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Top 12 Wiki Based Sites to Create an Engaging Personal Wiki Site

Top 12 Wiki Based Sites to Create an Engaging Personal Wiki Site

Getting on Wikipedia comes with uncountable benefits. Its massive online reach and enhanced recognition make it a favorable place to build an identity. The popularity of the platform is evident from its contributor count that is 1.17 billion belonging to regions from across the world.

So, if you are anxious about where to start and how to be on it, here are some prominent sites that are credible for offering solutions to get approved on Wikipedia. You can create a Wiki without many hassles and enjoy greater online visibility. So, read on.

1. WikiHow

WikiHow is the most credible wiki-style community that offers an extensive database of how-to guidelines. The guide consists of visuals (images) and steps to learn the manual or procedure of different subjects. It was founded by Jack Herrick, a renowned Internet entrepreneur, in 2005. Formed as a non-profit hybrid platform, it caters to content to a wider audience belonging to different industries and fields.


WikiHow is an open-source platform just like MediaWiki. It aims to offer an easy to access encyclopedia to learn guidelines to handle things easily. It opens a world of opportunities for the users who can follow the readable and easy to comprehend instructions laid down on every page. The platform caters to over 35.5 million monthly viewers. By the end of May 2021, it has reached creating 232,000 free how-to articles.

Features of WikiHow

Below mentioned are the incredible features of WikiHow:

  • Offers an integrated search bar
  • Opens up a Wiki community
  • Easy page creation facility
  • Provides tools to add visuals
  • Offers optimization features

2. Tiki Wiki

Tiki Wiki is a leading open-source platform that offers free access to users. It’s a platform the supports a wiki-based content management system. You can create, edit and collaborate with your users seamlessly. You do not need to learn the technical aspects including the programing languages like JavaScript and HTML.

Here is a list of top websites that are using Tiki Wiki CMS:

tiki wiki

Source: wappalyzer

With Tiki Wiki, you can have the WYSIWYG editor along with revision comparison tools, RSS feed, revision history retention tools and customization features as well. Moreover, the CMS supports multiple languages to ensure greater reach across the globe.

tiki wiki language

Check out Tiki Wiki’s control panel below:

tiki wiki control

As you can see, through the control panel you can search wiki pages, share files by simple drag and drop along with search and sort your pages with respect to categories. Each feature in the list makes the experience seamless and efficient.

Features of TikiWiki

The Software offers a feature-rich control panel with tools listed below:

  • Offers a closed Wiki Community
  • Integrated with Maps
  • Offers Newsfeed section
  • Offers a General setting dashboard
  • Provides File galleries

3. MediaWiki

First on the list is MediaWiki, an open-source Wikipedia software that powers thousands of Wikis. It’s a feature-rich and highly scalable platform that offers an avenue to other leading collaboratively edited projects in the world.

MediaWiki helps to collect and organize information making it easily available to the target readers. It is used by many organizations and companies for content curation.

MediaWiki has a wider user base than Wiktionary, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. Due to which the developers have improvised the features and functionality to offer an interface that can cater for the audience of other Wiki platforms.


Watch How to Install MediaWiki

The best thing about MediaWiki is that it offers free download. It is licensed under General Public License (GNU) version 2 and facilitates users with a seamless functionality.

Features of MediaWiki

MediaWiki offers the following features:

  • A highly customizable CMS
  • Offers 1900 extensions
  • Supports 300 different languages
  • Provides 900 configuration settings

4. Wikisummaries

Wikisummaries makes book hunting simpler. It offers a huge gallery full of book summaries. It’s an open-source platform allowing readers to edit the summaries to make them more precise and rich with details. The tone and voice of the content it offers are so attention-grabbing and easy to comprehend that readers stay involved completely. Every book is thoroughly covered delivering the plot and story it has to offer.


Furthermore, it offers an amazing source of information to newbie authors and creative head to widen their horizon in book writing. The study questions, analysis, symbolism, summaries, important quotes and metaphor are the prominent traits of Wikisummaries.

