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How To Get Wikipedia Page Published

How To Get Wikipedia Page Published

Looking at the stats in the figure above you can realize the huge size of this platform. Wikipedia can easily be said to be one of the largest, not even one of the largest but in fact, the largest collection of information available online. With 55 million total wiki pages and more than 6.4 million articles in English, it is definitely the most humungous platform for reliable information in the world.

The growth of this virtual platform is happening on an exponential rate and with more than 17000 articles being uploaded and going live on the platform each month, this platform is bound to get even bigger as the time passes.

However, what is this platform all about? Why is this platform growing with each passing day? These are some of the questions that most people ask themselves. Well, Wikipedia is a virtual encyclopedia, where people from all over the world collaborate and present information, which is both reliable and verifiable through references and authentic sources.

Over the years, the reputation of Wikipedia has increased much and people from all over the world are using this platform on an increasing basis to find information, which is reliable and authentic. Furthermore, there are many people, who are trying to learn how to get a Wikipedia page published as well because Wikipedia pages and articles are not just being used for presenting information to the world only. This platform is now being used for marketing purposes as well.

However, with the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia stating clearly that Wikipedia is not a place for promotion, marketing or advertisement, therefore, it can become quite a hassle for most people to create a Wikipedia page by themselves. This is why to create a page or an article on Wikipedia you must first learn how to get a Wikipedia page published and approved. See, your Wikipedia pages cannot get published or go live unless they are approved by Wikipedia. Therefore, learning how to get a Wikipedia page published is just as important as the page creation process.

However, it is a good thing to understand that why everyone is demanding these pages these days. Looking at the stats of the size of Wikipedia, you have to admit that there is a very high demand for Wikipedia pages and articles and whether it’s a business organization, brand or whether it is celebrities or entrepreneurs, everyone is looking to get their hands on a Wikipedia page. Now, here are some benefits of creating a Wikipedia page.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia pages come bearing unexpected gifts for people, who create them. Some of these benefits and rewards are as follows:

Increases Overall Reach 

Did you know that Wikipedia is one of the most highly visited websites in the world? Well, millions in fact, billions of people visit Wikipedia on a daily basis, which makes it one of the most heavily trafficked platforms in the world. Now, with billions of people visiting this website on a regular basis, imagine if you have a page on such a platform? Of course, the information that you have put on that page is likely to be reaching billions of people. It is like using mass media however, the only difference is that using the mass media to reach billions of people may be quite expensive and creating a page on Wikipedia is absolutely free of charge.

Increases Reputation & Credibility

Wikipedia was established in 2001, and since then this platform has made quite a reputation for itself. By offering and delivering authentic and reliable information to people about a wide range of topics, this virtual encyclopedia has become one of the most credible and reputable platforms in the world. Now, as a brand or an individual, if you are present on this platform, you can say that the reputation of this platform kind of rubs off on you or your business as well. Because it has been seen that many people after creating a page on Wikipedia have had a clear and sudden boost in their reputation and credibility.

Increases Brand Awareness & Audience Engagement

Of course, if you create a page about your brand or business organization on a platform, which was initially created to create awareness, then people are bound to get awareness about your brand as well. Furthermore, since it is highly trafficked as well, therefore, it is also a perfect tool or platform for engaging your target audience as well.

Increases Your Web Traffic

When it comes to increasing web traffic then Wikipedia pages are simply considered as one of the most exceptional tools for increasing the web traffic inflow of your websites. See, you already understand and comprehend that people are visiting Wikipedia pages in humungous volumes because of the reliable information available on this platform, therefore if you also have a page on Wikipedia then you can easily use that page or article to direct the web traffic from Wikipedia onto your desired websites as well. Now, this helps in increasing the overall web traffic of your own websites most efficiently and effectively.

