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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?

Do you know over 32.5 million people prefer Wikipedia to hunt information? Ever wonder why Wikipedians are so inclined towards the platform and consider it trustable?

Wikipedia, though conspired to be unauthentic, is one of the most reliable source of information statically. It has published over 55 million articles and has been renowned as the eight-most visited platform. Being an openly editable online encyclopedia, it has over a million active contributors.

Wikipedia allows writers to compose highly researched articles and comprehensive biographies. Considering the outstanding online reach of the platform, you even plan to create a Wikipedia page for your business. It has its content translated in more than 300 languages and provides content to readers sitting at any corner of the globe. Wikipedia is massive, undoubtedly.

When the search engines are heated up with deadly competition, it’s time to upgrade your marketing arsenal with promising techniques to take over the internet. Wikipedia can be a trump to help you surpass all other competitors. If you want to learn about how to create a Wikipedia page for your company and ponder on its significance, read on the blog. Below mentioned is a comprehensive guide and overview of the outcomes Wikipedia pages generate.

Steps & Policies to Make a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

To register a business in Wikipedia you have to go through the set of must-to-follow Wikipedia policies. Furthermore, you have to create an account and follow a step-by-step process to page creation. So, here is a detailed overview to make a Wikipedia page for my business

Step #1- Create A Wikipedia Account for Your Company

To create a Wikipedia page for your company, go to Wikipedia.org and at the top right corner click to “Create an Account” button. You will get the above-shown form to fill in your basic information. You have to set an appropriate username and create a user page. You can even turn on the notifications to get updated about the latest happenings and insights.

·         Create A User Page

Before you begin creating a page, it is recommended to make your account credible by making valuable edits. Therefore, you must create a user page to get involved in-page editing. The Wikipedia guidelines to edit a page revolve around authenticity and conflict of interest. Your edits must not be intended to defame the subject. It falls under the act of Vandalism which is strongly disregarded by Wikipedia. Your edits should be unbiased and legit supported by reliable sources.

Those who get involved in Vandalism, their accounts get banned by Wikipedia. In the U.S, contributors belonging to the Congress group were making false edits on many pages. To handle the matter a bot named “Congress Edit” was designed by the platform which used to monitor accounts with Congress IP address. All of these accounts were straightaway banned for editing anonymously targeting the integrity and fame of other pages.

Step #2- Go Through the Wikipedia Policies to Create a Page for Your Company

Wikipedia has set an unbeatable level of quality due to having a sound scrutinizing and monitoring technique. Those who want to make a Wikipedia page for their company they have to stick through the detailed list of instructions. The major aspects of the policies are listed below:

1.      Respect of Privacy

As you know you have to provide information in a neutral point of view, anything you mention must have a reliable source. Your descriptions must not instigate any conspiracy or arguments. The provided information should be valuable and free from based perspectives.

2.      Writing Style

The next step is to check the writing style of your content. It should be informative written in active speech. It must not have too many jargons nor the inclusion of irrelevant and false information. The content should be readable with properly structured sentences. There must not be any emphasize on a certain aspect nor making overestimation or underestimation about the subject. Therefore, refrain from taking high about the company profile instead present the information in a neutral tone.

3.      Reliable Sources

The most important step is to add trackable and verifiable sources in your content. Whatever you link should be authentic and trustable. Your information should be gathered from reputable and credible platforms to ensure 100% relevancy and authenticity. In addition, do add secondary sources in your content to improve its search visibility.

4.      Check the Notability of Your Company

Wikipedia pays utmost emphasis that the subject covered on it should be notable and credible. If your business exists somewhere on the internet and has a certain online visibility, it will be easier to create its page. Pages having no search visibility and notability are rejected by Wikipedia in the following words”

If you want to check the eligibility of your business for Wikipedia, two basic techniques can help you.

·         The Red Link Technique

There is a search box on Wikipedia for Requested Article which give red-links to those entries that have been published. So, if your typed company name has any likelihood of being covered on Wikipedia you will get the search results.

Source: Ahrefs

The Red Link technique is used to find out the uniqueness of your topic as well. Subjects that have bene covered on Wikipedia are not allowed to have another page. Therefore, you need to run through the Wikipedia listings to know if your selected title is unique or not.

