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How To Create an Artist Profile on YouTube

How To Create an Artist Profile on YouTube?

Our mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice and that the world is a better place when we listen, share, and build community through our stories. – YouTube.

YouTube – The One Entertainment Platform for All

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can watch videos and stream any content they like. The platform can be used via a phone, tablet, or PC. The platform is largely famous among the younger generation. There is an ocean of content for them to watch, but a user must be above 18+ to use it.

YouTube has been in the market for more than 15 years and has become a prominent platform now. Looking at stats, YouTube has 1.7 billion monthly users and is more than Instagram and Facebook.

On YouTube will find celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists. So, do you want to create an artist profile on YouTube? If you are an artist, you can make an official artist channel.

Source: Hootsuite

A Sight at YouTube Artists

YouTube is now catering to its users with YouTube for Artists. The service allows making a prominent presence on the platform. To join YouTube for Artists, some steps need to be followed. If you want to create music and rank well on the streaming then you need an artist page on YouTube. 

What Is an Official YouTube Artist Channel?

Talking about artists and their presence, many of them have failed to make it to the top, or are gone with the wind. Either the artists are not aware of how to sell their art or are disappointed when they don’t see returns. Usually, the artists are discouraged and do not work to their talent.

On YouTube, there is no official page for the artists and is a way to make a visible presence and manage your music videos. It is an official representation of the artist on YouTube. Without an official YouTube profile, you may wander and result in nothing. An official YouTube artists channel is equal to a verified artist profile. It is a place where the artists can build a credible reputation and a destination for the fans to enjoy music.

Once you create an official YouTube profile, you can amuse people with videos, art tracks, and user-generated content (UGC). It is critical to understand that there is a difference between a topic channel and an OAC. Typically, in a topic channel, YouTube uploads auto-generated content when the music of an artist is distributed on the platform. There are now videos for such content but images.

Moreover, if you create an official artist profile, you can build a budding fan base of subscribers. If a page is not there, it can be a bump for your art. The channel can consolidate videos in one place and allow you to look deeper into analytics.


So, do you want to learn how to make an art channel on YouTube?

The Criteria to Qualify As An Official YouTube Artist

While every platform has its defined guidelines, YouTube has theirs too. These guidelines are to be followed to create an artist account on YouTube. To get accepted on the platform, there is a time frame. It usually takes around a month so don’t be upset and wait for the approval.

  • One must have a channel on YouTube that is operable and represents the artist or the band.
  • An artist must have released at least three albums on YouTube and have them distributed to an official music label.
  • The channel must follow each guideline of YouTube that includes, including community guidelines, terms of services, and copyright policies.
  • Additionally, an artist must work with a YouTube Partner Manager, and be a part of the YouTube Partner program.
  • The music partner must be enlisted in the YouTube directory for music partners.

How To Make An Artist Channel On YouTube? An Overlook

There are minimum requirements to have an official artist channel that are to be followed and maintained throughout. If you meet the above criteria, you are eligible to send an email and apply for a request to upgrade you to an official artist channel. This applies to create channel art on YouTube for beginners and for established artists as well.

In the process of sending emails, it is necessary to add the artist’s name and links that you own including the topic channel. After you are successful in creating the artist profile, you can also start earning.

Step – 1 An Owned and A Topic Channel

As it was mentioned in the criteria, if you already own a YouTube channel where you upload content then you have qualified the first step. Make sure you are not uploading the content on another channel. If there is another channel, create your own. You can create two types of accounts.

Personal Account – Only one person can manage the account, where one member can easily manage the account.

Brand Account – A brand account needs to be managed by multiple people. It is easier to hire a team that can do the job.

Step – 2 Artist Label

On to step 2, you need to make sure your music is associated with a label. There should be also at least three albums released and distributed by the label.

Step – 3 Authentication

Now, you can authenticate into your YouTube channel.

Step – 4 Time to Claim

Coming to step 4, now you can claim your channel. As soon as you claim your channel, your label can help you on securing a place on YouTube.

Step – 5 you are now on YouTube for Artists

Now, after claiming the account and waiting, you are officially a member of the YouTube community.


