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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Website

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Website

In today’s highly equipped environment if you surf the internet there is an e-commerce website for everything and anything. You name it, and it’s there. Why is it that a business wants to be the closest to the customers? It is mostly because they want to know what they want so that it is beneficial for them in terms of output. This lets us depict that to have a website is not only imperative but necessary if you want to reach the skies of success.

In this case, the owners of huge multinationals not only strategize to work on personal website development but also cater to Wikipedia. Having a page on this gigantic platform is an excellent choice because the subjects are vast and wide. It has about 56 articles, in 321 languages so how could it not be great?

Wikipedia Page for World-wide Websites

If you want to know more about how to create a Wikipedia page for a website, then you must know what the top websites of the globe are. Here are some examples;

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

All of these businesses make a good proportion of revenue and market share, which is why they are widely known. And if you simply type any of these on the search bar, you will definitely come across their official websites, and also their Wikipedia pages.

To be a part of the platform that welcomes 1.7 Billion new visitors every month, you have to know that it is utterly significant for you. A Wikipedia page for a website grants you so much more than you had imagined. Whether it is a high reputation or a wide reach of audiences, a Wikipedia page is a sign of verification and authentication.  So if you are a startup that works under communications or technology domain, you must have your page right away! The comprehensive process of how to create a Wikipedia page for a website will be discussed in the blog; so keep following to boost your learning.

How should a Wikipedia page for a website look like?

If you are a careful observer, you might have realized that there is a specific template of Wikipedia articles that everyone has to stick to. But does that mean the content of all topics and titles have to be the same? This is not true. As the guidelines for each subject vary so does the content; therefore it is suggested to keep checking similar articles that will assist you in embarking your Wikipedia journey. The following pointers are all that you should include in a Wikipedia page for a website.


As much as people enjoy your offerings and services, it is undoubtedly imperative to mention how your website or company came into being. You can also include dates, and other statistics to let you grab maximum attention from the readers. Don’t forget that people are interested in knowing about such scenarios as it can be inspirational and aspirational. In addition, you can analyze and publish insights of your website.


The world’s most popular websites tend to be open books for the audiences because everyone wants to know how corporate social responsible they are. This is why adding revenues, expenses and budgets of your website can be a great option. This however may vary on the scope of your website.

Controversies and news

The best way to clarify any controversial aspect associated with your website is through Wikipedia. You can always mention how you overcome different crises, and various situations. Remember, that large multinationals are businesses of billions of dollars so there is undeniably lots of news revolving around them. If this is the case with your website, you can always address it.


Being a technologically improvised company, you are serving the internet with various offerings so you must include all that you offer as a business. For instance, YouTube on their Wikipedia page mentions that it offers YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, and etc. Even you can apply this, and so much more just to enhance the quality of your article.

Create a Wikipedia page for a Website

Now that you are aware of what to include in a Wikipedia article of a website, let us dive into how to create a Wikipedia page for a website. The following is a guide that will direct each phase to you one by one.

Create an Account

Nobody has the right to start creating and publishing articles on the world’s biggest encyclopedia website. You have to begin with the basics, and in this case you need to sign up. So go to the Wikipedia page, choose the preferred language and input your email and password. This is the first step of verification. Make sure you are a frequent user of the email you have inserted as that is the only way to get updates on your profile by Wikipedia!


Understanding how the platform works, and what is demanded is more important than simply focusing on gathering material. Once you are done with that, go ahead with researching about the website. Remember that Wikipedia does not accept original research so you have to work around external links. You need to search magazines, newsletters and other such domains that give you information regarding the website.


As Wikipedia expects the user to abide by their rules and regulations, there is a notability criteria created in context of every topic. It should highlight the achievements, and other important characteristics of the website that denote that it plays a pivotal role on the web. Such websites will also be tested on search engine ranking and domain authority.

Create the content

It is now time to pen your research. By using all the reliable sources of information, you have to write content that is not only intriguing to read but it should also include all the necessary pointers and must have excellent writing in terms of exceptional grammar, content, punctuation and so much more. Don’t forget to add citations!

Proofread and submit

Once you are done with creating the content, it is your responsibility to scrupulously read the write-up. You should go through it, rectify errors and then submit it.


It will nearly take three months to get your article approved on Wikipedia. But you don’t need to forget one thing and that is the constant updates and maintenance of the page.

To Conclude

As the internet has notable characteristics for everything, it is significant to ensure that so does Wikipedia! If you have mindfully read the guide, it will surely help you resulting in a successful wikipedia page for a website.

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