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How To Be Included In Wikipedia

How To Be Included In Wikipedia

The ever-growing arsenal of content marketing uses whatever new means it can find. In order to convey the promotion, online marketing is known for unorthodox methods that go a long way if you use them correctly. Which is why the trends are always changing and new norms are being developed as you read. Because of its trendy nature, content marketing has employed many unconventional methods and one of them is to use Wikipedia. While it may sound like a stretch, using an encyclopaedia website for promotion, it is nothing less than the truth.

Considering the nature of Wikipedia, it proves to be a vital marketing tool if one uses it properly. Given that not everyone can be on it or make a page that easily, it is still one of the most famous untraditional methods available today. That is why the number of people trying to know how to be included in Wikipedia is rising by the day. However, it sounds easy but it is not. There are many complexities and intricate guidelines, which one needs to be aware of before trying to make a page on Wikipedia. Therefore, let us look at it closely and see what you can do.

Why Should You Be On Wikipedia

Before you begin, ask yourself this question: why should you be on Wikipedia? The answers can be of two types, one will answer the benefits the other will let us know whether you are up to Wikipedia standards or not. Let us look at the benefits first. Seeing how Wikipedia possesses such a huge SEO domain, pretty much any query you put into any search engine ends up suggesting Wikipedia pages on the top. That is because not only it is the largest encyclopaedias, but because it also one of the most famous websites. Since it is such a credible and reliable source of information, a company or person’s presence on it would guarantee their legitimacy.

However, now let us look at the other side of the bargain. Are you worthy enough to be on Wikipedia? When you Google something famous, like a movie, landmark, business or personality, you can be guaranteed that the search engine would suggest Wikipedia results first. What is the common denominator among them? They are famous and noteworthy. If you are, then you should be on Wikipedia otherwise it is futile to try.

Wikipedia Creation Requires Patience

If you search the average time of Wikipedia page creation, you would find results varying from 3-6 weeks. In reality, it can take up to months. Not because Wikipedia administers the information put into it with the help of experts from their respective fields of work, but also because it is one of the busiest websites around the globe. There is information being added, articles being created and new pages being made as we speak. That is why, without patience, your page creation process is only half the work. That is exactly why you need to approach its various methods with tolerance. What exactly are they?

When you look to make a page, the first thing you will have to do is sign up. While you may not be able to make a page directly after that, establishing yourself as a credible editor might enable you to do it. Now, once you can request a page, your job does not end. In truth, it is only getting started. Because now the main steps such as research, content creation and citation of sources are about to begin. Nevertheless, patience is your greatest friend in either of the above-mentioned aspects.

Understanding The Guidelines

Wikipedia has pages of guidelines regarding various aspects of it. However, since we are on the topic of page creation, let us talk about two of the most important guidelines. Which are:

  1. Noticeable or Noteworthy
  2. Unbiased content tone aka NPOV

These are two of the most important guidelines or rules of Wikipedia that you must understand. The first once allows you to understand whether you are up to the standard that makes you eligible to have a Wikipedia page. The second one ensures that the content you create is unbiased and written in NPOV aka neutral point of view.

What You Can Do

You can simply follow the steps mentioned above and hope to be included on Wikipedia. However, either one of those steps cannot be taken lightly. Make sure you pay thorough attention and do everything to ensure the right type of content creation so the approval process is eased for you.

What Experts Do

Since Wikipedia page creation has become such an important part of marketing, you can hire experts that can ease the whole thing for you. While they do the same things as mentioned above, what do they do differently? Considering their experience of making many pages over time, they do not have to sign up or establish themselves as credible Wikipedia editors to be able to make changes on Wikipedia. Furthermore, Wikipedia page creation is an intricate process with many steps and little room for error.

Because of that, your approach cannot stray from its correct path. That is why hiring experts would not only ease the process for you but it would also guarantee results. As you will not have to go through the hassle, these experts would pay attention to the slightest details and make sure there are no troubles with approval. Furthermore, they have practice and experience in important steps like content creation and source citation. Therefore, you are worriless as your process is eased and comes with a guarantee of results.


Finding the rights for inclusion on Wikipedia takes some doing. However, if you are already past that phase, then that means it is about time you get your page creation started. The aforementioned aspects of page creation, whether you do it yourself or hire experts should help you get over the line. Nevertheless, it is important to do your research before you get started.

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