5 Fantastic Perks to Have an Official Artist Channel

If you look into the benefits, there are many to talk and count. A few could be mentioned and considered. It is a place where fans can meet their stars in a digital experience and enjoy the music of imaginations.

1.      A One Place For Music

Imagine if you had to put your album songs on different platforms? Well, that sounds disturbing. But YouTube For Artists keeps every piece of music in a place. The users can easily search and find artists. It can also yield likes, and view counts on the videos. Surprisingly, it combines the top channel and owned channel. Moreover, it will bring only benefits to you.

2.      A Place For Engagement

It can turn into an astounding place to engage with the fans. The fan engagement features add up with upgrades, and artists can engage with their fans digitally. The artists can engage with their fans by creating GIFs, and images and adding polls. It is one of the essential ways to establish a connection.

3.      A Look Into Insights

Digital platforms are the place where people spend most of their time building their business. Now, the upgraded platforms also let to have an insight into what is happening behind the scenes. Also, what needs to be done. The analytics studies and provides full-fledged data that has all the important information.

4.      Gain The Fame

There was a time when artists could not make it to the top or make a name. The major reasons were lack of representation or fewer platforms. But with digitalization, there are more chances to gain visibility. There is a feature on YouTube known as Artist On The Rise, where trending artists are shown on the feed. All emerging artists can make it to the feed. Once you are featured, there are many chances to experience a boom.

5.      Boosted Metrics

When you have a top channel, and owned channel all the content and videos are merged into one channel. This applies to the metrics also; the channel can enjoy perks of the overall performance of both channels which gives it more credibility and a chance to grow.

Monetization Strategy for YouTube Partner Program

Each monetization feature has its eligibility criteria. They are vital to meet as they are above the number of subscribers and view count. If your channel does not fall under a specific criterion, then you may not be able to enjoy them. The YouTube community has reasons to support these guidelines.


You can earn by generating revenue from ads. The ads can include overlay, display, and videos. YouTube has also introduced different formats for monetization.

Super Chat and Stickers

When you are a popular artist on YouTube, you will have fans. Your fans can pay to the platform to get their messages pop up in the chat streams. The users who buy the super chat and super tickets are usually on the top of the chat feed.

Merch Shelf

There is another monetization strategy where you can launch merchandise of your name or band. Thus, you can sell the merchandise, and people can browse through it and make a purchase. The merch shows around 30 products to people and is displayed automatically based on certain factors.

Channel Membership

In channel membership, the viewers can join by making payments. The members can enjoy perks like badges, emojis, and other interesting essentials. All these membership offers are given to members who follow guidelines and policies. But the policies can keep changing, and the money earned may be treated differently depending on the laws.

Avail Tickets And Endorse Tours

You may want to see your favorite artist perform in front of you. It is where the YouTube community promotes concerts. YouTube lets the artists promote their concerts and tours. Fans can also buy tickets through the medium at the moment. There are a few countries that are eligible for the feature. Make sure if you are promoting your concert or tour. The feature is supported in that country.

YouTube Premium Revenue

For years people wanted to watch their favorite content and demanded more content. With the premium version, people can enjoy content without ads. They can also download and enjoy videos offline.


Minimum eligibility requirements to turn on monetization features

In A Nutshell

If you were looking, how do I make an artist page on YouTube? This is all you need to know and do. When you join YouTube, you become an official partner and a member of the community. If an artist joins and avails this opportunity they can extract the best results. YouTube, being a modern video streaming platform, makes sure to provide the users with the best music.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an artist profile on YouTube?

If you want to create an artist profile on YouTube, you can do that by,

  • Making a music dedicated channel.
  • You are associated with a label; the label has to be supported by YouTube.
  • Authenticate the channel.
  • Claim your channel.
  • Enjoy being an artist on YouTube.

Why should I create a YouTube page for artists?

YouTube for Artists is an incredible platform. If an artist creates their own channel, it can help them ion gaining visibility and establish a fair name in the industry.

How can I create an impact on my channel?

To create an impact of the channel you can post videos by following a schedule and work according to that. Other than that, you can also post by analyzing and studying the metrics.

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