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How To Create a Wikipedia Page For NGO

How To Create Wikipedia Page For NGO

Wikipedia is the trusted source of information for millions of people around the globe, the reason for it is that it provides authentic information in real-time. Nothing on Wikipedia can be posted without a proper reference or citation. Although it is a user-generated site and anyone from any corner of the world can share information on it, the site still maintains credibility and authentication level to its best.

It is home to more than 52 million reliable pages and is the world’s number one source of quick information. The makers of the site had the aim of providing knowledge to every individual in the world with ease and they rightly achieved their ultimate aim. Moreover, to push forward the accessibility of the aim, the site now offers ease of information gaining in 304 global languages to be exact.

The site has information about everything from small businesses to large companies. No matter if you are a profitable organization or a non-profit organization, you can always show the world that you exist by creating a page on the site. With such vast options, according to Alexa, Wikipedia ranks in the top section of fifteen most visited sites of the world with annual views of 22.67 billion.

Nonetheless, if you are an NGO and you want to create a Wikipedia page for your organization, then go ahead and follow these steps.

1.   Identify the Aim of Your Page and Your Organization

Before you jump on the process, it is very important for you to make sure to identify the aim of the page. Just like you cannot go to school without doing your homework, you should not step into the Wikipedia world without knowing the aim of the page you want to create. Be clear with why do you want to make the page for the NGO and how will the page benefit the organization.

2.   Give All the Wikipedia Community Guidelines a Detailed Read

The second part of effective homework is to understand all the Wikipedia community guidelines completely. Wikipedia pays strong attention to the community guidelines in the page creation process. Therefore, it is your responsibility to understand each guideline with perfection to not cause any hurdles in the future.

3.   Get on the Platform by Creating a Wikipedia Account for the NGO

This is where the real game starts. After you are done understanding the guidelines and have identified the aim of the page, it is now time to create a Wikipedia account for an NGO. Understand one thing very clearly that a Wikipedia page and an account are two different things. All the Wikipedia have a Wikipedia account for sure but not accounts can turn into pages.

The Process of Creating a Wikipedia Account for an NGO

This is how you can create a Wikipedia account for an NGO

  1. Visit Wikipedia homepage
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. Click on the create account option on the right
  4. Fill in all the details in the registration form
  5. Confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation email
  6. Go back to the homepage and log in with your account

4.   Time to Generate Positive Reputation on the Global Site

Reputation build-up is one of the major steps in making a Wikipedia page for NGO. You will have to make sure to prove that you are an authentic and reliable source by doing the right amount of edits on the site and by creating backup content on other reputable sites. You can also get hold of Wikipedia page editors for doing edits on your behalf. However, your account has to be at least four days old to be able to qualify the eligibility criteria.

The Process to Edit Any Wikipedia Page

  1. Open any accessible Wikipedia page
  2. Go to the right side and click on the edit option
  3. Write your text in the Wikitext box
  4. Click on the preview changes option
  5. Submit the changes by clicking the publish changes option

5.   Check for the Availability of Your Preferred Page Title

The next step is to identify if your preferred page title is available or no. You can do so by simply inserting your proposed page title in the Wikipedia search bar. If the search turns red, this means that the page does not exist and you can go ahead with the title. However, if the link turns blue, this means that the page exists and you will have to come up with a different name.

6.   Go Ahead with the Ask For The Page to Be Created Option

The easiest and simplest step in the process of Wikipedia page creation is clicking on the Ask for the page to be created option. Click on it for further proceeding.

7.   Show Your Creative Skills in the Article Wizard or Sandbox

Once you click on the option, you will now see a page full of Wikipedia rules and regulations. You are supposed to accept those and go down to the option of ‘Article Wizard’, where you are supposed to post the content of the page. However, if you want to practice writing the content, then you can do it on the Sandbox option.

8.   At Last, Submit the Page for Approval

It is time for the page submission. However, before you move ahead, you will have to make sure to review everything at the back end and then go move forward. If there are any errors, then correct them. At last, submit your page for the approval process.

Concluding Word

You can create a seamless Wikipedia page for an NGO by following these simple steps. These steps are the must-follow rules for a perfect process. However, you can do a little alteration in the process if it is needed direly. One thing that you need to observe in the entire process is patience. Make sure you stay committed to the goal and do your best to achieve it. Good luck with it.

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