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How to Create a Seamless Wikipedia Page for a Mobile

How to Create a Seamless Wikipedia Page for a Mobile

No matter where you are in the world, you need access to information in order to grow and become better. Information is the only way through which a person can outgrow his/her potentials and come out as a stronger and sharper person. Surely you must have tried getting information about different topics to increase your share of knowledge. One more thing that you must have observed is that out of all the sites that may have appeared on the screen for a specific search, Wikipedia always tops the list.

Nine out of ten times you will see Wikipedia being popped up on the screen upon searching for any topic at all. Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia whose makers have promised to provide authentic information to anyone coming to the site. The site has more than 52 million pages on it and the number is only growing with ease passing day. The platform is enormous and anyone who wants to gain any knowledge about any particular subject can easily sign up there with the ease of 304 global languages.

Wikipedia and Its Need in Mobile Promotions

Promotions are a part of the game, every product needs to be promoted in the right way to get customers’ attention and to bring the most revenues to the business. For this, every business wants to have a strong platform to market themselves.

Although Wikipedia strictly prohibits any sort of promotional content and is against the idea of direct marketing, only having a page on this site can cause a huge difference in the overall sales of your product. Therefore, you need to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for mobile through this easy guide.

A Little Homework to Do Before You Begin

Just like a kid cannot go to school without finishing the home assignment the teacher has given, you can’t start the how to create a Wikipedia page for a mobile process without doing the homework. These are the two major things that you need to do by hook or by crook.

1.      Read and Understand All the Community Guidelines of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the name of authentic information to millions of people and to keep up with trust, Wikipedia makes sure to follow all the authenticated guidelines for a page. Therefore, you are supposed to keep track of all the community guidelines before you opt for the process.

2.      Be Clear with the Aim of the Page You Are Creating

When you are creating a Wikipedia page, one thing to keep in mind is the aim of the page. Make sure you know why exactly are you making a Wikipedia page and how it is going to help your product overall. Also, ask yourself how will it improve your image in the customers’ eye as well. The more you focus on the aim the better you will become.

The Actual Process to Begin With

Once you are done with the homework, you are ready to go out and start the actual process. These are the steps to be followed in the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for mobile.

1.      Start with the Account Creation with a Username

The first and most important thing in the process is to have a Wikipedia account. You need to make sure to have an account to do the next steps. This is how you can create one.

  • Go to the homepage of Wikipedia
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Click on the create account option on the top right of the screen
  • Fill the registration form with all the correct details
  • Confirm your account by clicking on the confirmation email
  • Go back to the homepage and log in with your new account

2.      Show the Site that You Deserve to Have a Page

In order to get your page approved by Wikipedia, you will have to prove that you exist there as an authentic member. To do so, you will have to do at least ten edits with a minimum of four days old account. This is how you can edit any page on Wikipedia.

  • Start by opening any of the accessible Wikipedia pages
  • Then click on the edit page option on the right side of the screen
  • Write the content in the Wikitext box
  • Cite everything properly
  • Preview the changes
  • At last, submit the changes by clicking on the publish changes option

3.      Confirm If Your Proposed Title for a Wikipedia Mobile Page is Available

The next step in the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for a mobile is to see if the title name you proposed is available or no. If it is available then it will be shown in a red link, if not, then the link will turn blue. Once you are done with this, go ahead and click on the ‘ask for the page to be created’ option at the right side of the red link. This is basically requesting the official page creation.

4.      Make Sure to Write Tremendous Content for the Page

After the page request, you will be directed to a page of rules and regulations where you will be asked to scroll down to the Article Wizard option and click it. You are expected to write the content for the page there and submit it. Moreover, for your ease, you can use the Sandbox option which allows you to practice writing the content of the page first. After the practice, you can submit the content to the article wizard.

5.      Review Everything Turn In the Page for the Acceptance Process

Here you have come down to the last phase of the process, which is to review everything and submit it. For smooth learning, go back to all the steps in the process, review the content, the page structure, and at last, turn it in for the approval process. The process usually take three to six months to be finished.

Final Word

These are all the mandatory steps to follow in order to make a seamless, perfect, and powerful Wikipedia page. The more you focus on the creation process the better your page will turn out and you will not have to worry about anything at all. The page is going to help you become a strong product in the market that will entertain all the queries of the audience. You will be treated as one of the best in the market for sure.

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