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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Living a life as an athlete is tough. It involves skills to manage time and maintain health. You have quite many habits that can influence a bad impact on your routine and health. However, the most challenging thing is to work on increasing your recognition online. You want to be seen by the world but either you do not have time to hunt the proper mediums or you are completely clueless about where to start.

Whether you are a Paralympian or an Olympian you need to work on your online profile to give a boost to your career and what other ways than having a Wikipedia page.

The Benefit Of Wikipedia Page Creation For Athletes

Wikipedia is a massive openly editable platform. It’s an open-source site that invites contributions from all across the world to share their valuable content rich with information with readers belonging to diverse industries and niches. The platform is regarded as a growing encyclopedia as it offers information on various topic and subjects. It has grown so big that it can be referred to as a search engine or a hub of information. The secret or the reason for its huge popularity and great success lies in its comprehensive list of policies and instructions.

Every writer whether a newbie or a professional, a contributor or an editor has to adhere to Wikipedia’s policies to get the content approved and to stay active on the platform. The goal is to provide valuable and unique information to the readers with the purpose to guide, teach, and preach the readers online. The procedure to create a Wikipedia page can be a bit tough as you need to focus on a lot of aspects. So, here is a guide about how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete the easy way. Read on and follow-through:

How To Make A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Before you proceed with anything, let’s discuss the first thing first. You need to go through Wikipedia policies to understand how to and where to start.

  • Wikipedia Guidelines

According to the Wikipedia page creation for athletes, policies and instructions you need to check the principle of notability.

  • Principle of Notability

This principle implies that your subject should be notable. It should have some online recognition and positioning to make it possible for the officials to verify the details and it increases the readability and reach of the Wiki page as well. In case, if you do not have the notability you need to build it first.

To build the notability you can seek out any SEO professional who has the knowledge to create a position in the market. Using optimization techniques, you can get recognized in the search engine and so become eligible to be on Wikipedia.

  • Content Creation Guidelines

Having a need to create a public Wikipedia page for athletes is one thing and successfully getting it published is another, content plays an important role to decide whether you are going to get a place on Wikipedia or not. To compose easily approved content you need to make sure your tone and voice are unbiased. It should not be promotional neither should have any argumentative aspects. You need to compose the content with the purpose to guide online. No bragging or talking high about any subject. Create the content in a neutral tone.

  • Researching Criteria

Next comes the researching part. You should not stuff your content with irrelevant content neither you need to fill it up with made-up information. You need to make sure that your information is legit and authentic. It should be sourced from a reputable and authentic platform. Wikipedia verifies every link and aspect so keep this in mind while gathering any sort of detail.

  • Vandalism

Vandalism is strongly disregarded by Wikipedia. It’s an act where the doer intentionally targets the author of other published pages to hurt the integrity and to create a negative image online. The moment Wikipedia’s official find it out they quickly block such accounts. There was a time in 2000 when more than a hundred accounts were blocked as they were practicing black hat SEO. So, be aware of that and never try to blow away your credibility.

  • Conflict of Interest

One of the important notes here is that you must never have a conflict of interest with the subject you are attempting. Because you will find it difficult to stick to a neutral tone. You will not be able to do justice with the subject.

Apart from these basic guidelines, there are instructions related to image size and text, formatting criteria and for citation as well which you will learn later in the blog.

Wikipedia Account Of An Athlete

As per the guide about how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete, you will have to create an account after going through the policies. To create an account for an athlete you have to navigate to the site where you will find the option to select your desired language. Once you are through you will find a button on the top right corner, which says, “create account” click on it and proceed with the process.

You will have to create a username with a strong password to secure your account. You can enter an email address and turn on notifications to stay updated about every activity going on. The next thing is to create a user page that gives access to edit the content of the published pages.

Through the user page, you can fix the errors and make suggestions to improvise the content. Wikipedia highly regards such accounts that contribute through editing and not just merely post the content. However, below mentioned are some commonly found flaws that you can edit:

  • Shaky content
  • False references
  • irrelevancy
  • Outdated content

Here is an image of the feedback form that you can try filling as you come across the flaws mentioned.


