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How To Become A Famous Singer Like Taylor Swift

How To Become A Famous Singer Like Taylor Swift

A famous Grammy award musician, Taylor Swift who is going to touch 32 this year, is an eminent singer, musician, songwriter, and artist. It’s been 15 years almost since she came into the music industry. She emerges as an adorable singer and certainly stole the limelight. Even after several years have passed, she is still the beloved one of those who are having an elite and erudite sense of music.

Liking Taylor Swift is a sophistication of high sort. Taylor Swift has an extensive fan base from all across the globe. It would be right to say that people who like her songs, absolutely have sophisticated and good taste in music. Without any argument or second thought, as of now, Taylor Swift is the most eminent singer in the pop world. With her mesmerizing lyrics and music, she has made notable footprints in the music industry.

It can be evidently seen that the females and non-binary artists are paving the new magnitudes of music in this era, from the pop mainstream to the sinecures of jazz and contemporary classical music. From 2018 to 2019, Taylor Swift ranked at the top among famous music celebrities when it to generating revenue through music. The below stats reflect the same and support this statement.


The annual income of the highest-paid female music celebrities from June 2018 to June 2019

Taylor Swift can be a real inspiration for those who are aspiring singers and trying to become eminent in the music industry, should follow her footprints and copy her attributes and the approaches she functioned to get to the elevating place where she is now.

Below are a few tips for those individuals who are pondering how to become a famous singer like Taylor Swift, Let’s dive deep to get these useful insights.

There are five essentials on which one needs to work on if he wants to become successful and famous like Taylor swift.

1.  Don’t lose your self-awareness

Taylor Swift has an in-depth understanding of what keeps musicians motivated and what helps them to stay last longer in the industry. In an interview, she talked about the approaches she used to become self-aware. She urges individuals to keep their self-esteem high in case they want to become successful. The most vital thing is to become aware of your abilities and what you are capable to do. Just keep your focus on yourself and on your actions, thoughts, and emotions. Just do not give a damn about what others think of you.

2. Know when to take a break

Another thing on which aspiring singers should focus is knowing when to take a break. There are times when you get exhausted you do not even realize that you are in dire need to take a break. That is the time when you should take a break and let yourself in peace in order to get back with new motivation.

3. Write down your ideas in a notebook

To keep everything well organized and maintained, penning down your ideas on a piece of paper would help you a lot. Brainstorming your ideas and writing them down in your notebook can help you in solidifying them. It is natural whenever anything is written on paper it automatically urges its viewer to take some action. So, it will be right to say that written ideas help a lot in making any notable movement or taking any required action at the right time.

4. Be prepared to take criticism

No matter what is your profession, whether you are a singer, songwriter, musician, comedian, or dancer, you should be always prepared to take criticism. The more you have the ability to digest the criticism, the more you will have the chance to grow. If you see the journey of any successful professional, you will witness that they are always prepared to take criticism. They believe that constructive criticism is the thing that has helped them a lot in their growth.


The above stats are showcasing the revenue generated by Taylor Swift (in millions of U.S. dollars) in the United States, 2018

Skills you would require to become a singer like Taylor Swift

Becoming a successful singer requires strong vocals, thick skin, and perseverance to get success. Along with it, it requires a compilation of a few hard and soft skills. These skills help them in getting closer to success with each passing day if they stay consistent. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Hard skills that a professional singer needs

Soft skills that a professional singer needs

Strong vocals

Openness to feedback
Good sense of musicality

Growth mindset

Million Dollar Ears

Active listener
Command on the dialects


Good Memory

Work Ethic


Most Viewed Music Videos of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s Most Viewed Videos

How to get the utmost popularity as a singer

For singers, there are numerous ways, by using which they can gain the utmost popularity in a very short time span. A few easiest ways are as follows:

1.  Get your band registered

In case someone wants to pursue his career as a professional singer then he should get registered his band.

2. Get on new websites

Getting on new music websites can also add a plus to the profiles of singers.

3. Use Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags can help them in boosting their notability on various social media platforms.

4. Upload videos on YouTube

YouTube is a good platform for singers. They should make good use of it by uploading their music videos

5. Get connected with influencers

At this time, influencers have proved themselves as game changer. If they refer and recommend something, their fans show utmost loyalty by following their recommendation. So, the newbie and aspiring singers can ask notable influencers to vouch for them.

6. Create a Wikipedia page

Another most recommended way to get the utmost notability is to create a Wikipedia page.

How a Wikipedia page can help singers in gaining popularity?

Wikipedia helps a lot to those who want to get the utmost notability and prominence no matter from which industry they belong. Whether they are a professional singer or a book writer, Wikipedia works the same for each of them.

Wikipedia is the best place for singers in order to provide them with an organic audience. There is solid evidence that the organic audience is more loyal than the fan base that someone gets after providing some perks.

1. Wikipedia Gives Reliability

Wikipedia is the most reliable platform. Individuals from all across the globe trust the info provided by Wikipedia. That is why it is the most suitable platform that helps professionals to become credible in the eyes of the public.

2.  Helps in building trust

Wikipedia does not support content that is not verifiable. No content gets approval if the sources added by the writer or editor are not verifiable. That’s why people trust this platform.

3.  Helps in boosting website traffic

By creating a Wikipedia page for yourself can get an instant boost in website traffic. Individuals can add links to their own websites to the Wikipedia page. That will drive direct organic traffic to their website.

4.  Helps in increasing the fan base

If people come to know you and your work, they will start following you and it would definitely increase your fan base.

There are so many singers who are having a well-versed Wikipedia page. Notable singers do not need to create their Wikipedia pages on their own, their fans do for them. Just like a Wikipedia page of Taylor Swift.


5 Most Necessary things you should include in a Singer’s Wikipedia page

When someone decides to create a Wikipedia page for a singer then there are a few things that should be added to a singer’s Wikipedia page.

1. Awards nominations/wins

2. Previous discographies
3. Current band members
4. The past and future performance or live performance dates

5. Lineup changes


You are 6 Steps away to create a Wikipedia page for singers

If one wants to create a Wikipedia page for a singer then he should follow six simple steps.

  • Step no 1: Create an account.
  • Step no 2: Get promoted to an autoconfirmed user.
  • Step no 3: Create the page.
  • Step no 4: Provide citations.
  • Step no 5: Submit the page for review.
  • Step no 6: Update it regularly.

The Wrap Up

Becoming famous at this time is not a big deal. One can utilize various methods for this purpose. Especially for singers, there are so many platforms available among which Wikipedia is the most notable one. Utilizing Wikipedia for the purpose of gaining the utmost notability and credibility would be the best approach anyone can have. There are so many Wikipedia page service providers available who can help you in getting a well-versed Wikipedia page.

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