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How to Create an Artist Profile on Spotify

How To Create an Artist Profile in Spotify?

Do you want to create an outstanding first impression to make more fans? And willing to create your artist profile on Spotify? Then surely Spotify would be your best choice.

“Spotify for Artists has made a huge difference in the way we do business. Being able to see that progress and reach in real-time is invaluable.”

But getting access to Spotify is not easy. You know accessing streaming platforms has never been easy & affordable as well. Switching from Deezer and SoundCloud to Spotify is so gratifying. You only need to pay some effort and invest time to find out what Spotify is, how to create your artist profile on Spotify, and the reason to join Spotify as an artist.


So, without further ado, get into this read!

Spotify for Artist – A Place to Find the Next Fans

No doubt, Spotify has become the leader in the music streaming industry. It acts as a bridge between the fans and your songs and boosts your niche from all across the world. In a short span of time, it becomes the world’s top music streaming platform form due to a huge number of subscribers. There are almost 422 million users in Q1 of 2022.


If you think about what is Spotify for an artist, it is a free add-on platform, where the artist published their first song and is able to attract more users to their profile. Spotify is a platform that allows an artist to improve their profile and increase their credibility in the mind of their targeted users. It helps them to gather insight into the market and lets users make smarter decisions related to their market.

“Whether you’re a bigger artist or just developing, Spotify for Artists helps you find your fans and market better to them.”— Jeremy Zucker

Therefore, Spotify has amazing tools and engaging features that help artists to discover new listeners through the platform. As an artist, you can also verify your profile and build your authenticity by telling them it’s really you.

How To Make an Artist Account on Spotify?

If you want to get the artist profile on Spotify, make sure you have your music album to post on Spotify. It is a free platform that allows you to build your career and develop a huge fan base from every corner of the world.

Spotify is accessible to every music artist, whether he is new to this field or has a massive list of followers. Suppose you initially start your career as a singer and released one song, you can also create your account on Spotify as an artist.

Those who want to establish their career as an artist get unbeatable recognition worldwide, so make your artist profile on Spotify. The good thing about Spotify is every single artist is allowed to create their profile and unlock amazing features as a verified artist.

So, here are the steps to follow to create an artist profile on Spotify. Just roll down your screens to learn the basic steps to create a profile.

Step #1 – Choose the preferred language

This leading music streaming app is for everyone. Whether you are an English singer or an Arabic one, everybody can create an account on Spotify. That is the reason you need to choose your preferred language to get notifications related to every new update. It lets you get in touch with the targeted audience easily.


Step #2 – Create your account first

If you want to create your artist profile on Spotify, you first need to open up the website that is https://artists.spotify.com/. When the web page is open, you have to choose the ‘Get Access’ option. This option is present in the right corner of your screen.

Once you click this option, another screen is open where you should tell, whether you are an artist or manager or you are signing up as a label team member. As an artist, you must go for the Artist option that leads you to another page.


Step #3 – Sign up for Spotify

Now move towards the next step which is account registration. Once you choose yourself as an artist, the next page is open where you need to sign up to get your artist profile on Spotify. When this page opens, you will see different options to get sign-in. You can continue your profile by using your Facebook account, Apple ID, and even choose Google to get your profile on Spotify.


Step #4 – Fill the Form with Relevant Questions

If you don’t have any social account and thinking about how to sign up for Spotify, then don’t worry. Spotify gives another option to start free listening. For this, you need to choose “Sign up for Spotify Option.”

After clicking this, you move towards the next phase where a file opens in which you need to add relevant information about yourself. It will include;

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Unique email address
  3. Set strong password
  4. Add Your date of birth
  5. Just add your profile name
  6. Your role (artist or manager)

Step #5 – Verify your Profile Submission

At last, when you follow all these steps with full concentration and fill up with the right information, then you need to submit it to a verified account. Many of you asked how long Sportify takes to create an artist profile, it can usually take up to 2 to 3 weeks to get your account verified.

Now, the artist profile is created. You are allowed to publish songs, talk about concerts, and discover more fans.

How To Manage Your Artist Profile on Spotify?

After account creation in Spotify, the most challenging thing is to manage your whole profile completely. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that the artist profile is the homepage on Spotify. It is a place where you publish your albums, live music, and much more. You can even find a huge fanbase who love to listen to your music.

If you want to know how to manage a Spotify artist profile, then here you go;

1.  Add Artist Images

You can add artist images and videos to keep the audience updated about recent activities. You can manage your artist’s picture by considering these three elements.

  • Avatar Image –Image in search results
  • Header Image –The cover image at the top of the artist profile
  • Image Gallery –Image finds in the About section of the artist’s profile

2.  Create Creative BIO

Create a creative BIO that tells interesting things to your fans. Your fans always want to learn about your story. So, you need to create 1500 characters for the BIO section and use @tags to create a link with albums, playlists, and artists. You can even add a link to your Wikipedia page for fans who seek to dig deeper into information.

3.  Artist Playlist

In this section, you can add any playlist to your artist profile. Make a playlist in your personal account by using the Spotify app. It will display your personal account & link with it. You can arrange or remove the playlist.

4.  Add A Fan Support Link

Interestingly, adding a fan support link helps to raise funds from your fans on Spotify. This fundraiser is for your team, crew, yourself, and for organizations you support.

5.  Artist Pick

Must add an artist pick. It locates at the top of the artist profile. It lets you display any song, playlist, or album. You can even personalize your pick with short messages and images. Remember, you cannot add a podcast as your artist pick on Spotify.

The Benefits of Having Spotify for Artist

“It’s a great feeling to know as an artist that my music can be even more broadly listened to all around the world because of Spotify.” — Gang Starr

Spotify is a place where music discovery happens from over 400 million listeners in 184 markets. It is the best place to pitch the newest songs. If you are new to the music world as an artist, join Spotify without wasting your time. Yes, it is true that “Artist verification on Spotify has always lived separately from our core products for artists. Until now. Today, artist verification and artist playlisting are both becoming part of Spotify for Artists.”

Here are some of the benefits of creating an Artist profile on Spotify, let’s read them!

  1. It Grows your fanbase
  2. It Offers career opportunities
  3. It Pitches the track to a playlist
  4. It Shows them the real you
  5. It Promotes your music
  6. It offers a better understanding of your music
  7. It Showcases your artistry
  8. It lets you make amazing moves with canvas

Some Top Tips to Enhance Your Artist Profile for Spotify

Creating an artist profile on Spotify is essential, but streaming success needs a strategic approach with some investment of time. Some tips that maximize your success;

  1. Use artist pick more often
  2. Never forget to create a custom playlist to increase fan engagement
  3. Use valuable analytics tools to leverage data
  4. Keep your profile updated

Final Words

A Spotify for Artist profile is one of the best streaming platforms that lets you engage with fans easily. It even helps to get a huge number of streams and helps to build your career.

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