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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist?

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

“Why Wikipedia”- being an artist, is that what you are thinking? Surfacing in a fiercely competitive industry is tough. Its surrounded with a lot of repercussions let alone surprises that you may not be able to handle wisely. Therefore, the safest trick is to get on a bandwagon that can lead you through a hassle-free route to achieving progress. And without any doubt, Wikipedia is the rightful platform that can give you not only a push start but ensure to stabilize and flourish your search engine foundation as well.

Wikipedia is the most visited online encyclopedia. Generating around 1.7 billion views per month, this ever-growing bank of knowledge is credible for its information. Apart from being an information-providing channel, it serves as a great search engine optimization tool. Helping newbie artists to rank higher and gain recognition makes it an ideal platform to join. Wikipedia has its content in almost 299 different languages.

Initially, it was an English-language encyclopedia; however, considering the outreach, its current stats reaches to over 6.2 million articles which are published in various other languages. In addition, only the English-version of Wikipedia pages received around 9.1 billion page views, back in 2015.

Source: Pew Research Center

Being an open-source platform, it welcomes editors and readers to keep the content fresh. This open-door policy of Wikipedia helped it becoming the greatest encyclopedia, as stated by the Time magazine.

As Wikipedia provides a huge ground to boost your reach, if you want to accelerate your online recognition here is a brief guide about how to create a Wikipedia page for the artist. Follow the step-by-step process about the artist page below:

Step #1- The Basic Wikipedia Profile Page Creation for An Artist

To create a Wikipedia profile page for an artist, go to the platform and on the right top corner you will find a button “create account”. There enter your basic credentials and choose an appropriate username as a wikipedia artist. You can turn on the notification as well to stay updated. You can create a user page to share your information or edit the content.

Step #2- Check the Principle of Notability

Before you choose a title you need to make sure that the subject is notable as per the policies of Wikipedia. Every day, almost 200 articles are rejected mostly for not adhering to the Principle of Notability. No matter how much you edit, one can never overcome the lack of notability. You need to make sure that your chosen title to create artist page has some online presence and is known to the masses. It should be valuable to read.

Step #3- Choose A Unique Title

Whether you opt for a Wikipedia artist page creation services or write on your own you need to pick a unique topic. Two aspects are needed to be careful of- the topic must be new to the platform and secondly, you should carry a neutral point of view. If you have a conflict of interest better change your topic. Wikipedia simplifies the artist page creation process as it offers a Requested Articles‘ search box where you can type in a query and see of the topic already exists.

Step #4- Gather Your Information

If you want to boost the online reach of your Wikipedia artist page you have to hunt for the most credible information. The first aspect to ponder on is reliability. You need to gather information from sources that are authentic and legit. Web forums, self-published books, and self-promotional articles are all referred to as unreliable sources to refer. You have to ensure that your blog attracts readers and give them trustable information to rely on.

Step #5- Go Through Wikipedia Article Writing Policies for an Artist

Wikipedia has laid down a comprehensive set of rules and instructions that need to be strictly followed.

  • Be Clear

Use a direct and professional tone. Avoid generalities and platitudes. Be unambiguous and avoid using dumbed-down languages.

  • Avoid Verbosity

Avoid making lengthy sentences and filling your content with needless words. You need to be precise but informative.

  • Formatting

Create a reader’s journey by well formatting your blog. Your artist Wikipedia page should be mapped in a way that it grabs the attention and keep the readers involved till the end. Use small sentences and defined paragraphs.

  • Avoid Promotional Content

The Wikipedia page for artists must never have promotional content. It should not be argumentative, biased or based on a personal point of view. Your content should be neutral.

Step #6- Optimize Your Content

Are you wondering how to get a Wikipedia artist page boomed to the top in SEO rankings? Well, here is the secret. First, learn how to optimize your content. You must index most searched keywords and format your content to enhance readability. You need to turn on the SEO geek in you to bring about a change.

Wikipedia prefers to go with the no-follow link policy that makes the content more valuable and non-promotional. By having no-follow links to your Wikipedia artist page you can increase the visibility and build link diversity.

However, there is a boomerang effect of the Wikipedia links that can be used for your advantage.

As you know that Wikipedia pages having no-follow gain more weightage in Google and ultimately gets ranked higher. What you can do, add external links of those blogs where your achievements have been highlighted to increase your online visibility. Through utilizing external links of Wikipedia to your artist profiles you can give a prominent growth to capture the search engine visibility.

