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How To Create A Wikipedia Page In SharePoint

How To Create A Wikipedia Page In SharePoint

Visibility, Asynchronicity, Accountability are the three collaboration principles rightly served by moving towards using collaborative mediums online. As per the statistics, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the highest collaboration growth segments were the teamwork apps.

highest collaboration growth segments

From using apps for editing documents online to building a proper medium for project management that includes video conferencing spiked up over the last couple of years. During this time, many platforms among which the best one was SharePoint. More than 200,000 firms and over 190 million people from all across the globe uses SharePoint for intranets, team sites and easy-to-use content management, stated by Microsoft.

With a number of ways to create your own collaborative site on the platform, you can learn how to create a Wikipedia page in SharePoint. So, here are the detailed guidelines. Read on.

Steps To Create A Wikipedia Page In SharePoint

You can create a Wiki site to build a collaborative platform for your team where they can share their ongoing project updates, guides and tips with other teammates. They can share their ideas and a variety of information on a daily basis. You get to create an intranet platform for your teams that will add clarity to the process and makes project management much easier. With SharePoint, you can have Wiki as your team site to share information and updates with all the connected users. So, here is the five-step process mentioned below for Wikipedia page creation:

Step 1- Create a Wiki Page Library

As you are using the team site to create a Wiki what you need to do is to go to the settings tab and click on Add an app. The next step is to type Wiki in the search field on the “Your App” page.

You have to select the “Wiki Page Library” option.

Create a Wiki Page Library

Source: Support.Microsoft

Upon clicking you will have to edit the name field, let say “Wiki Pages” then click “create”. Moving on, you have to add your users and click share, you can see the button in the top right corner of the page.

The next step is to open the Share dialogue box where you have to enter the email addresses, names and other details of the users along with adding the category of the page as “design department” to specify things. There will be a server query feature that can verify the user accounts before sharing the data on the page.

sharepoint server 2019

Once you are done click “save” and your Wiki Page Library is ready.

Step 2- Create a Wiki Page Template

Step 2 is about creating a Wiki Page Template for which you have to create a subsite in the Wiki page library you just created. You have to click on the New+” button and in the dropdown select the “Site Page” option. Upon clicking, you will land on a new page.

Create a Wiki Page Template

The very next step is to save the page as a template before you edit or add the details.

Create a Wiki Page Template 222

You can customize your page by changing the layout and adding images and cover photos. You can even add privacy or restrictions for other users. Once you are done you can click on “save page template” and your template is saved.

Step 3- Create a Wiki Page

Create a Wiki Page

Moving further is the step to create a Wiki page and for that, you need to go to the home page; there you have to click on the “New” button and then choose “Page” in the dropdown. Upon clicking you will find some featured suggestions among them will be your Wiki page template.

Create a Wiki Page 121212

Select your template and click “create page” to proceed with the editing.

Your Wiki page will give you the room to add a proper title and an image of your subject along with a wide space to enter the content. You can add quick links for references and even site maps. The users connected on the page too gets the rights to add content and sections in the page.

Step 4- Create A Simple Wiki View

To create a simple view, you will have to go to the Wiki Page Library where you created the page. You might find or eventually get pages belonging to other categories in the Wiki Page Library. If you want to filter other categories out you have to click on the “view only” button which is at the right top corner and chooses “filter by”. Choose “Wiki Pages”. By doing so, any document saved under the Wikipedia category from your account will appear in the Wiki Library only.

Step 5- Add Wiki To The Navigation

Although it’s an additional step but if you do that it will help you get instant access to your saved page. So, what you need to do is to go to the “New” button and in the drop-down click “Site page”. There you will have to add the Document library web pie to select your saved wiki page. You have to give it a name and then click “Publish”. Upon publishing you will get a URL of the page which will be added in the navigation tab you find in the Wiki page Library (left side of the page).

Add Wiki To The Navigation

You have to copy and paste the link here and add the title name. Click “Ok” and you get the page on navigation.

How do I create a custom wiki page in SharePoint?

To create a custom page, you have to create the page library and then create a page that can be customized and shared with your chosen users on SharePoint.

What is the wiki page and a site page?

Wiki pages are created in the site page library on SharePoint. However, the Wiki Page Library differs from Site Page Library as the latter one has other tabs including Home Page, New Page option and the default library page as well.

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