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How to Become a Famous Singer like Justin Bieber

How to Become a Famous Singer like Justin Bieber

Teenage fascination Justin Drew Bieber is a celebrated, well-known Canadian singer whose innocent charm and irresistible pop songs sparked a global craze at the start of 2009. His success with the remix of the Latin hit “Despacito” earned him a Latin Grammy Award.

Justin began his career when he was very young, and in a very short period of time, he rose to fame. Teenagers in Canada and even the rest of the world first became aware of Justin Bieber between 2009 and 2012. Even now, Justin Bieber’s songs are highly regarded by fans of pop music. When it comes to musical genre, Bieber’s music is mainly pop and R&B and rarely dance-pop or EDM.

With regards to admiration and taking inspiration, Justin Bieber said in 2012:

“Music is music, and I’m definitely influenced by Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men and people who were black artists—that’s what I like.”

Every musician or singer who started to sing, in the initiation, tries to reproduce his favorite singer’s song. However, the notable singers and aspiring singers who admire Justin Bieber and take inspiration from him, have come to the right place for sure. Here they can get useful insights about how to become a famous singer like Justin Bieber.


There are quite a few pieces of evidence that depict Justin Bieber has enjoyed stardom for over a decade. For instance, have a look at the picture above in which Bieber got praised by the Ex-US Chairman of the joint chief of staff, Mike Mullen.

It portrays that Bieber is one of Canada’s supreme efficacious melodious champions. When it’s about Justin Bieber’s net worth, so it is estimated around $285 million.


All-time best-selling English language music albums on digital music platforms in China as of August 1, 2022(in 1,000 units)

Justin’s Career

For many it would be surprising to know that Justin came into the music industry at the age of 13 It’s been more than a decade since Justin Bieber is in the music industry. It can be undoubtedly said that Justin Bieber is the youngest and most fruitful singer of his generation. Let’s have a brief look at Justin Bieber’s career.




Undoubtedly, Justin Bieber has a huge fan following. He has an expanded fandom not only in Canada but also all across the globe. His music videos when gets uploaded on YouTube get viral even in a few seconds. His fans used to follow his social media handles with utmost loyalty. Have a look at his Twitter fan base.


Above you can see Twitter accounts with the most followers worldwide as of April 2022(in millions). Justin Bieber ranked as the second most followed person from all over the world.

Steps to becoming a famous singer like Justin Bieber

Now without further ado, it’s time to jump into the in-depth insights about how to become a famous singer like Justin Bieber.

1.    Enhance your vocals

For those who want to gain notability in a short span of time just like Justin Bieber must practice enhancing their vocals. One needs to have a good command of his voice so that he would be able to modify it when needed and mold it as per the requirement of the tune.

2.    Sing and write amazing songs

To become a famous singer like Justin Bieber, hard work and dedication are the things that are needed the most in the whole journey. One needs to write and sing fascinating songs by taking inspiration from Bieber.

3.    Give outstanding performance

Apart from having a good voice, another thing that matters the most is the onsite or stage performance of the singer. To become a famous singer like Justin Bieber it is important to perform on the stage with the fullest dedication and energy. Ask the audience to sing along so that the audience will be able to connect with the singer and will start to admire him.

4.    Self believe is vital

It is vital to have a firm self believe, whenever you start any career. The same goes for the singing. When a singer starts his career, it is not necessary that his first album would be a big hit. He needs to be consistent and should be a self-believer that he can do that. To become a famous singer like Justin Bieber, consistency and self-belief is the key.

5.    Own your look and style

Apart from a fascinating voice, the thing that the audience likes the most is the style of the singer. As a singer, you need to create your own unique impression over your audience that fascinates them to be like you and follow your styler.

6.    Aware of audience base

To become famous like Justin Bieber, it is important that a singer should be aware of his core audience. He must have in-depth knowledge about the demographics of his audience like where they belong. That will help in building the utmost connection with the audience.

7.    Create engaging videos

As a singer, you need to have endorsements from notable persons, and to get those you will require to have a stock of fascinating music videos that you can upload to various social media platforms to get endorsements.

8.    Create an influential network.

As a singer, you need to build an influential network of those individuals who are notable in their own field or in the music industry. The broaden your network the most rapid you would be able to influence people.

Create a Wikipedia page and become famous within no time

Generally, Wikipedia is known as an encyclopedia platform. But very few people are aware that Wikipedia is an open-source platform that encourages writers and editors to add their useful insights into this platform.

No matter if they edit the existing pages or want to create a new Wikipedia page, they need to follow some of Wikipedia’s rubrics. However, a little effort helps a lot in getting uncountable perks when it’s about gaining online notability.

Let’s have a look at a few most common perks which one can get by having a Wikipedia page.

  • Wikipedia helps in providing utmost reliability to the work. The platform itself is the most reliable and trustable source for people around the world.
  • If you have ever gone through the Wikipedia guidelines, you might be aware that Wikipedia does not support content that is not linked with any verifiable source.
  • Undoubtedly, Wikipedia aids a lot when it’s about increasing the potential fan base. Most importantly the traffic that comes from Wikipedia to the person’s own website is organic and consistent most of the time.


Wikipedia pages of famous singer Justin Bieber

You are 6 Stages far to enhance your brand awareness for vocalists

Those who want to create a Wikipedia page in order to become notable can easily make one all they need to do is to go through all the below-mentioned stages with utmost dedication. So, without exaggerating further let’s have a look at those stages.

  • Stage no 1: Create an account on the Wikipedia platform.
  • Stage no 2: Become an autoconfirmed user.
  • Stage no 3: Create a Wikipedia page once you become autoconfirmed user.
  • Stage no 4: Provide proper citations that must be verifiable
  • Stage no 5: Submit the page for the review of Wikipedia authorities.
  • Stage no 6: Once the page gets published, update it on regular basis.

The Verdict

These days, creating a Wikipedia page has become popular. Whether a person is already well-known or not, he should try to create a Wikipedia page at least once in his life if he wants to become well-known and achieve the highest level of online notability. If he does this would be doing the best thing possible to increase his online visibility.

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