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How To Create A Page On Something On Wikipedia

How To Create A Page On Something On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the biggest names in the list of websites. In fact, it is number 14th on the list of Alexa’s top-ranked websites, which means it has millions of users every day. That does not only render it as one of the top websites, it also makes it one of the names with terrific SEO power. In other words, your search engine queries are usually going to put Wikipedia on top. That is because search engines prefer legitimate information to provide to their users. Considering the credibility and stature of Wikipedia, there is little doubt why search engines would put it in the top results.

However, since that is the case with Wikipedia, it allures many people into making their own pages. While some of them are taken down without their first reader, most of them do not get approved at all. That is because Wikipedia only allows noticeable or noteworthy topics see the light of day on their website. Nevertheless, if you are not worried about those and you are looking to learn how to create a page on something on Wikipedia, then let us talk about the creation first.

The Process Of A Page Creation

Creating a Wikipedia page is a matter of patience, understanding and expertise. That is why none of these steps should be taken lightly or thought of as less important than the other.

1.    Account Creation

How can you access the intricate functions of the website without being a user? You will have to sign up and authenticate your account with email verification.

2.    Establish Your Name As An Editor

This is one of the trickiest parts, as you will have to find topics that need editing. However, if you have already come across topics that need amendment or change of information, feel free to do it. However, it must be accurate and true. Once you do it three to four times and your editing is approved, then your account as an editor would be deemed trustworthy.

3.    Ask For Page Or Article Creation

Since Wikipedia has had thousands of users and millions of pages over the years, if a topic is famous, chances are the page already exists. Nevertheless, if you desired one does not exist, then you can simply ask Wikipedia to create one. Once it creates it, you will be notified and you can move on to the next stage.

4.    Do Research Then Create Content

Without the accuracy of the information, your page creation process is doomed to fail. That is why; it is suggested that you do thorough research before writing one word. However, if you think you know enough and your content would be unbiased and purely just about information, then you can start creating content. However, Wikipedia strictly warrants creating content in NPOV aka neutral point of view.

5.    Cite Your Sources

Your content may need you to provide information from another party. If such is the case, you will have to cite the source of your information. If you have such content in your writing and do not provide a citation, then your whole page creation will be jeopardized.

6.    Approval & Editing

Consider you did everything right and your page got approved, it may take up to 5-6 weeks before your page goes live. After it is up, you can make changes and amendments when required.

Assess The Significance Of Your Topic

Now you know the creation process. However, it is time you understand whether your topic or subject you wish to create a page about is worth creating. Wikipedia guidelines are strict when it comes to creating pages. Editing on already existing pages may not be that much of a trouble. However, building one from scratch is a hassle and you need to be sure that it is worth it.

If your topic is not up to their noticeable or noteworthy guideline, then any expert would tell you to not bother. However, if it is, then you can employ the above-mentioned process. Nevertheless, if your topic is genuine and famous but it does not have a page, then there is no reason why you should not go ahead and make one for it.

Why You Need A Strategy To Make A Page On Wikipedia

Wikipedia page creation has many steps and the process is time-consuming. Without a proper guideline, you will not only risk getting side-tracked, but your whole process can also collapse if one stage is not tended to properly. That is why it is imperative that you create a strategy for page creation. As per the steps mentioned above, you will have to strategize each step and how you will approach them. It can help you with a swift yet convenient page creation.

Role Of Wiki Pages For Marketing Purposes

There are many marketing experts who treat Wikipedia pages as vital marketing tools. While they are not completely wrong, Wikipedia is for unbiased and unprejudiced information. Nevertheless, you have to take into account its SEO domain and the credibility it provides to any name with a page on it. If your brand or company had a page on Wikipedia, it would be considered credible over those that do not. That is why wiki pages play an important role in digital marketing these days. Which is exactly why they are one of the most sought-out marketing solutions as well.

Who Can Make A Wikipedia Page?

If you understand the aforementioned process, then you can make a wiki page yourself. However, it is important to understand that as a first-time page maker, you may run into some hassle and the whole process might be overwhelming. That is why some would suggest it is better to hire experts who have experience in doing so. You will not only be saving your valuable time, you will ease the entire process significantly. Since experts have experienced page creation of various topics, they would help you get over the line with apparent ease.

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