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The Complete Guide of Social Media Marketing for Rappers in 2023

The Complete Guide of Social Media Marketing for Rappers

In this era, where everything is going digital – the parameter of anyone’s success is measured by the number of followers, engagements, and existence on their social media profile.

If you are a rapper, then it is not so different for you. Social media can work as the best marketing platform for you. There is nothing big about it. You just have to understand the value of the platforms and how you can use them for your benefit.

As an emerging rapper, you must promote yourself and your rap efficiently. But why you should use social media marketing.

Well! The simple answer is that from social media, you can get a good number of listeners, appreciators, and rap enthusiasts, who will love your art. You can get recognition and grow yourself through social media.

Right now, there are 4.26 billion social media users worldwide, and it is predicted that it will raise to over 5.85 billion users by 2027.


This estimation and prediction ensure that social media marketing will always be in your favor.

What Is Social Media Marketing For Rappers?

Social media marketing is basically the process of content creation for social media platforms to promote rap and other creative art produced by rappers. It will help in communicate with your target audience, drive traffic to your websites, and more.

Platforms For Social Media Marketing

Multiple platforms are there for social media marketing, some of them are;


The platform has 1.9 billion active daily users from around the world. Here you find the even spread of Generation X and Millennials. The platform is used if you want to aware people of your rap and advertise yourself as a rapper.


TikTok is not that old in the social media platforms history but has an impact. There are over one billion active monthly global users, most of whom are primarily Gen Z and Millennials. It is best to show your talent in short-form creative videos to become a public figure in Tiktok.


Instagram also acquired one billion monthly active users, with a big number of primarily millennial users. It is best to engage with your audience, such as by sharing images and videos of behind-the-scenes of you working on your song. It is great to generate a sense of belonging with your fans. Even though the program was launched 12 years ago, it still can take the world by storm.


There are over 211 million daily active users worldwide on Twitter. It is not that much if you compare it with another platform. But Twitter has its importance. It is more professional, and you can use it to announce news, information, any new updates, or upcoming songs.


The most important platform for you as a rapper. You can create a channel on YouTube, upload your songs, and also monetize it to earn. The platform has 315 million daily active users around the world. Here you can find the primary millennials, but this platform has a wide range of audiences of different ages, genders, geographic, and more.

Why Do Rappers Need Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing has its own perks for everyone. And as for a rapper, it becomes tenfold essential to have social media campaign because of the multiple benefits.

Connecting With Fans

The foremost benefit of social media is that rappers can connect with their fans through it. It is good for rappers to meet their fans at an in-person event, but it requires a lot of time and energy – which are often limited, so social media is the easiest and quickest way to connect.

Networking With Other Professionals

Social media is an excellent source for networking with other professionals in the industry. If you don’t have much connection outside your circle and having a hard time finding the resources, that means you need to connect with other rappers and artists.

Showcase Your Work

Putting your rap on social platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music is not enough. You have to use every platform that is possible to reach your potential listeners. Fans cannot stream music on platforms like Insta or FB, but they can discover them from here. Post short clips or teasers to redirect your fans.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Rappers

To drive the best results for your image as a rapper, you have to utilize social media marketing properly. There are some strategies that you can apply to get what you want from social media.


The main point of social media is to connect with your audience and fans. And when it comes to them, you have to make the connection real – this is what matters to them. When you establish a real connection with your fans and provide a sense of authenticity on social media, your followers will be able to build a deeper connection with you and your music.

And it will make them your loyal fans also.

Know Your Audience

Knowing what your audience wants to see is crucial when it comes to social media and success. Every artist is different, and of course, you are also. Everyone has a different fanbase, so what might be a success for another rapper might not work for you. So, for the time of posting, the content you post, and how can you engage the audience? It will all depend upon your audience.

So, know your audience first.

Profile Optimization

Your profile must contain your bio with the link to your most recent promo or release, be that a track, album, tour dates, merch drop, or any music video.

Also, it should have an up-to-date profile picture specific to a social page, preferably a press shot. And you can also get the verified blue tick to make it easy for you to find yourself.


Regular posting and consistency are essential. Check in on your post and try to reply to your fans’ comments. No doubt you can reply to all of them, but try to possibly answer some of them. You can also start a live chat or post stories, such as an ask me session on Instagram.

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