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How Do You Put Something On Wikipedia: Beginner’s Guide

How Do You Put Something On Wikipedia

Getting on Wikipedia is a goal of all those who desire the utmost recognition in the online world. With many plans to get seen on the internet, people strive all day long but the increasing competition and the rapidly changing algorithms of the search engine make it harder for them.

However, success is guaranteed when you get on Wikipedia as the platform enjoys a vast reach with ever-increasing traffic. The success of Wikipedia is depicted from its statistics, which says that every month over 1.7 billion readers visits the site.

With over 56 million articles published in many different languages, the site has enormous online recognition. The one thing that makes Wikipedia famous is it’s easy accessibility. It’s one of the leading openly editable sites that welcomes its visitors to contribute without any hassle.

However, getting on Wikipedia is not that easy. You need to go through its complicated guidelines and policies that make the platform credible. Wikipedia knows how to maintain its quality and for that it instructs contributors to go through every instruction to get their content approved. If you are wondering how do you put something on Wikipedia, here are comprehensive guidelines below:

How Do You Add Something To Wikipedia

Getting an approved Wikipedia profile is tricky but not impossible. So, read on the step by step guide to get a professionally written and instantly approved page on the platform.

Step #1- Create An Account

create account

Before you begin with anything else, the first thing is to create an account. Go to the platform and click on the button “Create Account”, you will be navigated to the page shown in the image above. You will have to create an appropriate username and enter the email address.

You can even create the user page that allows writers to contribute to the platform. It’s recommended to contribute first before submitting any content as it tells you about your sincerity towards the platform.

Step #2: Wikipedia Guidelines and Policies

Wikipedia guidelines are comprehensive and detailed, which you need to know to create and submit your content. So, the policies are as follow:

Notability Principle

Check for the notability of the person or thing you are writing about. Whatever your subject is, it should be recognized online. It should have some sort of online recognition.  When the person has an online recognition, it gets easier to verify him and to check the information. If your subject has no notability then you have to create it. For that you can consult any SEO service provider who knows how to build an online recognition.

Writing Style

Wikipedia does not allow promotional content. It asks writers to add unique and verifiable information that is unbiased and credible. You must not talk high about a person or add your personal opinions and viewpoints. Whatever you state should be legit.

Researched Material

The next step is to carefully check your researched material. The sites you consult must be authentic and credible. You should not opt for platforms that provide fake or irrelevant information. Whatever you incorporate in your content should be easy to verify.

Conflict of Interest

As stated earlier no personal opinions are to be added in the content. Hence, you must not have any conflict of interest with the subject you are working on. You will not be able to do justice with the topic. Hence, pick the one that you are comfortable attempting.

Step #3: Content Creation

To create the content you first have to make an interesting and unique title. If you write on the similar title, your page will get rejected. Therefore, it’s best to first check if the article has been covered already or not. Once you have finalized your title its time you head to creating your content. You need to make sure that your writing style is flawless and engaging.

The content should have precise sentence structures and it should be well written with the right vocabulary. No need to add jargons in your content to make it easy to comprehend. You must adhere to the Wikipedia guidelines related to the tone and voice of your content. Verbosity is something highly disregarded by Wikipedia. So when you initiate to write gather enough material so that you do not have to create wordiness.

Furthermore, your research should be extensive and unique. It should not have any irrelevancy. When researching a topic do take care of the perspective of your target audience. You must not complicate the concepts and make it easier for your audience to grasp.

Step #4: Optimize Your Content

You need to optimize your content in order to make it more interesting and easy to get ranked. Wikipedia does want to welcome writers who can contribute to its rankings and by optimizing your content you will not only enjoy the perks of getting listed on the platform but can get surfaced in the search engine and attain a prominent position as well.

To optimize your content you must index most searched keywords. These search queries help visitors to navigate to the articles. So, by indexing the keywords both short and long tails you can increase the search visibility of your Wikipedia page.

Step #5: Format Your Content

Formatting is a must to do thing on Wikipedia. You need to make your content more appealing and enticing. You can use subheadings and bullets to make your information more organized. The content will become easy to skim and go through. Online readers are restless.

They do not want to spend much time on a single page and are always jumping from one platform to another. To engage them its best to organize your information in ways that can entice them more efficiently. Add visuals and use every formatting tool to enhance the readability of your content.

Step #6: Citation

Citation is an important part of a Wikipedia page. It’s that thing that can enhance and depict the credibility of your work. You can use any format to cite your content from Harvard to APA; however, you must check the approved list on Wikipedia to choose your format. With the help of citations, you tend to provide a window to your readers to gather more information about the aspects you have discussed and the pieces of information you have shared. If a page does not has citation it gets instantly rejected by Wikipedia.

Step #7: Proofread Your Content

Go through your content and check if there is any flaw. You can use advanced writing tools like Grammarly to ensure your content is flawless. Edit the errors and make sure there are no more loopholes left. Your content should be interesting and captivating. It should not have any drawback or lacking.

Step #8: Submit Your Content

To submit your content on Wikipedia you first have to upload the file and then in a separate window goes the citation and references. All the visuals goes separately too. Wikipedia never allows plagiarism content on its platform. Therefore, if your content has any plagiarism you better omit it or do not attempt the submission.

How To Publish Something On Wikipedia?

To publish something on Wikipedia you first need to create an account and go through the policies and instructions. You must learn about the things Wikipedia restricts and adheres to its contributors. Notability is the most important clause in the policy, build the notability if you find it lacking and then dig into deep research about your topic which should be unique on the platform. Proofread and submit your content.

How Do You Add A Page To Wikipedia?

To add a page on Wikipedia the first step is to go through the account creation process which requires writers to learn about the Wikipedia policies. You must make sure that the subject you are writing about is notable and hold certain online visibility. You have to get extensive research and format your content according to the SEO techniques to make it more optimized. Proofread your content and submit it for getting approved. That’s how you can have a page on Wikipedia.

Wrap Up

Wikipedia is one of the leading platforms that offers amazing content to readers. The platform has an enormous online reach and offers equal online presence to all those who get listed on it. So, when you plan to create a content you have to make sure that the page is composed with utmost perfection.

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