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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Restaurant

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Restaurant

Do you remember the last time you visited an international restaurant? If you are a food enthusiast and someone who rejoices to have astounding experiences in terms of different cuisines, you also would build an urge to discover the newest and most reputable restaurants near you. If this is the case, as a fan of food the first thing you encounter on the screen is the Wikipedia page of the restaurant.

Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia that the world is familiar with. It develops and publishes 595 articles every day. This is how busy the learning hub is. The best element of this platform is that it is absolutely free of cost as it doesn’t curb any subject or topic to be discussed. The editing rate of the write-ups published on Wikipedia is 1.9 per second. If this intrigues you, you may also be interested in knowing the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for a restaurant, so keep reading the blog.

Significance of Wikipedia Page for a Restaurant

The spot that knows anything and everything, that is how profound Wikipedia is. As for restaurants, cafes and other dining places, here are some pointers that will help you understand why the domain is so important for your business, and how it can assist you to grow.

  • Being visible on the internet globally can help in expanding your network
  • There may be international investors interested in doing business with you
  • Greater reach will lead to maximum potential customers
  • Audiences all over the world will understand the market you exist in
  • It will indeed help to uplift the restaurant reputation worldwide

Notability of a Restaurant on Wikipedia

Like every article has to go through a notability test, Wikipedia articles for restaurants cannot be skipped either. In terms of how to create a Wikipedia page for a restaurant, notability plays a crucial role. There are some of the parameters that you have to strictly abide by.

To begin with, there are some food spots and places that the area is known for, and if this is the case then the restaurant certainly comes under the category. Secondly, there are certain events associated with restaurants that could be back in the history, or maybe an incident had occurred in that specific area then Wikipedia will definitely consider it. In this context, we can also talk about the renowned places that are to be seen in movies and television series. Such places also get recognized because they have been granted with serious coverage and this is how people get familiar with places.

One of the imperative factors to be highlighted in this context is that some international restaurant chains see this differently. Let’s say if I mention MacDonald’s, even if I don’t mention any other description you would know about their offerings and this is largely due to their ascribed popularity. And this is why these food spots do not have to invest rigorous time in verification because one knows what and who they are.

 Your step-by-step guide to create the Wikipedia page for a restaurant

You cannot just begin with the phases absurdly, there has to be proper criteria to be followed and implemented. So, are you ready to fully start with the method of how to create a Wikipedia page for a restaurant? If yes, keep following.

Account Creation

If you think that opting for a page does not require you to sign up, then you are mistaken because this is not how the Wikipedia community works. Regardless of the subject and topic, you are supposed to create a Wiki profile. To do so, go to the Wikipedia home page and insert your email ID, and password you will eventually be notified of your verification. It is highly advised to keep a check on your mailbox because you will be contacted on that particular ID on any necessary updates.


Before you start hunting for information on your restaurant, you should know how the domain itself works. This is one of the best ways to get two steps closer to achieving approval for your Wikipedia page. Once you get significant insights, look for the existing pages on the platform that are similar to your industry or even that of your competitors. This will surely help you build something captivating and according to the Wikipedia guidelines. Then, it is time to ensure what you should include in the page so that it is relevant and not something that is far away from realities. Elements to be featured can be; restaurant origin, menu, specialities etc.


As we have already shed light on the notability criteria, it is necessary to mention that Wikipedia is extremely rigid with its policies. So you have to thoroughly cross-check in order to ensure that you are going in the right direction.

Writing the content

A Wikipedia article is nowhere near your ordinary blogs or posts in fact it caters to many characteristics. There is a specific template based on which you have designed the content and work your way accordingly. Firstly, make best use of the research you have conducted and make sure you use the right material. You should stay away from plagiarized content and develop the spark of uniqueness so that it boosts the readability on the search engine. In addition, the article should be flawless that is free from grammar errors, punctuation and other elements, because that’s exactly what a volunteer is looking for in your write-up.


One of the most under-rated phases of the process is proofreading, and this is why people don’t get their page accepted. You have to make sure that you scrutinize the content to reap maximum benefits. Besides, adding citations is also crucial so that it brings an added-value to the article. You cannot leave your article just like that; in fact you have to make amendments to where needed and this is the right time to do so.

Submission and Approval

It is the time you had been waiting for. After giving so much time to your Wikipedia page for a restaurant it is about time to submit your work to the platform. The time between submission and approval is approximately 3 to 6 months that means you have to stay patient till you receive the accepted and final version of the article.

The Final Thought

In this blog, you have been directed towards everything that is required in order to create, and publish a Wikipedia page for a restaurant. If you want this to transform into reality then you have to prioritize the steps.

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