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You cannot afford to leave your Wikipedia page to strangers

How A Wikipedia Page Can Help You Grow

If you haven’t heard it enough, let me say it again. Wikipedia has a very high domain authority and having it on your side will only add to your business or brand.

You can take a look at some Wikipedia statistics by clicking here.

For a sneak peak, Wikipedia has over 32 million users as of October 2017!

Becoming a part of Wikipedia isn’t as easy as it may seem. Not just anyone can create a page and expect it to stay on there for long. Hiring professionals is the best bet you have to ensure that your content meets all the guidelines and has the least chances of not getting accepted.

Wide Audience

But, the more important question is, how does a Wikipedia page actually help you? Well, for starters, it adds quite a bit of credibility to your brand. A lot of the people in the world use Wikipedia as their main source of reliable information, and of course, with 32 million users, there’s a huge chance of you getting noticed or your page gaining popularity and being contributed too.

Digital Footprint

Having a strong digital footprint is important if you’re aiming for the highest success. Why I say that is because many people govern your success or accomplishments with whether or not you or your brand/business has a Wikipedia page.

Being on Wikipedia it means that you meet its notability requirements and your brand has gotten a bit of digital exposure.

High Ranking

And of course, you can’t forget that it ranks pretty high on search engines and is likely to show up, sometimes, even higher than your own website, if optimized correctly. Not just that, having a Wikipedia page certainly builds trust between you and your clients or potential clients.

Now, who wouldn’t want that? There’s no one out there who doesn’t want their page or brand to rank the highest and creating a Wikipedia page is one strong and solid way to do it!

Free Platform

Wikipedia is a free platform so you don’t have to worry about paying thousands of dollars in order to have a page on there. All you need are professional writers who can guarantee you that they can get your page up on Wikipedia in no time.

Reliable source

It’s a platform known to be reliable. Of course, at times, there are certain pages that contain misinformation, but it doesn’t stay on the platform for long and Wikipedia pays good attention to removing any such change.

The best way to believe all of this is to check out the statistics of Wikipedia and you won’t have any trouble trusting us or them. In the blink of an eye, you can take your brand a million steps further without any massive costs or having to renew subscription and such.

Of course there are a few downsides to this, but for the most part, it works in your favor and is absolutely something that I would recommend investing a bit of time and effort in if you are truly aiming for being better than just your average business in your industry.

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