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The Top 5 NBA YoungBoy Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

The Top 5 NBA YoungBoy Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

If you asked which musician has constantly topped YouTube’s music charts, most of you would imagine a pop star like Taylor Swift, Drake, or Ariana Grande. But, the majority of you might be wrong and individuals would be mistaken. Interestingly, the rapper NBA YoungBoy from Baton Rouge holds the crown in the YouTube family and now he is known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

NBA YoungBoy has managed to hold a prominent position on YouTube’s Music Charts from the time 2019. There is a time when he became the most-watched artist in all kinds of genres. He has accomplished this without the use of fancy and impressive marketing strategies, never spending on huge promotion budgets, or on social media viral campaigns.

His song “Hi Haters” was released on 22 November 2022 and got 1.1 million views in just 11 hours.


Some Interesting Facts About NBA YoungBoy

As you know Hip-hop fans can attempt to ignore NBA YoungBoy in 2022, but eventually, they fail to try this.

However, this YoungBoy who is just a 22-year-old rapper make lots of effort and did several things to overcome this challenge. So, here you will read the things he did in just a month of August to make him stand out;

  • Interestingly, he launches his 23rd solo projectwhich includes five studio albums since 2015.


  • He surpassed four billion US streams this year (2022), becoming the second artist (after Drake) to reach this milestone.
  • He has completed his first contract with Atlantic Records & reportedly $60 million was paid for this contract.


  • NBA YoungBoy officially surpassed Future and J. Cole in terms of RIAA certifications in February 2022.


  • NBA YoungBoy officially made the record-breaking news that he surpassed 10 billion views on YouTube and ranked #1 throughout the year 2022.

NBA YoungBoy is Best in Constructing Music Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for fresh approaches to market your music? The top music industry marketing techniques are listed below.

Without a doubt a music industry is overextended. There are several bands and musicians out there who aspire to become the next great thing in this field. How is it possible for someone to stand out when there is so much competition? So eventually, they need to look for the most efficient and effective marketing tactics.

You all know everything hinges on having a proper marketing strategy to promote music.

In light of this, here is the list of the top music marketing techniques that artists may use to gain traction and grow themselves in the music industry.

Don’t worry; in this blog you surely don’t restate advice you’ve already read a thousand times.

So, without more ado, let’s get started!

1.      Construct Your Website First

You should start by building an artist webpage or your own band website. Bean in mind you’re your site is considered the major hub of all efforts you make to advertise your music. It serves as both the foundation and base for your online identity and the place where you can develop your identity as a musician.

Additionally, all of the new followers you acquire will be directed to your website and it is the result of the music marketing efforts you do to stand out. By selling music directly to fans, you have a chance to use it in order to host your people and earn money from your audience.

2.      Post Highly Engaging Content on social media

In terms of marketing, social media is your mainstay. When it comes to spreading the word about new releases and shows, it’s undoubtedly the most successful internet marketing medium for musicians.

Ideally, you ought to be active on all of the major social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and so on. However, you might choose to concentrate the majority of the marketing efforts to run on a single social channel. It will let you operate a successful campaign.

The goal is to regularly post engaging social media content that expands your organic audience and draws new listeners back to your music or website. To reach additional potential music enthusiasts, you can also spend money on paid social media advertisements.

For this, create a solid content plan and outline the types of content you want to post, such as behind-the-scenes videos (BTS), viral content, music snippets, gig announcements, themed posts, and more. Make sure you compose a posting schedule & try to stick to it.

3.      Arrange Social Media Contests & Giveaways

One of the most effective and powerful methods for selling music on social media is contests and giveaways. The thing that you need to know about contests is; they have a ton of potential so you can reach thousands and millions of listeners with very little work or expenses. The concept is straightforward: You hold a social media giveaway contest and give a prize (such as free merchandise, concert tickets, a signed album, and much more).

You then configure it so that users must engage in some form of activity that supports your promotion and help to become a well-known artist.

For instance, you might demand that users join your mailing list in order to enter (so you can email them at the time when you are releasing your new track). You might even demand that participants follow you on Spotify or social media. To encourage participants to acknowledge the contest to their friends, you might even give them bonus entries.

4.      Develop Deep Relations with Your Fans

As a music artist, you know your fans will always come first and last for you. It is crucial to foster those relationships to become a successful musician of all times. If you want to avoid falling into the trap of fame-lust, you must understand that it is not only about YOU, but it is all about the art and serving the public, both are important in various aspects.

The best way to put it was by T.I., who stated, “suppose you visit a mechanic and they totally wreck your car. Would you ever prefer to use the services of that mechanic again? Surely ‘Not.’ So, for your project, consider yourself only as excellent as your listener, and with that, you get an idea about what to do and what not.

5.      The YouTube & Netflix Effect 

At the time of releasing your project, the most important element of its ultimate success is only accessibility. Many algorithms are currently in use that allows your fan base to find the content without looking for your music. However, the platforms like YouTube offer musicians a ton of value since they let viewers walk down rabbit holes or find new artists based solely on viewing history.

One artist who has done a fantastic job in showcasing his content and making sure it is available on all platforms, then his Future must be bright. The Netflix Effect promotes content bingeing and also helps viewers to discover new content. Therefore, the approachability of your content is a key component of your career success as an artist.

The Bottom Lines

At last, the compilation of the top music industry marketing tactics is finished at the moment. There is one more extra tip that needs to be highlighted, though, before we wrap up.

The most crucial thing a musician can do is continuously create excellent music that listeners want to hear. Try to post new releases as soon as possible to your profile to gain listeners’ attention. Using the aforementioned music marketing techniques lets you stand out in the cutthroat place and attract their attention.

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