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How To Create An Artist Instagram Account

How To Create An Artist Instagram Account?

Snapping pictures, editing them, and posting them on social media is one of the favorite things among the youth. It has been a trend for a decade now and is increasing daily. And the favorite social app of the users is Instagram.

Who doesn’t know Instagram? Everyone knows about it. The social media app is having a blast; users are increasing rapidly. The app will have approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users in 2022, and predictions are there that it will increase to 1.44 billion MAU by 2025.


People are creating their profiles on the app to showcase their special moments to others. Meanwhile, the app is also for the ones to showcase their talents. And celebrities and artists use it to connect with their fans and promote their skills.

But before diving into how to make an art account on Instagram? You must know a little about the app.

Instagram Statics

Here are some of the Instagram statics that will help you understand why an artist needs an Instagram account.

According To Backlinko

  • Instagram is the 4th most popular social media app
  • The app has 500 billion daily active users.
  • Instagram has 180 million users from India, making the app most popular in this country.
  • Influencers get paid according to the audience size.
  • 5% of Instagram’s monthly users are fake profiles.

With these facts, anyone can understand why they need an artist need an Instagram account. So now, let’s head further.

How To Create An Artist Instagram Account?

The main reason why an artist must have an Instagram account is simple. They have to show their talent and want the world to see their skills and get appreciation.

Creating an Insta account is much simpler. It doesn’t require technical knowledge; the artist must follow the steps.

Create Your Profile

You can create your types of profiles on Instagram; the personal and the professional. Personal is usually for the common people. But as an artist, you must need a professional website. Here are a few steps to create the profile.

Sign Up

  • You can visit the Instagram website or download the app from app store or apple store. There will be an option that will allow you to log in with Facebook. You can go with it; otherwise, click the signup button to create a new account.
  • On the next page, you have the information, including your mobile number, name, username, and password. The app will then need to verify your email or mobile number. And after that, your profile will be ready to use.


Change The Profile Setting

You can carry on with your personal account, but to check your account’s analytics and insight, you have to change it to the professional one. For this, you have to;

  • Go to settings.
  • Switch to the professional account.


Your Instagram profile is completed. You must fill your profile with posts, stories, and reels. The audience will attract to your profile soon if you are popular in your field. But if you are new, you may have to work to gain popularity. However, the answer to how to start an artist Instagram account is simple. But managing a profile and growing audience is a bit tricky.

Why Does An Artist Need An Instagram Account?

There are numerous websites available on the internet that helps artists to grow and exhibit their talent and skills. Then why choose Instagram? Why go through this how to make an art account on the Instagram blog? Why learn the Instagram statics?

Well! All of these are important because Instagram is not like other apps. It has much more exposure; even people using Facebook now found their interest on Instagram. And the artist needs an Instagram account because it is the 2nd most downloaded app. It means many people will see your work.

And if you are already an established artist, it is a great way to connect with the great audience who loves you simultaneously.

The Whole New World

Instagram is the world in itself. People share their interest, follows people and business they like, and appreciate what they love. As mentioned before, the app has a massive number of users. And every second, multiple users are using the app. The whole world is in your hand. You can use it for your benefit. You can enjoy diverse followership.

Perfect Platform To Display Your Talent

The platform is also considered a mini-blog platform for bloggers. It has its aesthetic vibes. And if you know more about the platform, it is not hard to understand that Instagram is the best fit for every talented person. The place has everything from painters to musicians, chefs, and actors to follow.



Easy And Quick

This platform doesn’t require any extra effort. You can learn this platform easily and quickly. You already get the answer to how to start an artist Instagram account. Now you have to post on your feed. If you are a painter or photographer, capturing your art will take a few moments and make it representable for the viewer. The video will be a great option for you if you are a musician or actor. All you need to do is to post them. And all the app features are also easy to learn and quick to use.

New Opportunities

The perfect platform for the new artist. The established artist and several companies use the app to discover new talents. When your art is presentable and prodigious to the viewer, there is a high chance of great new opportunities to grow your career.

The Classic Insta Features

Last but not least, Instagram has multiple in-app features for the audience that will help them display what they have uniquely.

Reels are a perfect way to create a video of your art and share it with people differently. Stories are 24 hours content that you can put into engaging your audience; hold a QA for yourself, or ask a question from your audience. IGTVs is for those who want to upload long videos; previously, the app only allowed seconds of video to be uploaded. This is not enough you have much more to discover.



Now you know how to create an artist Instagram account and why it is necessary. So now, get into the tricks to gain attention and grow your audience.

 Tips To Grow Your Followers On Instagram

The following tips will help you in growing your followers. The tips are proven and eventually lead you to get the most out of your Instagram page.

Optimization Of Your Account

Start an artist Instagram account and make sure your account is fully optimized. The bio is an important factor as your account’s homepage. You can optimize your account by creating a good bio, captioning the pictures, and using the proper username and profile picture. These aspects are important, especially the bio and DP are your identity. You can also paste your link to the bio if you have a website. And make sure that your username is search friendly.


No Fake Followers

Many artists buy fake followers to make their profiles look popular. But it is of no use. In the end, you need real followers to gain recognition and appreciation. It makes your account absurd. Absolutely no one will follow an inactive account with thousands of followers. And if you get exposed, then the backlash is another thing.

Be Present

After posting, view your profile time by time to check the activity. If people are following you, they would like to hear your reply. Make sure to reply to some of your follower’s comments. It will increase your credibility and build your relationship with your followers. This is how you can retain the existing follower and gain new ones.

Use Proper Hashtag

Using hashtags is an inexpensive and legit way to gain new followers on Instagram. Search what people in your field are searching on Instagram and then use them in hashtags. Through this, you can get access to the majority of people. Your hashtags should mix high, medium, and low frequency. It will enhance the chance to get more followers.

Promote Your Instagram Page

Don’t only work inside the app but also promote your page on your website or other’s website. Also, promote it on other social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more you promote, the more people will know about it. And you will gain a good number of followers in no time.


This is a brief guide to make an artist Instagram account. You may have understood how an artist can create an Instagram account. Not only this, but above, there is also a brief idea about why an artist needs an Instagram account and some tips to gain followers. Instagram is the perfect platform for artists to showcase their talent and will have opportunities to offer in the future.

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