·         Coverage on Independent Sources

You can look for coverage on independent sources like Forbes, Entrepreneur or The New York Times. If any one of these platforms has a blog about your organization, you can get in the celebration mode. However, if not then you have to create notability of your brand. What you can do is to seek help from any search engine optimization tools. The advanced tools will run a quick Google search to find out the visibility of your domain.

Use Advanced SEO Techniques and its Tools to Build Your Notability

The Wikipedia guidelines to create a page for an organization states that:

Source; Wikipedia.org

To create an online visibility, it’s best if you hire SEO experts. They will post content related to your body on multiple websites and enhance engagements online. It’s not necessary to become famous to get on Wiki, you simply should have a certain reach and links to prove yourself worthy of getting published.

With the help of SEO tools, you can gather all the links to your brand. You can get your hands on sources having your brand name mentioned. Tools like Google Analytics, help in building notability of your organization.

Once you realize your brand is eligible, you can plan out a Wikipedia page on your own. Composing a Wikipedia page is one thing but building a sound foundation is utterly necessary. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, carefully ponder on every aspect that can uplift the credibility of your page and work on it. As you have passed through the two basic steps to having a Wiki page- account creation and Wikipedia guidelines, you now have head to researching aspect.

Step #3- Indulge in Extensive Research

Now comes the part where you researching skills are put to test. You have to go to most reliable sources and platforms to look for information. You need to gather every single information beginning from the establishment of the company to the records of its achievements and work history. You have to mention the exact details and relevant aspects. Never try to add false information to gain more readability. Your facts and figures should be legit with perfectly sourced foundations. The value to your page is depicted from the standard of research you have incorporated. So, hunt for the most unique aspect of information and stick to authenticity.

Step #4- Create Your Page Draft

Mostly Wikipedia pages get rejected due to having a poor writing style. As there are a number of instructions to be followed, it puts a lot of pressure on Wikipedia writers. From the way the content should be composed to the adherence to all the Wikipedia policies, there is a lot to be conscious of.

Are you stressing about how to make a Wikipedia page for my company due to having not so polished skills? Well, there are two smart techniques to get your page created professionally.

·         Article Wizard

Source: Wikipedia.org

If you have full confidence over your writing style, you can go for the Article Wizard tool present on Wikipedia. Here you can submit your content for review for free by the official editors. This gives you a safe chance to try your luck. You will earn about a thing or two as to what goes wrong in your content.

·         Hire a Professional Wikipedia Writer

The next option is to hire an experienced Wikipedia writer for your company page. You can seek help from professionals who guarantee instant page approval. The expert writer, with promising experience can assist you through multiple services. You can hire a writer, editor or even a geek to monitor and manage your Wikipedia account.

Step #5- Optimize Your Content

Do you know that by getting on Wikipedia you can build your online reputation and give an ample increase to the overall reach? Google algorithms and Wikipedia policies have a major share of similarities. That’s the reason why brands who got covered on Wikipedia get to enjoy the lime; light easily. They get ranked to the top and become able to interact with the prospective visitors more efficiently. Even though Wikipedia disapprove adding promotional content into the page, its published article reaps greater SEO outcomes for businesses.

There are two witty techniques to optimize the Wikipedia page for a business. Follow through:

·         Index Most Searched Keywords

You can index the long and short tail keywords in your content to gain accessibility through the search engine. You can use Google Keyword Planner to gather the most appearing key phrases for your page. Secondly, the format your blog should have precise sentences with well structures paragraphs. Avoid adding verbosity in your content. No need to drag a point just to cover up the space with wordiness. You have to pay attention to making your page look professionally presented and content must sound readable for the audience.

·         An Effective Use of No-Follow Links

The Wikipedia page for an organization can attain a leading position in the search engine if the writer applies result-driven SEO techniques. As you know that Wikipedia allows no-follow links, you can use it to improve your search visibility.

Content having no-follow links tend to get more weightage in the search engine. Due to which, a Wikipedia page is ranked easily at the top. However, you can reap out dual benefits from your Wikipedia page for a company by utilizing the power of external links. In the section of External Links, you can add the URLs to those sites and blogs where your company has been covered. Or you can link your own product sites as well. In this way, the brand will have increased onsite traffic and you will be able to position your organization at the leading ranks.

