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How to Create a Perfect Wikipedia Page for an App

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an App

Wikipedia is the Ultimate Place for gaining firsthand knowledge related to absolutely any topic. You can find out complete details about anything and anyone at any hour of the day by being anywhere in the world. Isn’t it amazing? It is indeed. The site has nearly 53 million pages from the globe catering to almost all the mainstream and unspoken topics. From the constellation of stars to your favorite star celebrities, everything is covered, and that too with authentic information and citations.

Wikipedia strongly believes in providing quality information to the world by making sure that every person who makes an edit or intends to add a page to the list of millions has a grip of the specific topic first. Nonetheless, to make it easy for people to share, access, and attain knowledge, Wikipedia has launched nearly 304 languages for its users. You can choose any one of them and work according to your feasibility.

There is also a feature of translation that allows a user to either read the content into the translated version and in fact create translated pages as well. Hence, with all of these perks and ease factors, today Wikipedia is one of the highly viewed sites in the world with nearly 22.76 billion annual views according to Alexa.

Wikipedia and Its Need for an App

The world has become smart today. Customers today do not want to risk with their money and time and therefore they check everything beforehand on the internet. Hence, one of the most reliable sources to find product descriptions is Wikipedia. As an app developer or marketer, it is your responsibility to know how to create a Wikipedia page for an app in order for the audience to know about you. Nonetheless, if you are concerned about where will you find the process, then this is how to create a Wikipedia page for an app.

1.      Make Sure You Know the Aim of Your Page

Before you begin with the process, it is very important that you realize why are you opting for it in the first place. Be clear with your reasoning and make sure you stick to it with all the right strategies. Moving clueless in the digital world can cause you a high price.

2.      Go Through All the Wikipedia Community Guidelines Thoroughly

Wikipedia follows strict expects people to follow strict community guidelines when it comes to the creation of a page for an app. Hence, in order to stay active and be a good Wikipedia user, you are supposed to be reading all the guidelines thoroughly to avoid any conflicts in the future or approval process.

3.      To Enter the World of Wikipedia, Create an Account

This is the big thing in the entire process of how to create a Wikipedia page for an app, the account creation. You are supposed to create an account on the site in order to get the username and to fulfill the next steps completely. This is how to create a Wikipedia account.

Start the process by going to the Wikipedia homepage. Choose a language for yourself. Then on the next screen, click on the create account option on the right side of the screen. You will see the registration form, fill the form with details and then go ahead to confirm your account through the email you have given. Come back to the Wikipedia homepage and log in with your account.

4.      Work on the Notability Factor by Generating a Positive Reputation

Notability is an extremely important factor in the making of a successful Wikipedia page. If a page has failed to create notability, then it is not going to be accepted by the platform at all. Therefore, in order to avoid any unfavorable conditions, it is better that you create a positive reputation on the site by doing the right number of edits on it. You at least have to do ten edits on relatable sites with a four days old account.

To do an edit, you have to open any accessible Wikipedia page and click on the edit option at the top right corner of the screen. Then go ahead and add the information in the Wikitext box. Make sure to cite everything and preview changes before the page. The next is to simply click on the publish changes option.

5.      Check Out the Red Links for Your Proposed App Title

You may think that your app is going to be the first to make it to the digital world, however, the possibilities of the name already been taken are high. Therefore, you should check the availability of the name through the red link method. If the name is available, then the link will turn blue.

6.      Create the Page by Clicking ‘Ask For The Page To Be Created’ Option

Once you find a red link, you will see an option on its right side saying ‘ask for the page to be created’ option. All you have to do is click on the option and move forward to the next step. This is the easiest and simplest step in the process of how to create a Wikipedia page for an app.

7.      No Page Can Succeed Without the Right Content

Content is an extremely important factor of literally any Wikipedia page. You are supposed to write exceptional content for the page that can highlight everything about it. From the features of the app to the creation of it everything has to be catered to. Make sure you write good things about the app in the content, write how useful it is going to be for the user and how will it impact the overall experience of theirs. The more details you provide about the business; the better results you will be able to get.

8.      Go Through Everything For Once Last Time and Submit the Page

Once you are done with it, review everything completely and then go ahead to the next step. Make sure to edit changes if there are any mistakes anywhere. The last thing is to submit the page for the submission process finally.

Concluding Words

In order to have a seamless Wikipedia page, these steps are to be followed religiously. Also, make sure to add a section for the features of your app to highlight how useful it is. The more you put the effort into the creation process, the better results it will bring. Remember your page has to be perfect before you submit it for the final submission.

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