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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Lawyer

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Lawyer

Wikipedia, an online hub of information offers a plethora of information. The platform was established almost a decade ago and is non-profit. Backed with strict policies and guidelines, Wikipedia offers the highest quality content to online readers.

The free encyclopedia has 1.7 billion unique visitors and provides content in over 300 different languages. It’s a platform that promises to provide the most updated information sourced from reliable sites. Around 55 million articles written on different topics and subjects have been published on it. Due to its vast online reach and utmost authenticity, it becomes the best place to gain online recognition. By getting on Wikipedia you can enjoy its limelight and see yourself surface among your rivals. You get to position yourself in the search engine.

If you learn about how to create a Wikipedia page for a lawyer, you will find out a long list of instructions. The page only gets approved if it is based on the policies of Wikipedia. You miss out a single one and it fall flat. The content no matter what will get rejected if you do not adhere to Wikipedia policies. Don’t be stressed out as we have rolled out the easiest way to create a Wikipedia page. So, read on!

Guidelines To Create a Wikipedia Page For A Lawyer

The Wikipedia page creation process is a bit lengthy but it’s not impossible to have one. You need to be conscious enough to follow every single guideline.

Step #1- Account Creation

First, you need to create an account on Wikipedia. You need to have an appropriate username and set yourself a strong and unbreakable password. Go to and click on the top right corner bit first to select your required language, as there are a number of them. Proceed with the process. Insert your bio details and enter the email address. You will get a confirmation link on that email address and voila, your account is created.

You can turn on the notification and even create a user page. Through this user page, you get the access to update and edit the published articles on Wikipedia which will increase your worth and credibility on the platform.

Step #2- Read Out Wikipedia Policies

You need to go through the Wikipedia policies in order to understand how the platform works and what kind of content it accepts. The policies are descriptive it covers almost every aspect of a Wikipedia page. Starting from the title, which is said to be unique and then comes the researching part. You need to make sure that your gathered information is verifiable.

The writing style should be descriptive. It should be composed in an active tone with a professional writing style. There must not be any verbosity. You must not have any conflict of interest with the subject. The next part is vandalism. It’s an act where the contributor intentionally tries to negatively influence the published pages. Such contributors are blocked from the platform.

The last policy is about notability. No matter how perfectly aligned and well-formatted your content is if the subject is not notable your page will never get published.

The Principle of notability state that the subject of your page should have some online presence and notability. It helps the platform in verifying it and ensures that the page will have a readership. So, make sure to have the notability otherwise, you will have to build it. You have to work hard to build the notability online.

Step #3- Select The Topic

Now that you are writing about a lawyer, you need to make sure that the person has some online presence. If he appears on a leading platform like Forbes or New York Times then no one can stop you from having a page. However, you also have to make sure that the topic has not been covered on Wikipedia.

Step #4- Researching

The most important part about how to create a Wikipedia page for a lawyer, is researching. You have to delve deep into the web to look for ways that can help you gather the right information. Your page will stand out only if it has valuable information to engage the readers. You need to focus on hunting sites that are rich with detailing as the Wikipedia page is credible for providing comprehensive information.

Step #5- Write the Page For A Lawyer

Coming up to the content part, remember that your page should have a flow in it. The readers’ journey should be well planned. Your information should be presented most skillfully to indulge the readers. You need to create appealing sentence structures that can engross the readers completely till the end. Moreover, do not complicate anything. Make sure that the vocabulary and everything are appropriate and understandable. The entire message should be clear and easy to comprehend.

Step #6- Formatting and Citation

As you head towards the end of your page, you need to make sure you pepper it up with all the detailing. You need to give it more of a professional image. You have to format the content based on SEO techniques. You need to add the tagline and sub headings. You have to further modify it in a way that it becomes readable.

Next is to add citation. Through citation, you can increase the credibility of your content. Make sure that the links and references are legit and authentic-. Your citation should be in the format approved by the platform. In this way, it will become easier for you to get your content published. The most commonly used format is Harvard style references.

Step #7- It’s Time To Submit

So, finally it’s time to submit your content. What you need to do is to recheck the content and ensure it’s flawless. There must not be any error or typing mistake. If there will be the credibility of the page will be ruined. You need to make sure that the content is flawless and utterly engaging.

Go to your Wikipedia account and there you will find the tab “create a page”. Click on the tab and follow the procedure. You will be shown with two to three tabs. You have to upload the content on one tab and the citation in another one.

Wrap Up

So, that’s how you create a Wikipedia page for a lawyer. The standard time to get a page approved is around 3 to 6 months. Once the page is approved you will get a link on your email address. In case if there are any additions required you can do it and send the document back to review. However, do remember one thing that getting a page published is not all you have to stay live and active. You have to keep reviewing eth changes made on your page. If a page continues to receive queries of mistakes and errors and the owner does not update it, the page is taken down. You need to monitor your page and manage it timely to avoid such consequences.

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