Features Wikisummaries offers:

Wikisummaries offers the following features to readers:

  • Offers category based summaries
  • Provide well structured content
  • Ensures easy to comprehend content
  • Offers editing access to readers

5. SlimWiki

SlimWiki is a powerful, feature-rich and low fiction content curation tool that can help you and your team to get started. It offers bundled services including layout designing and backup and customization features. Using SlimWiki you do not have to stress about the presentation, as the tool manages it all.

You simply drop the content file and the tool will edit and improvise it. Every change you make will have its backup. Using SlimWiki you can easily view who made changes to your page and if you can approve them or not.


Moreover, you can create rich imagery in your page to garner the attention of your target audience. SlimWiki can help you present your content in an appealing fashion. In addition, the tool is the fastest and most efficient. It can meticulously optimize your page and break down every barrier that can create the bounce rate. It’s fast performing server and functionality lets you make changes in the existing content seamlessly.


As per the pricing plan, you can enjoy HipChat or Slack integration with 1 GB storage for free. If you want more than you have to pay $20 per month to get custom domain, page export, HipChat, additional admins, 4 GB storage and public pages.

Features of SlimWiki

SlimWiki provides the following features:

  • Enables easy drop and drop option
  • Offers smooth customization tools
  • Provides optimization tools
  • Offers Backup facility
  • Designs layouts and appearance

6. WikiWikiWeb

WikiWikiWeb, commonly known as Wiki, is one of the first Wiki-based sites. It was formed back in 1995 and has been regarded as the most reliable platform. It’s an open-source platform that welcomes newcomers with creative ideas and thought-out approaches. The unique aspect of the platform is the simplicity of content creation it offers. It gives freedom to users to try different things.

wikiwiki web

Apart from this, it offers many category-based tools that can cater to the different needs of users. It forms a platform where users can share their ideas and goals and seek more inspiration. Tools like WikiSquatting offers a series of Wiki pages. Furthermore, WikiSpam works to detect promotional campaigns that are operated under the hood of Wikipedia.

Features WikiWikiWeb Offers:

The features WikiWikiWeb offers are listed below:

  • Offers NewUserQuestions to cater newcomers
  • Provides WikiEngines for referncing
  • Offers WikiHelpDesk to ensure support
  • Offers dashboard to see recent changes
  • Provides search bar

7. Fandom

Fandom was known as “Wikia” back in 2019. It provides a world to Wiki fans. Powered by MediaWiki support the Wiki pages garner the attention. The platform has category-specific sections from where users can read about the different Wiki pages. They can look for categories including games, movies, TV, video, Wikis and a search bar that allow users to look for their desired pages.


Not only this, you can look for the latest updates and what’s coming on the platform. All you have to sign up with your email address. The site will keep you posted about all the latest Wikis and that will broaden your perspective.

whatsup fandom

Features of Fandom

Fandom provides the following features:

  • Offers an optimized search bar
  • Provides category-based wiki pages
  • Offers videos and other visual content
  • Ensures account creation
  • Offers Wiki Community

8. Wiktionary

Wiktionary is a free content dictionary. It’s a web-based platform to create an easy to access dictionary that includes phrases, words, proverbs, and linguistic reconstructions. The platform offers definitions, images, etymologies, inflexions and quotations.

The platform offers content in more than 171 languages and is collaboratively edited through Wikis. If you are on MediaWiki or any wiki-based software, you can access it and make changes. It’s more of a sister project to Wikipedia.

Features Wiktionary Offers:

Wiktionary offers the following features:

  • Offers multi-lingual support
  • Provides category based definitions
  • Offers editable access
  • Provides a community portal

9. WikiDot

WikiDot is a leading website that helps users to add, edit and remove content. It’s like a platform that offers a personal webspace to upload, create and edit content and collaborate with others.