Step #7- Add Citation

You will find that citation and referencing holds immense value when you search about how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist? You have to cite the sources to your information in the style stated in the Wikipedia polices. Usually the most preferred referencing style is Harvard style.

Step #8- Proofread Your Content

Make sure that your content is error-free and is non-plagiarized. It should have a proper flow and professionally structured sentences. Be comprehensive in sharing information about the artist on Wiki but never opt for wordiness. Either get help from the professional Wikipedia artists profile writers or use advanced tools to scrutinize your content before submitting. A content fiddled with mistakes loses credibility and thus gets rejected in no time.

Step #9- Submit Your Wikipedia Artist Page for Review

Once you have completed your content about the artist page, you have to proceed with the content submission process. Attach the file and enter the reference links for review.

Step #10- Page Approval

It may take up to 6 months to get a response. If your content needs a little fixing, the Wikipedia editors will ask you to make the amendments and resubmit for review.

Criteria to Create an Artist Biography On Wikipedia

To make a Wikipedia page for artists you have learned to follow the basic policies. However, when composing a biography, you have to keep the format in mind. As shown below the basic tabs in every biography includes the brief information of the artist followed by his career goals and achievements and inclusion of his ongoing work. At the end, you have to mention all the references supporting your research with external links to the biography.

Note that your biography must be detailed. It should be backed with legit information. You even have to add a table of content as that a compulsory aspect of the Wikipedia artist page.

How to Edit and Improvise a Wikipedia Page for an Artist?

Before you learn about how to edit a page for an artist you first have to note the editing warnings, which is disregarded by Wikipedia. Here Wikipedians have to make sure not to add a content that could be used for personal agenda. No content with irrelevant information should be included in the page.

When you set off to edit your content, make sure that it is completely error-free. Go through the editing policies and stick to them if you want your article to get approved in a blink. Those who are completely clueless about how to make an artist Wikipedia page often hire writers to work for them. They even ask editors to improvise their written content to make getting approval possible. You can use advanced editing tools like Grammarly, to help finalize a perfect document.

Furthermore, the strictness to adhere to Wiki policies can be sensed from an incident where the platforms had blocked over 381 accounts labelling them as ‘black hat editing‘. It was found that the blocked pages were about artists and other based on multiple subjects contained promotional content.

Things to Know to Dig Out Better Benefits from Your Artist Wiki Page

Wikipedia is the eighth-most visited platform on the internet, as stated by The Telegram. If you properly manage your Wikipedia page you can not only create astounding progress over the internet but can learn how to dig out beneficial avenues of success to boost your career. Do you that by making minor improvisation on your Wiki page you can actually generate 9% better revenue generation?

Wikipedia is full of surprises. By getting on it you can enjoy its unending online reach. Not only this, Wikipedia listing add a medal of authenticity to your online image. Only those who are credible gets the chance to be listed here so by having your name you can imagine an exceptional influence on your career. However, here are some briefs about certain things which you must avoid doing along with the tips that can bring a change to your Wikipedia progress.


Vandalism refers to an act where the Wikipedian make certain edits in pages that can intentionally ruin the image of the page holder. The most occurring type of vandalism involves additions of obscenities, false information, misleading content and crude humor. Accounts that are caught in this act are put on hold or blocked forever. Therefore, it is recommended to every artist to avoid indulging in such acts and to focus on creating the highest quality content.

Monitor & Manage Your Page for an Artist

Once you get the page approval email you have to plan out how you are going to manage and monitor your Wikipedia account. On the platform the is a separate list fo Wikipedia for the artist where every single celebrity from is listed. As these pages create better exposure for the actors it’s their responsibilities to manage the reviews as well. Anyone can edit your text and so you have to keep an eye on the review made.

In your dashboard, you will get a review request which you need to monitor before approving. These edits help in keeping the content fresh and updated. According to the statistics, there are almost 32.5 million active editors working on Wikipedia. In addition, nearly 600 articles are edited daily. So, that’s how vast the network is, which implies the need to keep your monitoring game strong.

How to seamlessly get a Wikipedia page for an artist approved?

The secret to getting your Wikipedia page approved revolve around following every single policy and avoiding things the platform restricts. You can try the Article Wizard tool where you can send a draft of your article to be reviewed. It may take months to get a response but at least you will learn a thing or two before risking your hours of efforts.

Do you need an account to edit an artist page on Wikipedia?

By having an account, you get an identity on Wikipedia. Often those who attempt as an unauthorized identity get refrained from editing.

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