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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Medical Students

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Medical Students

It is not difficult to believe that Wikipedia has become the main and only source of information in the medical field. Not only for patients, but also for healthcare professionals. As a recent report from the Institute for Healthcare Informatics explains that nearly 50% of US doctors are looking for information about their work online, right through Wikipedia. Given that medical information on Wikipedia is read about five billion times a month by users, and that professionals in the sector also rely on it, one wonders how reliable, verified and accurate these sources are. Precisely to answer this doubt and partially remedy it, Cancer Research UK recently established a collaboration with Wikipedia, to ensure that the content available online, on the oncological theme, is reviewed, corrected and made easy to read.

But How To Create Wiki Page?

You have been wondering for some time how to create a Wikipedia page for medical students, on yourself or about your business and you are looking for a guide that can explain everything step by step. Great, you are in the right place! Probably, having noticed a significant lack, you too want to contribute to the writing of a page that does not yet exist. In the next few lines you will find out how to do it. Don’t worry, it’s not about anything complicated. And you don’t have to be afraid of publishing something wrong. On Wikipedia, you can create test content and thus become familiar with all the tools that the popular platform offers.

To write content on Wikipedia you can decide to register or not. It is advisable to do this, because only in this way will you have the tests page (called sandbox) where you can become familiar with the platform and save your changes.

Once the account has been created, you can go to the Evidence item that you find at the top right. Here, you can start tinkering a bit and understand how writing on Wikipedia works. You can insert text, put an image and copy-paste links. It is also advisable to choose the “Visual” mode. In this way you will not see codes that could only cause confusion. You have a whole range of useful tools to publish your page. Arrows, paragraph, chain, quote, list and insert are all tools for editing text. Once you have finished making changes, click on the “Publish Changes” button to make them effective. Make sure that your content is written according to the Wikipedia rules!

Moreover, creating a Wikipedia page is a complex task and requires professionalism. You cannot create such a page without expertise and knowledge about Wikipedia rules and policies. Wikipedia governs a set of strict rules and guidelines that one has to follow in order to create a Wikipedia profile page.

How To Create Wikipedia Page For A Medical Student?

Wikipedia is one of the largest repositories of information in history, as it was created by volunteer authors spread around the world. So, how can we become a Wikipedia writer by getting rid of the identity of a reader running there whenever we need information? How to create a new page on Wikipedia about yourself or about an organization, how to edit existing ones? Let’s take a look together.

Open a Wikipedia membership

  • Click the “Create account” button at the top right.
  • Enter the necessary information in the relevant boxes.
  • “Create your account” button.
  • Click on the confirmation link sent to the e-mail address you provided.

If you want to create and edit pages comfortably, it is very important that you have a Wikipedia subscription. Of course, this is not the only thing to do.

Create a Wikipedia page with URL

When creating a Wikipedia page with the URL, you should be careful about adding your page name to the URL, instead of leaving spaces, you should use underscores “(_)”. You can use characters in the page name you will type in the URL.

Click on red links on other pages

It is a situation that often happens while browsing Wikipedia. We see that a string of words in an article is written in red. These red clusters show topics that have the potential to have their own page but have yet to be written about. A logical starting method for someone who thinks to create a Wikipedia page for an organization for the first time.

Linking from within an article

  • Press the “Change source” button at the top right of a Wikipedia article.
  • Enclose the syntax you want to link to in double square brackets “[[and]]”.
  • Returning to the article, click on the link you created.
  • You can start building your page in the text box on the page that opens.

You are now really ready to create a new Wikipedia entry! Make sure that the topic you are dealing with has not already been the subject of writing in previously published pages, otherwise your work will be useless.

How To Write A Flawless Wikipedia Page

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so it’s best to avoid news that is too recent or uninteresting.
  • Work on topics that you are really passionate about. Have fun, you are granted.
  • Search for or create a “red link” from an existing article. It is an indicator of missing entries, so it is the starting point for making new pages.
  • Consult reliable sources before writing anything. Don’t write by heart. Any information given must be checked.
  • Always cite your sources.
  • Never copy.
  • However, take a clue from the already existing Wikipedia pages, as regards form and code.
  • Be neutral, concise and grammatically correct.
  • Use paragraphs, perhaps interspersed with graphics and images.
  • Sign up for your own bulletin board. You will thus be able to receive messages from other users, collect and make suggestions.

Things To Consider When Creating A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia has become the dominant source of information in dozens of languages ​​around the world. While you might think this makes a site a great source of backlinks for ranking results, the fact that anyone can add links raises questions about its impact. Wikipedia really saw these SEO issues ahead of time and implemented nofollows across the entire site. If you want to make a real-scale contribution to your site via Wikipedia, your link should be given as a source in various articles. This process should proceed as naturally as possible. However, if you are trying to open your own page on Wikipedia, you must meet the criteria on the page titled Worthlessness. If you don’t meet the requirements here, your page will be removed shortly.

So What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Wikipedia?

  • Wikipedia is not a place to post research, personal essays, inventions, or other hand-held creations.
  • Wikipedia is not a promotional tool. It does not allow functions, such as propaganda, employment, self-promotion, advertising and marketing.
  • Wikipedia is not a blog, web host, social network, or rated site.
  • The Wikipedia handbook is not a guidebook, journal or textbook. Content such as game guides, FAQs and travel guides is not allowed.

The point is that Wikipedia is an archive about people, places, events, and other things that are noteworthy or noteworthy. Therefore, it will make your job easier to proceed with a suitable example considering the criteria on the consideration page.

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