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How To Build Notability of a Person For Wikipedia Page

How To Build Notability Of A Person For Wikipedia Page

Are you planning to make a Wikipedia page? Creating a Wikipedia page for a person could be daunting or a failure. Wikipedia is a huge platform that welcomes articles from different languages and nations. It has generated sensational popularity among the people. Today the site operates in 280 languages and has above 18 billion views.

Defining Notability

Notability is the basic guideline of Wikipedia notability means ‘worthy of notice’. Wikipedia covers notable topics that have garnered significant coverage. A notable topic has to be rich in sources, resources, and coverage.

To create a Wikipedia page, you have to pass a test the privileges to be on Wikipedia. Most businesses or person fails to have a Wikipedia page. The basic gateway for a person to be on Wikipedia is to be notable. It is important to shed light on the fact that notability does not suggest to be popular. There is a fine line of difference between both factors.

A person can build notability if they are following its guidelines and policies. The guidelines are no fun to read or to understand. Each step is defined that carries weight and has to tackled professionally

The word notability is the main key to create a space on Wikipedia.

The Various Branches Of Wikipedia (Notability)

Some of the Wikipedia notability guidelines are defined respective to their field.

  • Academics
  • Astronomical objects
  • Books
  • Events
  • Films
  • Music
  • Numbers
  • Organizations and companies
  • Sports and athletes
  • Web Content

Steps To Follow To Generate Notability

Step# 1

Wikipedia is ready to welcome a person on Wikipedia, but it requires to follow the basic guidelines of notability. The notability is the first priority, but it is more integral to follow their guidelines.


First of all, the article has to have significant coverage, have ample reliable sources, and be independent of the subject.


Significance in Wikipedia means that the article should have significant coverage that is more than a trivial mention. The significant article must come from verifiable sources so it is not original research. Looking more into this, it does not need to be the main topic of an article.


It is vital to follow the reliable sources in Wikipedia. The integrity of sources depends on the reliable sources collected. Secondary sources are considered to be more reliable due to their significance. Sources has to be extracted from decent forums that are approved by Wikipedia. The reliable sources are encyclopedias, histories, reviews, scholarly articles, textbooks, and magazine articles.


The sources have to be secondary and can be in any number. Wikipedia emphasizes secondary sources as it adds value to the article. The more secondary sources, the article will have more significance. There are no language barriers in adding sources. Multiple published an article by the same writer will be used as a single source.

Step# 6

As Wikipedia is not a promotional page, it does not accept any article that a person wrote by itself. Any promotional content that is a advertise, press release or an autobiography is nullified for it to use.


The significant coverage is considered as an assumption but not a guarantee. It works as a merit of an article. The more the article gets discussed it may reduce the chance of making it a stand-alone article.

step 7 notability

Moving forward, these are the basic guidelines to follow for Wikipedia notability. The crux of these guidelines is to have reliable sources, significant coverage and secondary sources. To go further deep into finding notability for Wikipedia, it is sub-divided in to subject specific guidelines.

Subject Specific Notability Guidelines

The subject-specific guidelines define if an article can have a stand-alone article. The subject-specific guidelines usually include a criterion that verifies that proper sourcing of an article exists. So, the article that passes the SNG is considered notable.

An article that may pass both guidelines, can be merged into one article depending on their coverage. The SNG covers the area for a biography, film, or politician. The SNG also directs about the topic of the articles that should not be created. Likewise, SNGs also analyze sources and coverages that determine the suitability of an article.

The Criteria To Follow For Notability (People)

The notability criteria start from the basic guidelines of Wikipedia notability. The article needs to have significant coverage, reliable sources, secondary sources, and independent of its subject.

  • A trivial coverage is not enough for notability. If the coverage of an article is not significant then it will need multiple independent sources to qualify for notability.
  • Primary sources are not the sole factor to approve notability. In some cases, primary sources are used to support notability

Additionally, Wikipedia has added guidelines specifically for biography, entertainers, athletes, politicians, and judges. Each category determines the notability factor accordingly. People often fail to meet the criteria. If they are not available with appropriate sources but meet the additional criteria, the article can merge into another with context. In case there are no articles available, one can make a request.

additional criteria

Tips To Remember Before Creating A Wikipedia Page

Many tips have to be tackled or remembered before going deep into the matters. Notability has certain points which define where it applies and where it does not. Notability is a sensitive matter in Wikipedia, therefore, are some guidelines. These guidelines open a vault about notability.

Tip No:1

The principles that are used to create an article is not same for content inside it. These notability guidelines do not apply to the content or lists. The notable content coverage of an article is determined by due weight, balance and content policies.

notability guidelines

Tip No:2

Notability is the basic subject of an article and the content of an article does not define notability. Is the subject is not covered anywhere else before it cannot fit into notability criteria. No amount of improvement will verify it for notability.

tip 2 not define notability

Tip No:3

After a topic has covered the significant coverage, it does not have to cover the ongoing coverage. Notability is not temporary a survey on reassessment of an article can be required by article for deletion page. The reassessment takes place to check the sustainability and notability of a published article.

Tip No 3

Things To Avoid In Creating A Wikipedia Page

  • A notable topic is considered worthy enough. It does not include self-promoting article or adverts. Wikipedia is not a promotional space. A worthy person can have the space without promotion or influence.
  • Significant coverage des not include tabloid news, press releases, routine news. It can be directly deleted as an invalid source because Wikipedia is not a news source. A largely reported news without critical analysis is also an invalid source. So, Wikipedia is not to cover events or social gatherings.


Why does a page gets deleted?

Answer: Wikipedia has a deletions policy that deletes the articles. Wikipedia reserves the right to remove a page if it does not meet the notability guidelines. Other reasons include copyright violation and vandalism. A page is often removed because of advertising or if the articles are not linked with reliable sources.

How to gain Wikipedia worthy notability?

Answer: Wikipedia has a set rule of notability in its guidelines and policies. These are strict rules that have to be tackled to make a Wikipedia page. A notability depends on the number of references and trustworthy sources. The references have to be collected from verified sources. Wikipedia accepts secondary articles.

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