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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Vloggers YouTube

Wikipedia encourage artists and creative thinkers from all across the world despite to which industry or niche they belong. Do you know Wikipedia itself provide a list of those vloggers or YouTubers who are famous and are doing great but does not have a Wiki page? Check out the image below, it’s a snapshot from the Wikipedia page referring to names who need a Wikipedia page.


Source: Wikipedia

If you are wondering why Wikipedia, read out the insights mentioned below:

Promising Insights To The World of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the greatest openly editable encyclopedias. It’s so huge that it offers content in over 300 different languages including Arabic and Chinese. The platform offers the most informative pages written by qualified contributors whose work is first analyzed and scrutinized to leave no flaw behind.

To get on Wikipedia everyday thousands of people submit their content out of which a few get approved as the guidelines and policies are so tough. The descriptive policies make sure that the content appear on the pages is flawless and has no promotional aspect. So, if you are planning to learn about how to create a Wikipedia page for vloggers YouTube, you need to first go through the Wiki policies.

Wikipedia Policies And Guidelines For Vloggers

Wikipedia emphasizes its writers to make sure that the content is not promotional so when you wrote about the blogger you need to spare the content from bragging and talking high about the person. Instead, stick to offering simple and descriptive details about their work and achievements.

Here you have to make sure that you avoid doing two things: Vandalism and conflict of interest.

Vandalism is an act when defaming a person by addressing controversial or false information. Wikipedia blocks such account and never allow them to contribute to share the content. Secondly, you must not have a conflict of interest with the person you are writing about as you will be able to do justice. No matter how much you try you will not stay unbiased or non-judgmental when addressing details about his passion or achievement.

Apart from these core aspects here are guidelines to compose the content:

·         Writing Style

You need to make sure that your content has no verbosity or irrelevancy. It should not be poorly written with too many errors. Moreover, try to stay interactive and follow a professional writing style that sounds more mature.

·         Researching Criteria

When you set out to research, you have to make sure that the content is relevant and legit. Any information you share should be unique and sourced from a reliable platform.

·         Formatting

Your document should be well formatted. It should have bullets and all the SEO tricks to make it more readable.

Create An Account

Now that you know about the aspects you need to follow and things you should stay away, here is the first step to making your Wikipedia page. You need to create an account and for that use an appropriate username. Choose a strong password for extra security and add in your active email address. You can even turn on your notifications.

User Page

Before you go for writing anything for your Wikipedia page its best if you make some contribution to the platform by editing the published content. You can create the user page and get access to the published article where if you find any flaw can submit for review addressing the change.

Check The Notability

You can only write about a YouTube vlogger who is credible and notable. The artist should have online recognition and a footprint. It makes the source easy to verify. As the Wikipedia officials always check the authenticity of the information, therefore they ask contributors to write about notable subjects.

The vlogger should have an active channel and an existence on multiple and well-known platforms. If he or she does not have one you have to work on building it up. You can seek out to get an experts’ assistance maybe an SEO professional who can create the organic visibility and reach. If your Vlogger is on YouTube and has over a thousand subscribers and followers than he gets a pass to be on Wikipedia without any trouble at all.

Check The Availability & Uniqueness

There can be a possibility that the vlogger you are writing about already exist on Wikipedia. So what you can do is go on the Requested Article search box and type in the name there. If red links appear that means you can work on their page and if a blue link appear then it means he is already present on the platform; you should go for someone else. It’s important to check the uniqueness or else all of your efforts will go down the drain.

Carry Out An Extensive Research

The first thing is to carry out an extensive research for your Wikipedia page. You need to gather details of his achievements and progress from different platforms. You can go for Google Scholarly, YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform. If the person has his own website, refer to that as well. Try to gather legit and reliable details. The follow count and the subscribers belong to which region everything should be authentic and verifiable.

Create the Content

Now that you have gathered all the details, it’s time to create the content. You need to hunt for the right information and place it at the right spot. You need to sketch a reader’s journey as to what he should read first and how grasping the content can be. The content should have precise sentence structures depicting the highest level of professionalism. You need to make sure that the content reaches out to millions of readers and that it is engaging enough to hold the attention for longer.

Formatting & Citation

You need to then format the content as per the SERO guidelines, which asks writers to sue bullets, headers, visuals, and shorter sentences along with proper paragraphs. Most of the readers usually simply skim the content so it should be written to cater to their interest and ultimately making them stay on the page. Once you are through formatting your content you have to head to adding proper citation in the content. For that you can choose any approved citation style by Wikipedia. Usually Harvard style of referencing is used to cite the sources.

Review Your Content

The most important part is to review your content and check if there are any errors or flaws left behind. Your content should be flawless. You can use advanced tools and grammar check to make sure what you write is up to the mark. If you submit flawed content it will get rejected and hurt your credibility as a writer as well. Therefore, do check the plagiarism and content quality before submitting.

Content Submission & Approval Criteria

The first thing you need to do is to go to and sign in to your account. There you will find the tab “create page” somewhere towards the left side of the page. Click on it and in separate boxes upload your content and its citations as well. Click to save and submit. Once your age is approved you will be notified by receiving the live link via email.

The standard time for a page to get reviewed and approved is around 3 to 6 months. In case, if there are anything to be revised you will be notified. When you submit the revised file, it will be checked again and then published.

Wrap Up

So, this is the right procedure to create a Wikipedia page that can help vloggers get an increased recognition and online visibility in no time.

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