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How to Create an Artist Profile On Google?

Claiming your position in the search engine has now become far easier. On Google, you can get a verified artist profile with the attractive blue tick sign that appears on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Getting recognized on Google is the ultimate goal of every artist as it opens better and greater avenues of success for them.

According to the statistics, it processes around 100 billion searches per month. Furthermore, SparkToro, in September 2019, estimated the contribution of all the many online platforms in the search share, the report shows Google to own around 94% of the market share.

Hence, for a struggling artist getting a profile on it will definitely pave way for progressive prosperity thereby giving him ample recognition. The first thing in Google profile creation is the get a Google Knowledge Panel.

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?

A Google Knowledge Panel is the appearance of a small infobox at the right side of Google just when a visitor types the name of the artist. That infobox gives a brief idea as to who the artist is and what he does. The main aspects included in the Google Knowledge Panel include the name, age, profession, record label affiliations, releases (albums and singles) and achievements of the artist along with his picture.

Even though the artist strives to get the Knowledge Panel but they can’t create one, Google does that automatically by fetching information from multiple sites on the internet. However, you can let Google fetch the right information about you. You can indirectly format your Knowledge Panel by feeding the right information to Google.

So, let’s begin the steps to create the Google Knowledge Panel. Read on to follow the procedure.

How To Get A Google Knowledge Panel For Artists

As you know you can create the Google Knowledge Panel all on your own, therefore, let’s first build some online presence and spread your information on all the prominent platforms to help Google crawlers fetch it easily.

How to Get Verified on Google as an Artist

Here are the five steps you must follow to get verified.

Step #1- Get Registered on Google

The first thing is to get registered on Google. Create an account to let the crawlers know that you exist. Use the right username and create an appropriate ID.

Step #2- Distributing Your Music

Next is an important step which is to distribute your music. Now for that, you have multiple gateways. You have to look for every prominent music streaming platform and make your profile there. For instance, get on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play. The artist either contacts his distributor to make the appearance or he does that independently.

Whatever route you follow, you have to make sure that you exist on all of them with a consistent appearance. Google crawlers will collect data from all such avenues to format your Knowledge Panel. Now here you have to learn about a major transition that is been going on The shift of Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Get A YouTube Music Account- Here’s How & Why

The year 2020 is drawing towards its end; however, Google found a way to surprise its artists. With the introduction of YouTube Music, all of your playlists, music libraries and streaming avenues will be shifted to YouTube service. Whatever features you used to do on Google Play Music will all be available on YouTube Music. You can sell, purchase, preorder, download or upload music through the application.

To create an artist channel on YouTube, go to YouTube Music and there create the channel. You have to fill in your basic information and upload your tracks. By getting a channel will give you ample recognition. You will get to interact with your target audience and showcase your talent openly and freely. Upon increasing your subscriber count, you can begin your revenue stream through the platform.

Step #3- Optimize Your Images

Remember your image is an important part of the Knowledge Panel and for that its best to gather some of the great clicks and upload them in Google Images. While uploading your image do edit the file name. Your image should be saved with the default names. After that, compress your image to reduced file size. Save your photos in JPEG format as it loads images quickly.

Step #4- Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat account for billions of active users. Over 8 billion views Facebook videos get daily by 500 million active users, that’s how massive the platform is. Not only this, in the US, the average time an adult spends streaming videos is around 1 hour, 16 minutes each day.

Considering the ever-increasing online reach, you need to have a presence on social media platforms. You need to create a profile on each one of them and stay consistent. Upload your videos, create post, get connected with your target audience and stay consistent.

Moreover, by creating the profiles, you will not only influence the creation of the Knowledge Panel but in that Panel, the profiles will be mentioned as well. At the bottom in the Knowledge Graph, all the social media profiles are placed to let the audience know more about you.

Step #5- Create an Artist Wikipedia Page

The first spot from where Google will gather the basic information of an artist is Wikipedia or Wikidata. The platform is highly credited for its most authentic information. It provides reliable and easily verifiable information. Wikipedia has a detailed set of policies and guidelines that every artist has to follow to get his page approved. The Wikipedia page for an artist is so proficiently optimized that they attain the leading spots in Google. By getting listed on Wikipedia you can power struck your presence and maximize your online reach. Here is how you get the Wikipedia artist profile approved.

  • Create A Wikipedia Profile:

Go to and create an account with an appropriate username.

  • Go Through Wikipedia Policies:

Before you begin to pen down the content you must take a comprehensive look at the policies and things writers must follow. Aer the policies, you are not allowed to self-promote yourself. Incorporating false or irrelevant information is not allowed. You must provide authentic data sourced from trustable platforms. In the last, you should be notable to become eligible to have a Wiki page.