The tool facilitates its users to enjoy a stress-free content creation experience where they do not have to get their hands-on technical aspects like HTML languages for their site. The platform will cater to their technical needs. You only have to focus on creating the most captivating content to grow your online position.

Moreover, the list of features is massive. WikiDot is highly professional. Irrespective of the niche and industry, the platform caters to all. It lets you create a big portal for your business. It’s like an avenue to penetrate into online communities and expand your horizon.

When it comes to safety, WikiDot stands firm as the most secured one. It offers a real-time backup facility. The primary servers use state of the art hardware and ensure redundant disk drives. The power lines, uninterrupted internet connection and access to secure data saving, all make it the right choice for content creation.

Furthermore, here is the pricing plan of WikiDot:

subscription plan

The free package comes with a list of features that includes unlimited resources, traffic, WikiDot Team support and many more.

Features of WikiDot

Here are some of the other amazing features listed below:

  • Powerful Wiki Syntax System
  • Personal Domain
  • Forums
  • Controls Over Ads
  • Unlimited Number Of Faces
  • Gravatar Integration


10. Make Your Own Wikipedia Page

Next on our curated list of leading content curation platforms that supports Wikipedia is Make Your Own Wikipedia Page. The platform offers a wide range of Wikipedia services from content creation to management and monitoring. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, you can enjoy the broad range of services offer at the most affordable pricing.

You do not have to worry about a thing, simply get on the platform, a form will appear where you can fill in your details. Once you do that the customer support expert will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements. Make Your Own Wikipedia Page has a massive online reach. It has highly qualified and well trained professionals who deliver note-worthy content that gets approved in no time.

Once the experts have jotted down your brief, they will hunt for the most unique information, refer to the credible sites and make sure to keep your content verifiable. The best part of their services is how well defined the journey of readers is sketched. They map the journey for readers to stay involved along with adding visuals.

You know how strict Wikipedia guidelines are. You have to follow every single one of them to get your content published. From the researching rules, to vandalism, to following the right tone and voice in your content. You have to pay attention to every specifics to avoid any delays or rejection.

wikipedia policies

Even if the page is published, you have to stay involved and active. You have to manage and monitor your page otherwise, too many edit request can affect your page’s credibility that may get deleted.

Services Offered By The Platform

Engaging content creation

  • Professional content editing
  • Smooth Wiki profile management and monitoring
  • Transparent policies
  • Competitive pricing

11. Wikisource

Wikisource is a leading digital library and one of the foremost wiki-based sites. It offers easy access to information related to films, public domain texts and similar material. It’s a Wikimedia Foundation project. You can get full-text documents of songs, movies, poems and much more.


Furthermore, it offers translation in different languages. It’s a hub to access achieve directories and libraries. Started back in 2003, it now has become one of the renowned sites on the internet.

Features Wikisource Provides

Below mentioned are the features Wikisource provides:

  • Provides Multi-lingual support
  • Offers Help desk
  • Provides Account creation
  • Offers Editable access

12. DokuWiki

Coming up in the list of free and open-source platforms after MediaWiki and Tiki Wiki is DokuWiki. It is one of the most loved software that does not need any database. It is regarded by users for its readable syntax and clean interface. DokuWiki has been around for years and offers many exciting features.

Check out what its happy clientele has to say about it:

doku wiki twitter

DokuWiki has a lot to offer to content creators. You can create the table of index, citation columns, indexing and insert backlinks. Even if you are a newbie Wikipedia writer, you will fall in love it.

Features of DokuWiki

The powerful platform offers the following features:

  • Offers smooth functionality
  • Has built-in controls
  • Offers administrative controls
  • Offers tools to edit and create content
  • Provides smooth integration
  • Ensures backup facility

Wrap Up

You can have the assistance of experts easily but the only thing that matters is what you aim for. You must stay clear with your goals. If you want to gain online visibility, you have to think about a unique subject or topic to cover on Wikipedia. Once you got it seek out a professional’s help to make things flawless.

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