of tastes might be a good choice.

13.  What’s Up Moms

Targeted Niche: Kid’s Toys, Art and Crafts, Kitchenware and Parenting


What’s Up Moms is one of the most popular YouTube channels that has an almost 2.7 million-strong following. A channel made by mothers for mothers. They advertise cooking tools, cookbooks, mommy gear, and kid gear stuff on Amazon.

14.  Brad Kowitz (Unlimited Recon)

Targeted Niche: Fitness & Camping Gear


When Brad Kowitz’s YouTube channel gained popularity, from being an Amazon affiliate he becomes a recognized Amazon influencer. His achievement is underlined in a case study present in the Affiliate Program section of Amazon. Without any doubt, he is an appropriate choice for brands that lie in the categories because of his experience with camping and racing.

15.  Makoccino

Targeted Niche: Art Supplies


Makoccino has 1.75 million YouTube subscribers, she is a wonderful artist and game player in her field. She publishes instructional films on drawing and painting as well as videos on self-expression and encouragement. On her Amazon website, she promotes art materials. She generates a lot of traffic through the affiliate links in the descriptions of her YouTube videos in addition to direct sales at Amazon.

16.  72hr

Targeted Niche: Clothing, Gaming Gear, and Esports


Undoubtedly, Twitch is the best place to find reputable Amazon influencers. The millennials and even the members of Generation Z are huge fans of Twitch streamers. However, Amazon makes it simpler and easy to advertise the brand products in-stream, it’s because the two platforms are natively integrated. Popular Twitch streamer 72hrs has 975K subscribers and high interaction levels.

17.  Justin Sunseri

Targeted Niche: Motivational guides, Healing & Trauma


Justin Sunseri is the host of the most well-liked Polyvagal podcast. She is also an amazing Amazon influencer and the specialty that distinguishes him from other influencers is his niche. He is a therapist and licensed marriage counselor who advertises eBooks and self-help books.  Therefore, Justin is the perfect influencer for you if you are interested in this kind of genre.

18.  Chelsea Sweets

Targeted Niche: Baking Products and Tool


If you are looking for baking products and cake decorators, then you need to look for Chelsea sweets. She is one of the professional cake bakers and decorators. There are numerous cake-making demonstrations and instructions available on her website and YouTube channel. She may be a remarkable influencer, especially for FMCG firms based on the number of followers she has. In her Amazon business, she advertises baking supplies and unusual cake ingredients.

19.  Southern Living

Targeted Niche: Kitchen gadgets, home décor, Recipes, Fashion & Beauty


People use Pinterest to get ideas about different products that will make their life easier. Your company may have a breakthrough position if your Amazon influencer has a huge following on Pinterest. It becomes the game-changer for your brand’s products. On Pinterest, Southern Living receives over 10 million monthly views. Their colorful feed successfully advertises Amazon products.

20.  Justin Braun

Targeted Niche: Off-Road Supplies and Construction Tools


Justin Braun publishes action-packed videos about his DIY projects and road travels on his YouTube channel. He adds a brief comment and reviews on the Amazon products he used for creating the videos. He incorporates such content in the middle of the recording. However, there are 12.1k adventure-loving subscribers who rely on his advice and trust his words, which eventually help his partner brands by increasing their sales.

21.  TbonesTech

Targeted Niche: Photography Gear & Technology


Another certified Amazon influencer is TbonesTech. He posts promotional codes for Amazon in his YouTube videos. He even publishes unboxing videos of the newest photography equipment on his channel. Tbones is an accomplished filmmaker, so when he makes product recommendations, his followers take him at his word.

22.  Selena Tedesco

Targeted Niche: Electronics, home improvement, toys, smart devices


Selena Tedesco is a well-known author who contributes informative product reviews to Good Housekeeping magazine. After learning more about how Amazon compares to rivals, she frequently uses their affiliate links in her reviews. Selena is a top Amazon influencer and an expert and certified product tester.