Increases Your Rank in Search Engine Results

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most amazing tools for digital marketing and driving web traffic for brands and business organizations however, there are many techniques that they can use to increase their brand’s name or website’s rank in the search engine results. One of these ways is through the creation of a Wikipedia page. See, due to the authenticity and well researched and informative content of a Wikipedia page, these pages are often seen and ranked in the top search results on Google. Therefore, if you have a Wikipedia page about your brand then you can easily get your brand ranked higher in the search engine results.

Boosts Your Conversion Rates

Most online businesses and eCommerce stores usually create Wikipedia pages or learn how to get a Wikipedia page published because of their intense need for these pages. See, being on Wikipedia boosts your overall reach, increases your web traffic and creates a powerful brand image as well. Now, all these things combined together helps in increasing the sales or conversion rates of these eCommerce stores or businesses as well.

Now that you have a firm grasp of a few of the benefits of creating a Wikipedia, you can move on to the steps of creating a Wikipedia page as well.

Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page

Step # 1 – Getting Registered on the Platform

The first and foremost thing that you need to do in order to create a Wikipedia page that can get published on the platform is that you must register yourself on the website. Now, this is not a necessity however, there are ample rewards and perks for creating an account on the platform. Moreover, the creation of an account or registration process on Wikipedia is not exactly difficult either, therefore, if you can get a lot of benefits from simply registering yourself on the platform then you better do it, don’t you think so?

Now, what you must do in order to create an account is pretty simple. You must visit the website and select your preferred language and after that, you simply need to select the option, which says “create account”, which you will be able to see on the top right corner of the page. Once you click on it, the rest of the procedure is quite simple. All you need to do is fill out the information that Wikipedia needs from you and once you are done with it, your account will be created.

Step # 2 – Selecting the Right Page Title

After you have registered yourself on the virtual encyclopedia as a registered user, you are then supposed to create a page. Now, for you to create a page on Wikipedia, there are certain major aspects that you need to take care of. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are choosing a page title that is not already in use or that does not already exist on the virtual encyclopedia. See, it’s simple enough to understand, Wikipedia does not allow people to create more than one page on the same page title. If a page already exists with a certain page title, then all you can do is make edits on that particular page and not create a new page with the same title. Secondly, you need to make sure that your Wikipedia page title or topic is meeting the notability standards of the virtual encyclopedia.

Now, in simple terms, the notability criteria or standards of Wikipedia make sure that a certain topic is significant enough to have its own separate page on Wikipedia. Therefore, in order to create a page on Wikipedia, you must make sure that you are taking care of these two aspects because otherwise you simply will not be able to create a page in the first place.

Step # 3 – Doing Comprehensive Research on Your Topic

Understanding Wikipedia will allow you to understand and comprehend the fact that you cannot create a page on any topic or subject without conducting thorough and comprehensive research on it. However, before you can conduct research on your topic or page title you must first read and thoroughly go through the research policies of Wikipedia so that you do not make any mistakes and/or go against these policies in any way. It is quite simple, if you go against any policies then you will not be able to get your Wikipedia page published and approved by Wikipedia.

Step # 4 – Writing the Page Content

Writing the page content is all about making sure that you are writing on Wikipedia according to the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia. See, apart from all the other policies and guidelines, you must at least go through the core content policies of Wikipedia, which are directly overseeing the content issues of your page. In short, you must write on Wikipedia, ensuring that your writing tone is neutral at all times. Furthermore, you must make sure that your page content is verifiable by your users therefore, you must make use of citations and references as well.

Step # 5 – Submission of Your Page

Lastly, you simply need to review your own work carefully to fish out and correct any mistakes and after doing that, you must submit your page for the official review and screening process.

Does creating a Wikipedia page takes a lot of time?

Normally, the creation of a Wikipedia page takes from 3 to 5 weeks. However, the creation time may also depend on the person creating the page as well because everyone’s expertise is on a different level.

Can you increase your website’s traffic after getting your Wikipedia page published?

Yes, creating Wikipedia has been observed to increase and boost the web traffic of many websites over the years. Now, most eCommerce businesses and brands are using Wikipedia pages as a tool to divert high volumes of web traffic from Wikipedia to their websites.

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