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How To Become A Public Figure On Twitter in 2023

How To Become A Public Figure On Twitter

The attributes that were considered for anyone to be a public figure have changed due to the internet and its social platforms. Now, it has become much easier for one to state themselves as a public figure or become one. You are recognized more by the public. With such ease available at hand, anyone from any kind of background can become a public figure.

Twitter is the hub of becoming a public figure, and people are using it to have a voice. What defines a public is easy yet an overarching matter. To be specific a public figure is someone either, who is a celebrity, politician, or business leader. These are the qualities that can give the person the status of a public figure.

Moreover, a public figure can be someone who has the drive to bring themselves into the limelight and a lead.  Either they like to build a profile on a highlighting incident or anything that has created an impact. These are the alternate qualities that narrow down to fit as a public figure.


Account Name



Followers Count





@BarackObama Barack Obama 133.4M  

Former President of the USA




@elonmusk Elon Musk 115.4M  

Business Man


Owner of Twitter




South Africa










Justin Bieber












Katy Perry 108.8M Musician






Rihanna 107.1M Musician






Cristiano Ronaldo 104.6M Football Player








Taylor Swift 91.5M Musician










Lady Gaga 84.9M Musician









Narendra Modi


84.1M Prime Minister of India







Ellen DeGeneres



Television Host




10 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

In this digital age, it has become easier to become a public figure, but it requires one to work vigilantly. Fame is directly proportional to the number of followers on social media and other accounts. But the levels of fame are growing as much as the social media platforms are growing.

Just Identify How Public You Want Your Identity to Be

If you have the urge to be at the forefront and be called a public figure, get to know how public you want to be. You can go for relaxed rules to choose to be defined in other ways. Before going into the process, you can ask yourself some questions like,

  • What is the purpose of being called a public figure?
  • Do I want to connect to fans and followers?
  • How much public do you want to be?

What Is a Public Figure on Twitter?

Being a public figure on Twitter is someone who is attracted to audiences and is under a central attraction. The definition of a public figure varies and as of now, the world is largely influenced by social media.


Under the domain of social media, if you are known by a number of people with an influence you are known as a public figure, you do not have to be an actor or politician, now influencers are also regarded as public figures.  The status of being a public figure is predominantly decided by the number of followers and the blue verification mark

If you are a public figure on Twitter, there are many benefits of it. Your words matter and become a respected figure in the circle.  If you make a tweet on a specific matter, it will carry a weight and cannot be outweighed.

How To Use a Twitter Account: A Guide

Using Twitter and having the blue tick is a mind-blogging process. Often the platform is disregarded, but Twitter is among the most credible social media platforms. According to statistics, it has total revenue of $5.07bn USD (Statista).

If you have a Twitter account and probably thinking about how to be a public figure, you need to partake in a full guide on verifying the account and maintaining it. Part of knowing a Twitter account is how to use it comprehensively and alter comes the stage of applying for the verification status. And to become a credible public figure, you need to have a blue badge.

Why Do You Need the Verification Mark on The Account?

To put it into simple words, if you have a verified account, you are signaled as an original, credible, liked, and mainly a public figure. It also suggests that you are not running a sham account or have an agenda to serve. Furthermore, they also save you from copyright violations, trademark laws, and even third parties.

Points To Consider Before Applying for A Twitter Verification

  • The Blue mark identifies you as a credible member, there cannot be any other page with the same name.
  • Whenever you tweet with your verified account, the blue tick will appear with it. Moreover, the blue ticks also appear in the search and are placed next to the username.
  • If you are a public figure with a massive following, it does not make you verifiable for the blue mark.
  • Every account on Twitter has the same tick, there are no variations in color or look.


A look at the verified public account on Twitter.


How To Get Verified As A Public Figure On Twitter

The Twitter verification process is available on the website to every user. You can access it by Account Settings in the app or on the computer desktop. So, simply visit the page and apply for verification. After that, you can follow the submission process.

Typically, accounts are studied by humans and some automated verification processes. Furthermore, you can work on ways to build better chances of getting verified as a public figure on Twitter. Make certain you have a confirmed email address and phone number, and follow the Twitter rules cited in the media or have a Wikipedia page.

If you fit into these criteria chances of having a status of a public figure on Twitter will only grow. Once you submit the request, it takes a few weeks to be reviewed. But, if you have much backlog, it suspends you from having a verified Twitter account.

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