Image of the Feedback Form

Research Information For An Athlete Page

Now that you are aware about the researching guidelines, you need to make sure that the information is unique. You can go to as many reputed sites as want and gather details. As Wikipedia pages are comprehensive so you get a lot of room to work on. You are not restricted with the length. You can look for surveys and case studies or anything that can provide you with ample details.

Create The Content

Next comes the content creation part. In order to understand the secret about how to make a Wikipedia page for an athlete, you need to improve your writing skills. You need to pay attention to enhancing your writing style to dig out better outcomes. You have to compose precise but appealing sentence structures. Pay attention to adding more meaning to your content. Make sure what you do stands out and help you indulge your target audience.

The most important thing is to create a reader’s journey. With the information, you have to sort them out and create a map that can lead your readers. You should not bombard them with complex information. Add simplicity and make your content easy to grasp. Your content should be planned strategically and you need to be able to find better outcomes.

If you have any doubts about your Wikipedia page creation especially where the content part is involved, you can go check out the Wikipedia sandbox. It’s the option that helps you practice how to make a Wikipedia page for an athlete.


Stick To Uniqueness

One of the important aspects of the Wikipedia guidelines is uniqueness. You can check that through Red Link and Blue Link methods.


According to this criteria, there is a Requested article search box on Wikipedia where you can enter the title of your page. If a blue link appears that means a similar page exists and that you cannot write on the subject anymore. However, if a Red Link appears it means the subject is ready to be attempted. So, do check the availability before moving forward.

SEO Optimization

Once you have composed your content you must optimize it to make it yield better outcomes. What you can do is to gather the most searched keywords to be indexed in your content. It will help in increasing the overall page’s accessibility. You need to gather keywords and phrases that can bring more target audiences to your page. The next aspect is to ensure readability. You must not complicate the message or information your page contains. You need to make sure that the content is interesting and written with a professional writing style.

Formatting Your Page

Wikipedia page formatting is important. It helps you divide your age into many categories. You must have seen a mini table of content placed right after the introduction on the Wikipedia page, The TOC indicates the segmentation of information and leads the visitor to the specific portion of the information they intend to check.

You need to divide the information using bullets, subheadings and taglines. It will increase the readability as well. Moreover, online readers are restless and mostly skim the content with subheadings and bullets in your content, things will become far easier to increase the reach and recognition.


The next aspect is a citation. You need to make sure that your content is formatted and cited with proper references. As per Wikipedia, there is a certain list of formats that are allowed. Most of the Wikipedia pages are formatted in Harvard style referencing. However, you can pick any of the formats that fit your needs.

Proofing and Content Submission

When heading towards the end you need to make sure that your content is error-free and flawless. You can check the advanced tools and software that can help you scrutinize our content. You need to make sure you do not miss out a single flaw or error. You have to thoroughly check your content and improvise it. Edit the information that seems irrelevant and add more weightage in your page. When you publish content with flaws, you end up hurting the credibility of your page. People will not be interested to read a flawed page and it will eventually get deleted if is gets published in any way.

Moreover, as per the content submission guidelines, you need to go to your account and upload your content there. On the left side of your page, there will be a button “create page” click on it and proceed with the process. You have to submit the content file and below it mention all the references for the citation. You even have to attach the media files if any and then submit the page for review. It may take more than 3 to 6 months for a Wikipedia page to get approved. Once the page is approved you will receive a live link via email. Moreover, if there are any minor flaws the officials will ask you to improvise and in the case of major errors, your page may get deleted.

Management and Monitoring of The Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Apart from page creation, there comes a process to manage and monitor the page as well. You need to make sure that the readers who have left feedbacks and suggestions are catered timely. You need to review the changes and update the information or else your page will be taken down eventually.


How to get a Wikipedia page for an athlete approved?

All you need to do is to follow the Wikipedia guidelines and policies to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete. You need to stick to it and you can get it approved in no time.

How long it takes an athlete page to get published on Wikipedia?

The standards time for a page to get published is around 3 to 6 months. You have to wait for this long, as there are queries and submissions in bulk amounts.

Can anyone create a page for an athlete?

Anyone with a notability can create a page for an athlete. You just have to make sure you are following the guidelines and you can easily create one.

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