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How To Become A Public Figure On TikTok in 2023

How To Become A Public Figure On TikTok

If you want to use TikTok as a platform to become a public figure you need to know how to use it. It is about using TikTok effectively and depends on the intention of when you are posting it. So, being a public figure on TikTok is more about being consistent and less about following trends.

Many people need to start by learning what is behind the scene factors are of becoming a public figure. You may experience a slow process with a series of steps to making it a full-time job, but it is worth it. becoming a public figure on TikTok starts from the passion for how talent is on the platform.

For some public figures, it is one video that goes across the globe and allows them to know what kind of topic they should be following. Talking about TikTok has become the most popular social sharing with it being most popular among millennials and Generation Z and has grown to be a momentous platform. Stats also show a positive result, it now has 1 billion active followers, taking place among the top-tier social media platforms.


Things You Need to Know to Become a Public Figure on TikTok

As you know, TikTok has become a top trending platform, it is currently available in more than 141 countries. The app ranks overall in 124 countries and in the top 50 in 140 countries. So, it is a highly popular app in the world.

If you take a look at TikTok, it is known to be a more engaging platform than Instagram or YouTube. Influencers and people engage more on the platform at approximately a rate of 17.96%. It is a predominant app among women. Moreover, it was the third fastest-growing app in 2020.

The user base of TikTok is more than one could think of. The latest studies show that more than 800 million people actively use TikTok. These numbers are more than Snapchat, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Between Instagram and TikTok, it has surpassed rapid growth and will reach the number of Instagram.



TikTok Person

Followers (in million)


1 Khabey Lame 151.3
2 Chralie D’Amelio 148.4
3 Bella Poarch 92.2
4 Addison Rae 88.7
5 Will Smith 72.4
6 Zach King 70.5
7 Kimberly Loaiza 69.1
8 TikTok 65.8
9 Burak Özdemi 64.6
10 The Rock 62.9


How To Become A Public Figure On TikTok – A Guide

Becoming a public figure and remaining in the eyes of people is becoming a norm. The platform has numerous personalities who have made their name on the platform through their content. Alison Rae and Charlie D’Amelio are among the most popular names of TikTok.

1.      Feel Free to Create Anything

TikTok is an open platform with so many people from around the globe. You need to bring and come up with the smartest or the wackiest ideas, you ever thought of. You can go for challenges like,

  • Skits
  • Comic Relief
  • Makeup
  • Fashion Videos
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Dance
  • Motherhood

People on the platform belong to a younger generation and they are inhibited to watch unconventional content. It has to be different from already what is there.

You just can’t stop here and also participate in viral videos to be in the sphere of the most popular public figures on TikTok. This will allow your account to be more active and engaging. For enhanced visibility, go through the discover section and search for popular hashtags, and some value to the account.

2.      Come Up With A Niche

In the journey of learning how to become a public figure on TikTok, identify interests and be sure of what you have to work on. Selecting a specific domain is necessary to have a clear path, once you are aware start researching your niche.

Having a niche will help you easily create content and publishing on the forum. You can also practice in your domain to have relevant experience. Ask yourself some questions like,

  • Are you enjoying the domain you are working in and are happy with what you get paid?
  • Can solve problems for others and yourself?
  • Do you plan to be consistent with your content?

3.      Work On Optimizing Your Profile

You need to represent yourself as a great TikTok profile, and should reflect well on the people. So, always make a vital bio and add a spectacular brief. Also, come up with a significant call to action (CTA) to make prompt action on your profile. Your CTA tags could be,

  • Click and learn more.
  • Make your orders now.
  • DM for questions and queries.
  • Follow for the latest fashion tips.


Zach King has taglines on his videos with a little brief of what is in the video.

4.      Get To Know Your Target Audience

Who will watch the videos? And why would they? Just see what are the key elements your platform is offering.  You need to extract that before you jump into creating content. Generally, TikTok has a younger generation of Gen Z and millennials, with the help of data make sure you are catering to people of each age scale. So, what advantage you have is, you can target a large audience.

Some strategies may work for others, but not for you. Because everything does not fit everyone. So, whatever you are posting should be according to your audience’s interests.

5.      Get On Advertising

Organic growth is important, but if you are looking to reach goals quickly invest in advertising. TikTok is now available with a paid ad program which is a premium feature. You can run an ad for $10/1000 views as of now. But be careful before deciding to run an ad as it is a new concept to the platform and has seen some exploitations. You should rather measure your ROI on engagement from your content.

The final Words

TikTok is still a new but not very new platform. It has seen immense growth over the tears and is set to set some new benchmarks. If you are looking to become a public figure on TikTok, follow the guide for better outcomes.

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