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How Many References Do You Need To Get A Wikipedia Page?

How Many References Do You Need To Get A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is one of the most renowned websites on the internet. Anytime a user puts in a query, 3 out of 10 results are related to Wikipedia. Considering that 93% of the activity on the internet begins with a search, you could guess why it has become a norm to use Wikipedia for more than just information. Nevertheless, that is a topic for another time, as today we are going to talk about the process of page creation and references. Which are also known as sources and citation for page approval.

Now, there are various tactics to create a Wikipedia page. While some prefer to hire experts and save the hassle, the learning kind is always willing to try it out themselves. Not all of them succeed but they learn an important lesson. Which is why it is important to understand not only the number of citation or references you require but also the whole page creation process and if you need it at all. Because a Wikipedia page is not something you should make for fun as it means serious business and information. Therefore, let us understand the whole idea of Wikipedia in the online world.

Important Guidelines

If you head to Alexa and check out their top ranking section, you will find the most famous websites around the world. While Google is on top for obvious reasons, you will find Wikipedia switching 13-14 every now and then. Considering the number of websites there are, that is a very high-ranking. Now, Wikipedia has been around for almost 20 years. It has not developed that image overnight. Since the beginning, Wikipedia has always warranted legitimate information. That is why it has not only become one of the top websites around the internet, it has also become a huge platform for information.

Now, to ensure the credibility of that information, Wikipedia employs various tactics. These are known as guidelines that ensure that none of the information you see is neither biased nor opinionated. That is why only the most notable or noteworthy topics are allowed to have their own page while their content can only be written in NPOV aka neutral point of view. These guidelines ensure that nobody uses Wikipedia for misinformation as hundreds of administrators and experts of various facets of life are always checking the legitimacy of the information.

Understanding Wikipedia Content

Wikipedia content is for information only. That is why, as mentioned above, Wikipedia guidelines assert that you need to create content in NPOV. Whether you create a Wikipedia page or edit an existing one, you cannot meddle around with the content tone. It is straight-up third-person NPOV content that requires the writer to state fact-based information. No type of jargon or slang words are allowed as nothing unprofessional or unethical gets past the approval process. That is why the first step you should take in the process of making a page on Wikipedia is learning its content tone.

Why Do You Need References?

As mentioned-above, Wikipedia is an information-centric platform. It double-checks the credibility of the information. Now, if you are to claim a record or feat, then you cannot do it without referencing your source of information. If you are claiming it on your own, then you should not bother trying to add it as without any credible sources, Wikipedia will just mark it as a bogus claim, putting your whole page creation or editing process in jeopardy. That is why Wikipedia requires credible sources of information so that your claim to fame is legitimized.

How Many References Do You Need?

Since we are on the topic, let us understand how many you need. You see, it all comes down to the amount and magnitude of information you provide. If you make a page for an athlete and you are claiming records after records, then you must back it up by providing more than one source for it. It will not only render your claim credible, but it will also encourage Wikipedia administrators to approve your page quickly, considering the various sources. Now to answer this question simply, you need more than one reference or citation of the source to legitimize your provided information.

Resource Building

Let us say that your claim, whatever it is, is true. However, you lack sources or references to make Wikipedia believe it. How do you get Wikipedia page approved then? The straightforward answer to that is you need to build resources. Provide this information to acclaimed online platforms and if they help establish its credibility, then you will have a couple of online references to work with. Therefore, if you have more than one source of information, you will easily get past the approval process by building resources on your own.

Creation Process

Now we have established the importance of Wikipedia, the guidelines and the number of references required. Let us talk about the page creation process in a step-by-step manner.

1.    Establish Yourself As An Editor

As stated earlier, some just hire experts for page creation. The reason behind that is that these experts have established themselves as credible editors on Wikipedia. While you will have to sign up and start from scratch. Once you do it, then you move on to the next step.

2.    Ask For Article Creation

If your desired page\article does not exist, then you will have to ask Wikipedia to make one for you. How can you do it? Simply look for your desired title, and if it does exist then you have to claim the rights to edit it. If not, then you will have to ask for a new page.

3.    Content Creation & References

Wikipedia takes up about a week before the article is created. Once done, you create the content in the way it was mentioned earlier and provide the sources that you built or gathered. Then, your page approval process will take 3-4 weeks and you will have to make sure the time editing and maintenance of it.

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