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How Can I Create A Wikipedia Page For My City

How Can I Create A Wikipedia Page For My City

Let’s Initiate Your Page Creation Journey!

The importance of creating an online presence across the world has reached a higher extent. Individuals, organizations, even places are creating their mark to become more recognizable globally to get benefit and attract the potential reach. If a person is willing to represent his/her living state on a digital platform & want to show their existence to different regions of the world, creating a Wikipedia page is necessary.

Wikipedia is a huge and fastest growing platform that provides credible and integrate knowledge to its users free of cost. The motive of this page is to deliver appropriate knowledge with authentic citations to the billions of active users. Due to its reliability, the Wikipedia page obtains the highest position on multiple search engines that include Google, Bing, etc. According to various resources, it has stated that this revolutionary encyclopedia secures 13th position under the name of the most visited site in the world.

This is not a hidden fact that when people are hunting for credible information, they usually prefer Wikipedia to get the most authentic and accurate information. Without any doubt, each person says that Wikipedia is the uppermost choice to obtain knowledge. The outstanding aspect of this encyclopedia is; the legitimacy and legality of its content are irrefutable. They usually focus on crafting interesting and exclusive content rather than a promotional one. That is the reason, this platform published its comprehensive guidelines that strictly need to be followed by each Wikipedia page creator.

Suppose you are living in the smallest city of Africa and want to create a Wikipedia page for your city, but pondering how to create it. Then, you don’t need to worry about it. This comprehensive guide will surely help you in creating a unique wiki page without hassle. To get a seamless page, read this guide thoroughly and follow every step with consideration to get instant page approval.

Aspects a Wikipedia Page Creator Should Consider For Wiki Page

As wiki page creators, there are several pros and cons that they need to bear in mind. Either they are creating a wiki page for a famous personality or a city, ensure that your content must lie as per wiki guidelines. You have to know that this hub of information has almost 6,373,166 articles that contain over 3.95 billion words, and every wiki page is written with plentiful information to engage potential readers.

This platform has the SEO domain service, which means this platform help to heighten your page visibility and gives online exposure. However, the fact is creating a seamless wiki page is not an easy process that’s the reason people face difficulties in creating a wiki page. Once they apprehend the basics of page creation criteria, then it is easy to create your wiki page.

  • You have to make sure you follow Wikipedia page creation guidelines
  • Update your content regularly
  • Make sure your content is reliable
  • Topic you choose is never present on Wikipedia
  • Make concise sentences
  • Ensure that your content is gathered from reliable sites
  • Wiki never accepts original content
  • link content with reliable sources

How To Make A Wikipedia For My City

From the origination of the informative hub that is Wikipedia, this platform is unbelievably growing and achieving billions of users from all over the world. To create a Wikipedia page for your city, you need to consider the Wikipedia template for the city. So, before creating your wiki page, you need to register yourself on Wikipedia. So, let’s dive into it!

Step One – Page Registration Process

To mark your presence on Wikipedia, you first need to register yourself. Bear in mind that page registration and the page creation process are two different things. The page registration process simply means an account creation process. It helps to register your account on Wikipedia to show your existence and reliability as well.

For the account creation process, follow these steps;

  • Open Wikipedia webpage
  • Click create account option available on the top right corner
  • Fill the registration form with credible information
  • Add email to get the account confirmation link
  • Click the link to a confirmation
  • When an account is confirmed, sign in on Wikipedia for verifiability

Step Two – Show Your Presence On Wiki

Wikipedia works on notability guidelines, so to show your validation, follow these guidelines. For this, you need to do several edits on Wikipedia on the existing pages where it requires that means pages that need to upgrades with thoughtful information. You have to act as an editor and make reliable changes by adding credible resources.

Step Three – Page Creation Process

When you are done with all these steps, then start the page creation process. Read this step by step makes to get a flawless page. This is vital to contemplate every piece of information to come up with unique content. Let’s read on!

1. Do your topic research

When you decide to start creating your content, you have to do examined research to gather reliable data about your topic. For a wiki page, research is the key element that means you have to select a unique topic to ensure that it is well resourced. Wikipedia does not accept any original content that means this content must be gathered from Books, published articles, and newspapers. Make sure your content must be verifiable and credible.

2. Make sure your topic is unique

When it comes to creating content for a wiki page, make sure your topic does not available on Wikipedia. For this, you need to check for a red and blue link. If your topic appears in a blue link that indicates that this is present on Wikipedia. If it appears in a red link, that means your subject is verifiable and notable to go for.

3. Create credible content

Content credibility is another feature that you need to consider to create an astounding online position. When you create a city page, you ultimately want to talk over the history and upgrade as per the new era. So, you have to create engaging content to garner the attention of readers. Discuss natural facts to make your content worthy. To enhance your page visibility, you can use keywords to boost your accessibility and attract more readers.

4. Link it with proper resources

As you read above notability and verifiability are two measure concerns of Wikipedia. It means you have to include information that backs up the content and shows that your content is credible. That is why wiki emphasizes adding citations or link the information with reliable resources to represent the legitimacy of the content. When your audience reads your content, they ensure that the information they read is legit. Moreover, for article approval, citations are the key element. Mostly, the Harvard referencing style in the citation is followed.

5. Follow formatting criteria

Remember, without appropriate formatting, you are not able to attract leads. Make sure your content is organized that entice the targeted readers. You need to follow formatting measures set by Wikipedia in order to hook the attention of targeted leads. Make sure you create captivating headings and catchy phrases to garner the user’s attention.

6. Proofreading & content submission

At last, you need to proofread your content to check its credibility and legitimacy. If you find any irrelevant information remove it instantly. Ensure that your content is written in an unbiased and neutral tone. And fix all the errors to entice your readers.

After that, you can submit your content to wiki authorities for approval. It may take 4 to 5 months on average.

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