  • Write The Wikipedia Artist Page

The next step is to gather the most unique information for your artist page and ensure to keep a professional writing style. Your content should be well formatted and well written. It should captivate the target readers and indulge them to stay till the end.

  • Add Proper Citation

After completing your Wikipedia page, you have to add proper citation and references. You can go for Harvard style referencing; as mentioned in Wikipedia policies.

  • Submit Your Article

Before you head on to submit your write up its imperative to go through it and scrutinize for mistakes. You must find out the errors and fix them to secure your credibility. To upload your article, you can either go to the Wikipedia Article Wizard on the platform or get connected to the professional Wikipedia page creation service provider for artist.

Once your Wikipedia page gets approved it will attain a leading spot ion Google and that can speed up the process of getting a Google Knowledge Panel.

How to Claim Your Knowledge Panel On Google?

Now that you have your Google Knowledge Panel you have to claim it. Go to your browser and enter your name (name of the artist). Your Knowledge Panel will look something like:

To claim your Panel, look at the bottom of it, you will find the option “claim this knowledge panel”.

Once you click it, Google will navigate you to a new page which will look like this one:

The page will show you the option to get verified. You have to click the button to proceed with the process. Upon initiating the process, Google will give you a form to fill. There will be a few straightforward questions that will include links to your official social media profiles and websites. You have to provide proves to verify your identity. You might even have to submit your Government Issued ID.

The Duration to Get Verify Your Artist Profile On Google

The estimated time to get your artist profile verified can take 2 to 5 days. Upon approving your request, Google team will send you an email regarding the confirmation. Once you get the confirmation, you get the editing rights as well. You can create a post, edit the information on your Knowledge Panel and stay updated.

Benefits to Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel

With Google Knowledge Panel you unleash several benefits to help gain enhanced exposure and sustain your online presence as well. Once you verify your artist profile on Google it lets you improve your appearance in the search engine.

Apart from this, you get to use many other features that add to your online streaming experience.

Post on Google

By getting verified on Google, you get the chance to create posts that will be published below your Knowledge Panel. For instance, your new album is about to release and you are wondering how to make an announcement, you can write a post on it for your Knowledge Panel. So, that when anyone searches about you he will get the information about your new release. This gives an easy and instant online reach. The post creation has several different categories.

You can create a poll, event, story or an article. The stories you create on Google can be shared on social media platform including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. If you opt for an article, it can help you be descriptive about your new tracks., You can even add short descriptions of each. Moreover, as Google Play is now transformed into YouTube Music, you can upload videos and share short clips that will be played via YouTube streaming services.

Targeting and Scheduling Your Posts

If you are too occupied with work but still wants to stay consistent on Google, you can schedule your posts. You can schedule your stories or articles to appear at your said time and date. Apart from this, Google allows users to target their reach. You can set up the demographics of your target audience and targeted platforms to let your posts appear there only.

This is a witty technique to boost your online reach and capture the market more effectively. Now that you are targeting and scheduling your post, why not analyze the performances? On Google Graph you can check how each one of your posts is performing and what are the lacking. You can optimize your performance and make a widespread reach.

Edit The Artist Image

As you know you get the full control over your Knowledge Panel, so by getting verified what more you can do is edit your image. The picture on the Google Panel should be at least of the size 200px by 200px. You have to select a clear and vivid picture of yourself and set it to the recommended size before uploading. Your profile photo will be shown with the blue tick (the verification sign).

Edit Your Info

The next benefit is the access to edit your info. You can optimize the content on your Panel. In this way, you can keep your Google Panel updated all the time. As Google crawlers fetch information from multiple places, there are chances that the stated information might have errors, which you now can fix. You can edit your label affiliation or records. Artist has contracts going on with the record labels so such a case you can omit out the entry of the former affiliations.

Change Your Name

If you think there is a need to change the artist name in the Google Knowledge Panel, you can even initiate that. You can send a request to Google suggesting a new Artist name.

What does getting verified on Google mean?

Verification means the artist can have more and better control over their online existence. They get multiple control which can be sued to expand the reach and update the profiles.

How do I increase my Google presence?

To increase your Google presence, you have to get on multiple platforms. You have to create a Wikipedia page, get listed on huge platforms like Forbes, make a YouTube channel, sign up the social media platforms and stay consistent.

How long does it take to get verified on Google?

The verification duration for an artist profile is around 3 to 5 days. However, some of the entries might even take around 7 business days.

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