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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Hotel

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Hotel

When planning to give your hotel an increased online recognition there is no better platform than Wikipedia. This ever-growing, online encyclopedia has over 1.75 billion users with thousands of contributors. Not only this, it provides information in over 300 languages, which include Arabic, Persian, and German.

Most of the hotel owners, soon after the establishment get on the hunt to find platforms where they can showcase the services they provide. However, if you learn how to create a Wikipedia page for a hotel you get to know the tricks to present your content in front of your audience. So, here is a guide to help you understand the right way to create content that can get instantly approved.

Step #1- Create An Account

At first you have to create an account for your hotel page. What you need is an appropriate username that will appear on your account along with a strong password to secure your id. You will have to enter an email address as well. You can even turn the notifications to stay updated about the latest activities.

Once you are through the account creation process, you can even create a user page. Through the user page, you get the accessibility to edit the published content. In this way, you get to create more credibility of your account.

Step #2- Understand the Wikipedia Guidelines

The next part is to go through Wikipedia policies. If you want to make your content appear on Wikipedia, you have to understand the policies first. You must know what the platform wants you to follow and how you can approve the content. The Wikipedia policies revolve around content creation and researching criteria. It tells about how to create an engaging content that can get published seamlessly.

·         Principle of Notability

One of the most important things to follow is the principle of notability. You need to check if the hotel is notable or not. So, see if the hotel you are writing about is credible or not. In case, if your hotel has no credibility then you have to build it. The entire purpose of the subject being credible is important as it ensures the sources to be verifiable. Therefore, seek help from the experts and learn about the ways through which you can create the credibility and notability of your platform.

·         Writing Style

Writing style is the important aspect in which you have to make sure that the content is readable and has no verbosity. The content should be relevant and has most engaging information. You need to avoid adding promotional aspects, as Wikipedia does not approve of it. You need to stay unbiased and neutral. Your tone should be informative. Your writing style should be highly professional so that the audience stay involved and engaged for longer.

·         Researching Criteria

You need to research your content efficiently. You need to make sure that the researched links are verifiable and authentic. The researched data needs to be legit and unique. You need to make sure that every aspect is captivating and holds great value in the eye of the target audience.

·         Vandalism

You need to stay away from vandalism. It’s an act in which users deliberately devalue other published articles. In case if Wikipedia finds out, the platform blocks the account. So, try not to lose the credibility of your account.

·         Conflict Of Interest

You must not have any conflict of interest with the subject of the page. It is important because you will not be able to justify the subject. So, write about a thing that you are sure to do justice with.

Step #3- Check the Uniqueness

You need to check if the hotel you are writing about is unique. You need to see if the hotel has to been published on the platform. There is a simple trick to do that, you have to go to the most researched article tab on Wikipedia where you can enter the title and see if it’s available or not. If a red link appears, it is available to attempt and if a blue link appears, you will have to change the title.

Step #4- Research the Information

The information you research should be comprehensive. You have to make sure you have the details of every single aspect. From the location to the services, it provides, you must have a detailed set of information. Research your information effectively; make sure that every single source is legit and relevant. Never opt to add untrue information to your Wiki page as it can get it rejected.

Step #5- Compose Your Content

Finally, when you know all the details and have the detailed information, it’s time to compose your Wiki page. What you have to do is to make sure that the sentence structures are precise and the information is mapped out carefully.  As the information is comprehensive, you must make sure that the page sound interesting and too dry to bounce the audience back. Carefully plan your content.

Step #6- Formatting

To make your Wikipedia page about the hotel look engaging you need to format it as per the SEO guidelines. You have to use all the formatting tools including bullets, short paragraphs, headers and taglines. Try adding some visuals in your content as well it will make your content captivating and the readers will spend more time on it.

Step #7- Add Citation

Citation holds a major part in the Wikipedia page. You have to check the citation formats approved by Wikipedia. Usually Harvard style of referencing is followed in most of the pages. You can try using any other format you want. But do make sure that every link you add is relevant and authentic.

Step #8- Proofing and Editing

Once you have completed composing the Wikipedia page, you need to check the content and make sure it is free from every error. It should not have any writing issue nor typing flaws. The information should be delivered most professionally and captivatingly. You need to edit the content and make sure that every aspect is error-free. In case if Wikipedia finds out the flaw it will send your document back for revising and this creates a blow on your credibility.

Step #9- Submission

The final stage is here where you have to submit your content. What you have to do is to go to your account and click on the button “create page” a new page will be opened where you have to fill in the boxes with the content and the respective citation. Upload all the details asked by the platform and submit it for review.

Monitoring And Management Of Wiki Page Of Your Hotel

Publishing a Wikipedia page is not it, you need to make sure that you are monitoring your page as well. You have to manage the page by staying active and checking the reviews made. You have to review all the request made by the readers. In your dashboard, you can check the entries and either save or delete them. You have to check the sources and verify the claims made.

In this way, your Wikipedia page will stay updated with fresh content. You can even seek help from experts to keep a close eye on your account and to update it regularly. It’s important, because if you didn’t your age might get blocked or taken down by the officials.

Perks Of Having A Wikipedia Page

A Wikipedia page gives you ample exposure online. As it has a huge group of audience it lets you take a step closer to your prospective readers. You can spread the information about your hotel more efficiently and find out ways to generate more growth and success. Wikipedia offers unique information and that is why it is regarded as one of the most authentic platforms. By getting the name of your hotel on it you will get to create a credible existence of your hotel as well.

Wrap Up

So, go through the Wikipedia guidelines and follow them strictly in order to create a successful page for your hotel. Your content should be engaging and captivating with the most authentic references to add more worth to it. Plus, never miss out on any Wikipedia guidelines as it makes sure that your page gets published quickly. The standard time for a Wikipedia approval is around 3 to 6 months. If there is any minor flaw in your page, the officials will ask for a quick revision. In case of major issues, the page gets rejected.

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