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How To Publish a Wikipedia Page from Sandbox?

How To Publish a Wikipedia Page from Sandbox?

Before starting about how to publish a Wikipedia page from Sandbox, you first need to know a little about Wikipedia and Sandbox both.

What is Wikipedia?

So, firstly let’s take a little over view about what Wikipedia is. So, Wikipedia is one of the largest virtual encyclopedias on the planet. In fact, it is the largest collection of reliable information that you can find online and it is completely free of cost to get information from Wikipedia. Moreover, all the information, which is gathered and collected on Wikipedia for years has been the through the contribution from people all over the world because Wikipedia doesn’t charge any fee and there is no sort of license required to create a page on Wikipedia.

What is Sandbox?

Now, you know about Wikipedia, you now need to have a basic understanding about sandbox as well. See, sandbox in simple words is basically, an application, which people, developers to be more specific, use when they are trying out new things because making changes in the sandbox doesn’t affect anything in the real application or software on which you are working on. Now, to put it into other words, it is the best place to check your theories and make changes because it is the best software on which you can test stuff easily.

Since, you now know the basics about both Wikipedia and Sandbox, you may have an easier time in understanding how to publish a Wikipedia page from sandbox.

Now, what you need to understand is that, as mentioned above that sandbox is a testing place, where no matter what you do, the real thing doesn’t get affected. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to create a Wikipedia page and it is one of the best places to make changes in your Wikipedia pages or articles because when you do it here then you can review it thoroughly before submitting your pages or changes on Wikipedia. See, each page or article you create or edit on Wikipedia needs to have approval of Wikipedia before it can go live.

And, understanding how to get a Wikipedia page approved is important as well because if you do not know the Wikipedia page creation process then you probably will not be able to get your pages approved whether you are using sandbox or you are doing everything directly on Wikipedia. At the end of the day, you will have to get your work checked and reviewed by Wikipedia and if you haven’t followed their guidelines and policies then the chances of your Wikipedia pages or articles being approved are quite slim and even close to none. So, first you need to learn the proper way of creating a Wikipedia page and then once you know that then you can simply move your article or page from sandbox to Wikipedia and submit your work or content on Wikipedia for the approval process.

Steps Needed to Create a Wikipedia Page

Step # 1 – Account Creation

When you talk about creating a Wikipedia page then you need to understand that creating a Wikipedia page does not require you to create an account on Wikipedia. However, there are many advantages of creating an account on Wikipedia such as you can get access to the advanced editing tools, which can help you in editing wikis on the virtual encyclopedia. Moreover, creating an account on Wikipedia also helps you in getting access to user pages and user talk pages, which can allow you to collaborate with other Wikipedia experts and it can also help you to create a certain reputation about yourself as a writer as well.

Now, the account making process on Wikipedia is quite easy and it only requires you to visit Wikipedia and click on the “create account” option present on the top right corner of the Wikipedia main page. Once you click on this option, you will have to fill in all the fields of information, which are required by Wikipedia and voila, once you are done, you have an account on Wikipedia.

Step # 2 – Choosing a Notable & Unique Page Title

Now, in this step, you need to understand that Wikipedia doesn’t allow any topics, which are already covered on the platform and topics that are not notable according to the standards of the virtual encyclopedia. Therefore, you need to choose a page title or topic, which is both, unique and notable as per the standards of Wikipedia.

Step # 3 – Research

See, once you are done with the selection of the appropriate topic, you simply need to start your research on the topic you have chosen. Now, what you need to take care of in collecting information about your topic is that you must make sure that you are collecting information from verifiable source and that your information is authentic. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that you are not using anything, which remotely resembles anything like original research because Wikipedia does not allow any original research. In fact, it is one of the policies and following this policy is extremely important if you wish to get approval of Wikipedia for your page or article.

Step # 4 – Content Creation

In this step, you simply need to start writing about your topic. However, you need to ensure that you are following the writing guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. Now, it is best that you go on Wikipedia and read up on all the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia before you start writing the article because a failure to follow these guidelines and policies will certainly lead your Wikipedia page or article to get rejected in the screening process. To give you a brief over view of the writing step, you need to make sure that your page content is not promotional at all because Wikipedia is not a marketing or advertising platform.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that your wiki page needs to be written in a neutral manner because the information on Wikipedia needs to offered in a neutral manner. Your content should be unbiased and you must also take care of providing authentic information in your content as well because the information you are providing in your content must be reliable and do not forget to provide citations and references to make your content even more authentic and genuine.

Step # 5 – Move Your Page from Sandbox to Wikipedia

Now, all the steps that you have gone through before this, those steps were to teach you how to get your wikis approved if you are creating them on Wikipedia. However, things are not that much different even if you use the same knowledge and create your article in sandbox. Once you create your article in sandbox, keeping in mind about all the needs and requirements of Wikipedia, then you can simply move your article from sandbox after you are done.

Now, the moving process is quite easy in sandbox. All you need to do is visit sandbox and choose the “move” option in the pulldown menu and simply move your article from sandbox to wherever you need it to be. You simply have to specify where you want your article to move to. In this case its Wikipedia.

Step # 6 – Submit Your Wikipedia Page

In this last step, when you have moved your article from sandbox to Wikipedia, you simply need to submit it and wait for the platform to review it.

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