23.  Doha.the.exploreer

Targeted Niche: Food, Fitness, Travel & Tourism


Doha.the.explorer is an excellent choice if you are seeking for an influencer with heightened glamour. On her Instagram feed, she shares mouthwatering images of delicious dishes and far-flung locales. She shares gorgeous pictures with her fans and also offers discounted coupons to them.

24.  Cassandra Bankson

Targeted Niche: Beauty & Personal Care


Cassandra is regarded as an expert in skincare and cosmetics products because of her nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers and 170,000 Instagram followers. The main focus of her Amazon Storefront is; you can get different skincare products, facemasks, sunscreens, eye creams, etc. Working with such an influencer in an FBA firm, there would be a no-brainer since her audience and knowledge are sure to increase your brand awareness.

25.  Laura Cabral

Targeted Niche: Beauty, Wellness, and Fashion


She advertises goods in the fashion, wellness, & beauty sectors through her storefront. Her Amazon storefront is known as the Lauxbea’s Amazon Faves. You can get beauty and self-care products, literature on personal development, and even yoga equipment easily.

Laura Cabral would be a wonderful influencer to contact as an Amazon FBA business because she has approximately 10,000 followers on her social media platform. She even did a podcast for the Spanish-speaking audience.

26.  Priscilla Gutierrez

Targeted Niche: Clothing, Home Decor, Baby Inspiration, And More!


A recognized and certified Amazon Storefront influencer is Priscilla Gutierez. Brands that provide goods for the home, fashion, cosmetics, and babies are best suited to collaborate with her.

She gives travel & fashion advice to her followers, and even she has an Instagram account with more than 10,000 followers. With her promo codes, you have a chance to increase the sales of your brand products.

27.  Larissa White

Targeted Niche: Home Products and Clothing


The Amazon storefront of Larissa White primarily focuses on selling clothing items, but it also has sections for items for special events like Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday. When looking for the best items, shoppers can definitely benefit from this.

If you stop to think about it, it’s truly a win-win situation because users can locate what they’re searching for with ease and Larissa has a better chance of making a sale. Her personal Instagram account has over 45,000 followers, and she may direct many of them to her Amazon business to increase sales.

28.  Koree Ram

Targeted Niche: Wellness, Beauty, and Fashion


Shana J Ray is another Amazon Storefront influencer. According to her bio, the products in her storefront are comprised of things she loves and can’t live without. The basic category she loves to promote includes pets, fashion, accessories, beauty products, pets, wellness, and more.

The amazing thing about this influencer is that she also posts videos of herself using the products, which serve as real-time product reviews that customers will always love to see.

29.  Lisa Cameron

Targeted Niche: Children Product Items


Family blogger Lisa Cameron offers advice and entertaining activities for other families. She owns a website Adventures in Familyhood where she posts product recommendations on backpacks, child car seats, and other family products on the Amazon Storefront. She’s a great fit as an Amazon influencer for businesses to sell children’s products because most of her customers are families.

30.  Chanel Oldham

Targeted Niche: Parental Products, Skin Care Products, Hair Products, Books & Toys for Babies


“Mom products” are only one of the products that internet producers promote on behalf of top brands. if you want to get in touch with the Amazon storefront influencer, then Chanel Oldham would be your best choice. She will help in promoting baby clothes, first-time mom necessities, children’s books and toys, and much more.

This is precisely what Chanel Oldham is doing, and you can find a wide variety of maternity and parenting-related products in her boutique. Partnering with Chanel to increase your sales would be a smart decision. If your store fits into these sectors, choose her for your product branding.

Are You Prepared to Succeed in Big Time Influencer Marketing on Amazon?

Undoubtedly, Amazon influencer marketing offers a variety of advantages, as it upsurges sales to build up client confidence and trust. The above-mentioned list is created to show the verified and best outcomes of the brands they sponsored. If you want to soar your brand’s profile, you can choose one of the right influencers who are compatible with your niche and brand products. Eventually, it helps to heighten your brand presence worldwide.

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