Step #6- Add Citation

When learning about how to register your company on Wikipedia, you will find out how vital citation is for a Wikipedia page to get approved. The citation gives a separate window to the readers to gather more detailed information about eh subject. Other than that, it highlights the authenticity of each page.

For citation, there is a list of approved styles in the Wikipedia policies that you can follow, Mostly Harvard style of referencing is followed. You can check the published pages and get more insights as to which style is appropriate for your company page.

Step #7- Format Your Wikipedia Page

One of the most important aspect to write a Wikipedia page for a company is to create a proper infobox that appears in the search engine as the visitor types in your brand name in the search box.

You have to mention all the basic information including the address, year of establishment names of business owners and leading products. Along with that there should be logos listed at the bottom of the prominent customers to show how genuine and progressive the firm is.

Apart from this, comes the part to format your Wikipedia page. Here you have to start with a basic introductory paragraph giving highlights of every piece of information that you are going to explain further below. You have to ad different sections that can let you cover the overview of the company from work history to achievements to customer details. In addition, you can add images to support your research. However, make sure to have copyright images as mentioned in the Wiki polices.

Step #8- Proofread Your Content

So, now that you are through your page writing steps, it’s time to put some final nails to the coffin. You have to proofread your content thoroughly to scrutinize every mistake and make it high with credibility. You can use advanced tools to find the flaws and make the content error-free. When proofing your content make sure to check if you have followed all the Wikipedia policies. Its highly important to scrutinize your documents professionally otherwise your page may get rejected.

Step #9- Wikipedia Page Submission

So, finally it’s time to submit your Wikipedia page for a company. What you need to do is go your account and enter the button “Create a page”. You will find the option to upload your file underneath will be the box to add the citation. You have to mention all the necessary references in the box and click upload to get your page sent for review. Furthermore, there will be a separate section to add images. You have to go through the formatting guidelines to attach your images as well to get them accepted by the official editors.

Step #10- Page Approval

The estimated time to get a Wikipedia page approved is around 6 months. During this time, if the editors find minor flaws, they will send your document for revision. However, in case of major edits, your page might get rejected. You will get the link to your approved page through email.

Wikipedia Biography of a Company

To create a biography for a company you have to focus on certain aspects. The format is shown below:

A Wikipedia biography has certain elements that include the basic biography at the top followed by the details about the career and work achievements. As you will write about an organization, you will have to pay attention on adding the history as to how the firm got established along with mission and goals. After that, you have to add the details about the achievements.

A Wikipedia biography needs to well versed and comprehensive. It should have detailed information about the subject sourced from legit platforms. The biography should be attention grabbing an immersive. The writing style you incorporate needs to be engaging to keep the audience indulged right till the end.

Management and Monitoring Of A Wikipedia Page For An Organization

Once your Wikipedia page is published you will get the live link via email. Now if you think your work is done, you are highly mistaken. You have to make sure that your Wiki page stays updated with relevant and fresh content all the time.

As you know that Wikipedia is an open-source platform and that it allows the opportunity to volunteers to edit the content. You will get a review request of readers if they come across any flaw. In this case, you have to check your dashboard and update the changes after reviewing the sources thoroughly. You can either update the change requested or deleted the edit. However, many Wikipedia account holders opt to hire a professional who can look after their page.

Can a company edit its own Wikipedia page?

Yes, the company having credential to its Wikipedia account can go to the published page and make the desired edits. If you make major edits, the official editors might put your page to hold and review the changes. However, the duration is not that long. Your page can get reviews within 2 weeks.

Can I write my own Wikipedia page of my company?

Yes, you can if you think you have the level of professional skills required. You have to go through the Wikipedia policies to follow the guidelines. You can even upload your content on Article Wizard as that will help in getting confident about your draft. The Wikipedia editors will review your draft and will guide you about the flaws you should avoid making.

Wrapping Up

Wikipedia is one of the largest growing encyclopedia on the internet. It provides high-quality content to millions of readers every day along with compelling volunteers to contribute to updating the information on published pages. The Wikipedia contributors are real fact finders. They delve deeper to find the truth of the matter. Therefore, whenever you compose your Wikipedia page always make sure to stick to relevancy and authenticity. Your Wikipedia page will help you prosper to the heights of success if you manage to compose a well versed page.

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